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1 Gregory House (House)

House has intelligence that is not one dimensional. He excels in science, medicine, language, human nature, biology, music and has the best jokes.

Simply has the most intellectual brain power in television history. I'd put Dr. Hannibal VERY close behind him, and Walter White at 3rd.

2 Professor Farnsworth (Futurama)

Only smarter than all of the others because of his futuristic intellectual resources

He's an total idiot you're a buffoon your whole lists are jokes - Kevinsidis

In france its called a guillotine

Good news, everybody...I'm smart hehhee - fuadmondeo

3 Data (Star Trek)
4 Michael Scofield (Prison Break) Michael Scofield (Prison Break) Michael J. Scofield, played by Wentworth Miller, is a fictional character and one of the two protagonists of the American television series Prison Break.

A literal genius, breaks his brother and 6 other guys out of a high security prison and that's just the beginning

A proven intellectual genius. Broken out of 2 top security prisons, extremely pretty and a very good guy.

The structural engineer who broke out from two prisons that were never supposed to be broken. - San_Lakshitha

Genius. Best T.V. series ever

5 KITT (Knight Rider)
6 Spock (Star Trek) Spock (Star Trek)
7 Velma Dinkley (Scooby Doo)
8 Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty) Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty) Rick Sanchez is a fictional character from the American animated television series Rick and Morty, aired on Adult Swim.

Titled the "smartest man in the universe" by so far everyone in the universe. He even managed to be the smartest of all the alternate versions of himself, he's manipulative, brilliant and logical. - lifeofgod

Lick lick lick my b_ _ _ _!

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9 George Hearst (Deadwood)
10 Dexter Morgan (Dexter) Dexter Morgan (Dexter) Dexter Morgan is a fictional character and the antihero of a series of novels by Jeff Lindsay, including Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Dearly Devoted Dexter, Dexter in the Dark, Dexter by Design, Dexter Is Delicious, Double Dexter, and Dexter's Final Cut.

Combined, his practical and theoretical intel could defeat any opponent, and he should definitely be higher ranked on this list.

Simply the smartest criminal of all time.

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11 Peggy Olson (Mad Men)
12 Dr. Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)

He's super smart, and he's just plain adorable. I know that doesn't have anything to do with the question, but it had to be said.

You know what, I think this page is stupid, Spence is the smartest and he always will be

He's smart & cute

He's fascinating

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13 The Doctor (Doctor Who) The Doctor (Doctor Who) The Doctor is the title character and protagonist in the long-running BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who.

The only one on this list I would mark as more intelligent than the Doctor is Rick Sanchez. And even then, it's a barely there difference.

Bro he is smarter than any one on this list he literally knows everything not joking, everything

He is very smart and got out of very tough spots with only words. He fights things with his mind all the way to blood thirsty aliens to carnivorous planets(Don't ask).

He can defeat everything, even when the villains think they outsmarted him, it turns out that even that was all part of his plan. he saved entire multiverses multiple times.

14 Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) Sheldon Lee Cooper, Ph.D., Sc.D., is a fictional character in the CBS television series The Big Bang Theory, portrayed by actor Jim Parsons.

How come Sheldon's not first? He went to college when he was 11, for crying out loud!

He's insanely smart its annoying (for the other characters) but hilarious to the viewers watching!

He is knows just about... Everything.

He is really smarter than that

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15 Walter ''Heisenberg'' White (Breaking Bad)

Smartest criminal I know and that's a fact

Oh come on! He is the smartest ever.

16 Huey Freeman (The Boondocks) Huey Freeman (The Boondocks) Huey Freeman is one of the main protagonists and antihero in The Boondocks syndicated comic strip written by Aaron McGruder, as well as the animated TV series of the same name.

A 10-year-old revolutionary left-wing radical, whose knowledge and understanding of the world around him far surpasses his age. Also a disciplined and extremely skilled martial artist

A incredibley intelligent 10 year old who can chose so wisely is so brave and make a glove that creates electricity he's a amazing detective fights like Bruce lee and creates super smart sayings he is incredibly smart

17 Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes)

Sherlock is on every other top list and he has the smarts to prove it.

How the hell is sherlock so low on this list

How the crud is Logan above Sherlock?

31, 31, you have got be kidding youself. He is by far smarter than everyone in the list, apart from gregory House and maybe Microft holmes. Also considering his idea of almost all fields and unmatched memory, he can be compared to few Star Trek characters who don't belong in this list in the first place.

18 Kyle Broflovski

How the hell is Cartman higher up on the "SMARTEST characters" list than Kyle?! This just proves how Kyle is sorta underrated nowadays!

19 Mister Peabody (The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show)
20 Patrick Jane (The Mentalist)

He can read minds and he is number 18 on this list. He is so much smarter then the Breaking Bad guy, Mister Peabody and Walter Bishop.

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