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61 Sonny With a Chance Sonny With a Chance Sonny with a Chance is an American sitcom created by Steve Marmel which aired for two seasons on Disney Channel from February 8, 2009 to January 2, 2011. The series follows the experiences of teenager Sonny Munroe, portrayed by Demi Lovato, who becomes the newest accepted cast member of her favorite more.

SWAC... I remember this show. I loved it. I still do, it went down as one of my favorites. Old Disney shows were actually great! Now they're crap. Like Austin and Ally, Shake It Up, ANT Farm, Jessie, Liv and Maddie, I Didn't Do It... Those are so stupid. SWAC had a unique storyline, and good actors.
Demi Lovato
Sterling Knight
Tiffany Thornton
Allyison Ashley Arm
Doug Brochu
Brandon Mychal Smith
Loved this show, always will.

62 That 70's Show
63 Stella

Mind of Mencia was put on instead of this... MIND OF MENCIA. A hilarious comedy trio that didnt' rely on toilet humour. The absurdist humour was just so well delivered.

64 Girlfriends

Shows always get cancelled when they get good!

65 Mortal Kombat: Conquest
66 The Boondocks The Boondocks Cantankerous Robert "Granddad" Freeman is the legal guardian of his grandsons, 10-year-old revolutionary Huey and 8-year-old Riley, a product of contemporary rap culture. After moving the family from Chicago's South Side to the safety of suburban Woodcrest -- aka the boondocks -- Granddad hopes to ignore more.
67 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
68 24
69 The Big Apple

A really great cop drama, with good characters, and Ed O'Neill, very good, in a dramatic role, as a NYC police detective, investigating organized crime, in NYC.

70 The Class
71 The Critic
72 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
73 Ghost Whisperer

Never should have been cancelled

74 Blue Mountain State

This show is one of the funniest shows I will ever watch. There is absolutely no reason why Spike should have cancelled it. It had hilarious characters, a decently okay storyline (didn't really need one) and stupid humor that anyone could enjoy, especially high-school and college kids. Best show Spike will ever air, and I mean that. It beats Manswers - bocodd

One of the best shows I've ever seen. It's not too late to bring it back. Its only been off air for about a year and a little bit, I'm still clinging onto the hope that someone decides to bring it back.

75 Robot and Monster Robot and Monster
76 Rocko's Modern Life Rocko's Modern Life Rocko's Modern Life is an American animated television series created by Joe Murray for Nickelodeon. The series centers on the surreal life of an anthropomorphic Australian-immigrant wallaby named Rocko as well as his friends: the gluttonous steer Heffer, the neurotic turtle Filburt, and Rocko's faithful more.
77 Teen Titans Teen Titans Teen Titans is an American animated television series created by Glen Murakami, based on the DC Comics characters of the same name.

Teen Titans Go! is not a continuation of Teen Titans. The original Teen Titans was canceled and replaced with this insult to the fans of the original Teen Titans. What was Cartoon Network thinking? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

78 Six Degrees

This was a good show that didn't get a chance!!!

79 Drive
80 Raines
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