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Humans are not exactly wild animals, but not domesticated, either. Proven to be the most intelligent species of animals on Earth. Humans' colours vary from almost pepper black to milky white. Builders of the global civilization.


Because of our mass intelligence, we think we can defy nature's boundary laws of animals. We go into they're habitat, kill them for mindless things we don't need like fur coats, cut down their habitats so no others can survive again for mindless things we don't need, like the 5 hundred billion'th piece of paper. Don't we have enough already! We call other animals like sharks and snakes evil, but in the end, they either get confused or just have to do what they need to, so they can survive! Us, on the other hand, don't care about that stuff, and the few who DO actually care are overshadowed by poachers, big corporations who think they're just all that, and, probably others I can't think of right now! "Killing" animals to survive isn't wrong. It's in nature. But what we do is just evil. We're even our own biggest enemy, and we're awful to each other! Even things like the car that runs on electricity and pumps out clean water will never happen, because of, you guessed, money. Most of ...more

Us humans, are terrible. I am insulting yourself, but I'm insulting all humans.. We're all killing animals without even knowing it.. Where do I even start..

1.) Animals such as blue whales are harmless unless they mistake you for a fish, but us selfish humans decide to put traps everywhere in the ocean so we can kill whales anyway.

2.) Abuse animals such as pigs and cows. A lot of people think its nature to just slaughter an animal without it's knowledge. But, us humans actually have the CHOICE of being vegetarian, but we still decide to be meat eaters instead and eat poor living beings.

3.) Zoos. A lot of people think its safe to keep animals on zoos, but really all we're doing is trapping poor living things behind metal bars. They don't even get much space. No freedom at all.

There are so many other reasons why we all are terrible creatures, but that's all I'm naming because I don't want this to be marked as spam.

You must've been on another zoo, because all the zoos I've been to are good and have lots of space for animals - venomouskillingmachine

I get that posting here is to support an opinion, but I have to say something about this topic. People assume that other people have invented devastating weapons, caused pollution, and killed animals, so all humans are evil. Do you think you are a better person for saying all humans are evil? No, you aren't. Humans kill an animal for food, and everyone gets mad. A hippo literally rips a crocodile in half, and no one bats and eye. A lot of people are stupid enough to believe that since we have a small percentage of our population who create superweapons and own factories that cause pollution, all homo sapiens are evil. Think about how many humans are actually evil before you try to bash an entire species.

Yeah I totally agree that the scariest creatures out there are our own kind, human-beings. It's sad, but true. It's like a zombie apocalypse, everyone is trying to stay alive and keep other's safe and just like in The Walking Dead more people are afraid of the other humans rather than the zombies everywhere. Then everyone wants power and to be in charge just like The Walking Dead. We kill other animals for fun and other humans as well. And people care more about making money then other's health and would rather sell them something they know is bad for them just for money. This entire world had been screwed up by humans and I wish we just worked together instead of always going against one another.

We are amazing but we are also horrible. We burn forests, spread disease, pollute the oceans, make hundreds of species go extinct every day. We have created weapons of mass destruction such as nukes and hydrogen bombs that can destroy all life on earth at the push of a button. We also kill each other in bloody wars. One way or another we will end life on earth unless we stop messing with the earth.

We are obviously the scariest animals. We can destroy anything. We can do anything. We have atomic bombs, guns, bows and arrows and other weapons. We are very cruel. We can eventually destroy everything. We can create pollution, blow things up, cause war, spread diseases. We all despise at least someone. Even the saints were awful before they died.

Completely agree, tigers bears wolves etc. Are way better, they're actually smart and follow proper survival instincts, whereas humans destroy the world and kill each other uselessly. I'll be glad to one day see a better world, for I have lost all faith in humans.

We are cruel we are here to survive like wolf packs we kill animals not for fun for food and survival if we left all those random animals around the world we wouldn't be alive so please be thankful we are not scary at all we take care of small animals. Sometimes where scary because of those stupid animal abusers who kills them for fun.

If it wasn't for us the world could be a beautiful place.

Humans are a big threat to the worlds scariest animals like the Great White Shark despite the fact that it's very dangerous! We humans have invented so many things we take care of animals (Specific Animals) Like Monkeys (My Favorite Land Animal) And that's a very common zoo animal wow that's it.

Stop murdering people and animals! Look what all these dummies did! We could go extinct in 100 years, and all because of us. Our stupid car pollution, greenhouse gases, poaching, diseases, political crap, what have we done. I marvel at it all the time.

I honestly think Human is the most scariest animal species ever existed. We destroy everything. Because of us humans, there's deforstation, air pollution, water pollution, global warming, animal extinction and many many more. We say we are helping this Earth. But really? Are we? We are just cleaning up what we have done to this Earth which is something we are supposed to do and still, this is not done properly. HUMANS when will you truly understand! - LeilaLL

We are bullies, we are cruel. But this only applies to SOME humans. Not all humans are like that. Some humans are actually good and they can learn. You guys just assume that all humans do that. But not all humans do this. All animals make mistakes and we can learn from it. - MissRWBY202

No we are good we prevent plastic and pollution from happening we are keeping little animals alive if we are extinct they wont be cute animals we stop bad things from happening we stop the nuclear and also we keep the waters clean and rivers

We are scary. Not all are bad, but we DID pollute the Earth and we are still hogging the space that other species used to live in. We could also build nukes, the ultimate death machine. Lets try not to make things worst, so lets do something good to make mankind redeemable.

We have caused MANY extinctions of animals, killed the strongest beasts, have VERY DANGEROUS weapons, caused wars, and eat other animals. People don't think of this, and say we are the best animals, but that is not true. I wish we were more humble about what we have accomplished, for some animals have, less deadly things. And for those who say we are not animals, are dead wrong.

I guess humans are scary, like, murders all sorts of killers. Though, most people are nice. I just don't understand why people kills others, it's not like your gonna get like, 1M+ or gold, your just Gonna go to jail and go "Get me out! " Like, it's your fault.

Human race is really bad and for nature since we kill a lot of animals cruelly and cut down so many god damn trees.
Humans are the reason for global warming and just having that can turn into a big chain reaction just wait when one or more animals die, the whole ecosystem can break and make earth not suitable for life because of the human reckless actions.

I like to eat meat like the average human but I don't want any to go extinct and we shouldn't over hunt. And it depends on the human but some of them are caring and nice unlike others.

We are not that scary we keep little animals as pets so they can live without being hunted and we also keep the animals by not going extinct by feeding them food like raccoons they eat garbage

We are the worst of them all and the most shameful things on this earth. We kill everything and create everything. God is going to be so angry with what we have been doing and just kill us one day.

Who was responsible for 9/11, the holocaust, sandy hook massacre, Iraq war, Rwandan Genocide, and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. US

Not everyone. Please understand that there are mature and smart people. But not you. - HiN

Only humans go out of their way to harm others for fun. I've hiked in many dangerous jungles and places in the world, but feel the most afraid and threatened when walking down the street in a big city.

I think chimps are scary. They kill everything brutally while humans kill animals quickly. Vote for chimpanzee and search up Travis the Chimp. You can also see videos of chimpanzee cannibals.

Humans are the scariest animals because we kill animals when they have never did anything to us. Also Ithink this because humans sometimes murder each other for no reason. My last reason is people test makeup products on animals and sometimes they die. I think that criminals should be the ones that get tested on.