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1 Someday

This is really really great evergreen song. An absolute classic. The chorus is probably the best all time among all love songs. Really hits you hard in the spot. Just try it out and you'll never get tired of it!

Anyone who has lost his true love but believes they can get back together (someday, someway), this wonderful song gives him hope. This song doesn't make you sad, just makes you nostalgic and stay positive.

Just never get bored of this song. So much joy and hopefulness. So much of the 90's. Just absolutely love it!

Best song I have been listening to this song for past 10 years it suits me at any condition.

2 25 Minutes

I love this so much that I actually wrote a story based on this song...! Sad but otherwise nice...

Very apt to someone who loves me until today.

Best song... Awesome story

I love this song it is so wow!

3 Blue Night

If you wan to sing a song to win someone's heart. This is the song you should choose. 'When the Blue Night is over my face, On the dark side of the world in space, When I'm all alone with the stars above, You are the one I love. ' Definitely should be one of the world's best love songs.

A great song with a great video. Believe me, I'm a guy who hardly appreciate and if I'm to praise a video that too a music video you can be sure I did it because even I was impressed... A great romantic story told in lines and simplicity.

A song with a great quality lyrics, has a great meaning about love and sounds wonderful. One of my favorite love song. This song is touching my heart. It has a great tone. Very beautiful and romantic song

This song is really good. If you love someone, just hear this sound or give this song to your fiancee. You will be happy forever and ever

4 The Actor

N. O 1 SONG, I have been listening to this song for past 7 years it suits my condition.!

This is the song my husband also likes because Am not an actor am not a star and I don't even have my OWN CAR... Back in 1994

I love this song.. The man really loves the girl.

The best song of all time, because a lot of people who feel lyiric this song in real life because there is a difference. THE ACTOR

5 Complicated Heart

It's really hard for me to choose my favorite MLTR song, but I have to go with Complicated Heart. This song brings me back to those days when I was a small child and my mother's CD player played this song and other MLTR's classics. Wonderful music.

Meant a lot to me when our daughter broke my heart.

I so much love these song cause is touching...

I mean it... Really a complicated Heart

6 Take Me to Your Heart

WHAT lyrics! The chord-work is also really nice.. Jascha Richter's sweet voice just stands out in this.. When the page was loading I'd guessed this'd be Number One.. 25 Minutes ain't THAT nice..

The song was really nice and it is very good to hear and the lyrics really inspired you as a listener.

Awesome song which takes your soul away. This is also the most downloaded song of the year 2006.

Heyy, you know, this song is the most downloaded song of the year 2006...6 Million paid downloads...

7 That's Why (You Go Away)

This my favourite song of all time! It's a master piece, simple romantic lyrics and soothing great soft rock music.

Especially "there ain't so much to say now between us" part.

Before checking the song's lyrics, I always though they were saying "the 'rain' is so much to say now between us" and pictured a romantic scene where the couple are standing in the rain while deciding their breakup... Got a little upset after discovering the real song words, but it's still the best song ever!

This should have been number 1, it is best song that I've ever heard. Even to this day I never get tried of listening to That's Why though it was done in 1995!

Great song but seriously, where is "you took my heart away"? , that should be number one

I loved listening to this song when I was young..

8 You Took My Heart Away

Just plainly love this song... A special friend dedicated it to me & he's up in heaven now...

How can this song not be in the top 3? This is one of the best songs I've ever listened to.

I love this song. I listen to it every time, and for me, this is their best song!

Never tired of this songs, The more you listen to it, the more you like it...

9 Breaking My Heart

The best song 4 me

10 Sleeping Child

I love all their songs but this onr has a special something about it that I love!

I love all tis songs

I like this song

I was singing this song to my new born in 1997... I love the lyrics...and everything abt this song

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11 Paint My Love

Beautiful song - feels like sunlight warmth on your skin! And a great video too with a unique glimpse of 90's Copenhagen, Denmark :) I absolutely love it!

This song should be higher up... Lovely lyrics, immediately fills your heart with complete love

The song I first ever heard I believe... I love it

12 Out of the Blue

You don't want to forget this song, do you? Love it from the intro until the bridge part. Never got tired of listening.

My most favorite song all over the world, across the ages, throughout my whole life. Love MLTR!

You took me right out of the blue, simply by showing that you love me too
Feels like I'm one the ninth clouds!

If missed the tune

13 Nothing to Lose

Nothing to lose, Your love to win... A beautiful song with good rhythm and vocals...

One of the best song which I like most...

A great song with simple but meaningful lyrics, I love MLTR forever.

14 I'm Gonna Be Around

I'm gonna love you till the end, I'm gonna be your very true friend...

First time listening to their sing: fall deeply in love.

I really love this song

Yea gonna be around...

15 Any Way You Want It

I really love this song so much..

I love this song

16 Please Forgive Me

My sister and I who are MLTR's fans ranks this as their best song in their album Scandinavia. Totally loving it.

17 Wild Woman

Dirty Money in the left hand, while the preacher's shakin my right hand... The chorus make you real Mad...

18 The Ghost of You

One of those amazing MLTR typo ballads that's makes you get addicted to them... So simple song yet so powerful... The Ghost of you should definitely be on the top 10

One of my favorite

19 Renovate My Life

I love it always... When I Listen to their Music whichever song either sentimental emotional or sad anything they bring out its brilliant It soothes and heals... I love MLTR infinitely

This is a dashing song

20 You Don't Have to Lose

This is a very, very and very good song. An MLTR trademark even in this modern time.

21 Love Will Never Lie

Gives you hope if you truly believe in your love.

22 It's Gonna Make Sense

This is my favorite song!

23 Eternal Flame
24 If You Leave My World

Mm... Gloomy... Full of sadness... I'v been there in that position, but now I got my happiness with the same person..

25 Strange Foreign Beauty
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