Saddest Deaths of 2018


The Top Ten

1 Rick Hall
2 Tim Sweeney
3 Francis George Adeodatus Micallef
4 Raymond King
5 Dolores O'riordan Dolores O'riordan

She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in May 2017 and just passed away. RIP - 445956

6 Eugène Gerards
7 Jahn Otto Johansen
8 Ali Akbar Moinfar
9 Mauro Staccioli
10 Ferdinando Imposimato

The Contenders

11 Ray Thomas

Many know his flute solo on Nights In White Satin, fewer know his name, voice and body of work. - Billyv

The founding member of 'The Moody Blues' - Undistinguished

12 Dušan Mitošević
13 Simon Shelton Barnes
14 Red Fisher
15 Jessica Falkholt

Her parents were killed in a car accident on Boxing Day 2017, her sister died three days later due to same crash, and she was in critical condition until January 17th, passing at age 28. You can't get more tragic when someone loses all of her direct family AND she will never get to experience so much in her acting career. - CrimsonShark

16 Reg E. Cathey

The House of Cards actor passed away today - 445956

The Wire and House of Cards actor. R.I.P - Tia-Harribel

17 Eddie Clarke
18 Edwin Hawkins
19 Connie Sawyer
20 Mark Salling

Not really sad, he was a pedophile who had over 50,000 images of children being sexually abused. - SplashMoun10

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