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1 Flora

Flora, unlike a lot of the Winx, she resembles a lot of girls. Sensitive, hard on herself and finds it difficult to believe in herself. Flora is VERY pretty. I think, that Bloom should just go and retire and let Flora, Aisha, or Musa take her place since I think THEY would be better leaders than her-oh Miss Spotlight and the World Revolves Around ME. I LOVE her powers, I think she COULD be the most powerful if they let her and if Miss Spotlight-and the rest of it, stopped SMOTHERING her!

Flora is kind of like me. She represents anxiety, where she has a hard time believe in herself. It is very relatable around the world, and everyone should get the chance to be confident. A challenge that she wishes to accepts would cost her much. Therefor, such a wise person would create power and creativity to a bad habit, (anxiety) as she would get anxious and hard on herself. Bloom is too overrated, she is getting on my nerves sometimes, don't get me wrong. I love Bloom, but she gets a little bit too much screen time and I think the other girls should get some screen time too, along with the transformation, where the heck was Musa, Tecna, and Aisha, like seriously? But anyways, Flora has a personality of an angel that really suits her power. (Nature) In my opinion, she is my favorite and will always be the shining star. (So will Stella DUH? ) Since she is so shy and quiet, that is probably why she doesn't sing. But I would love to hear her! So to sum it all up, Flora is a ...more

Flora is by far my favorite Winx Club character. She has good character development throughout the show. She is a powerful, independent, and strong fairy. She cares a lot about the people and nature around her. I wish she would have more screen time. I understand that Bloom is sort of like the main character, but it's called "WINX CLUB" not the "THE BLOOM SHOW." Flora and Helia make a great couple and really understand each other. I love looking back on earlier seasons and seeing how much they're relationship has developed. Flora is a strong fairy who often has to step to the side while Bloom steals the spotlight. She is a wonderful character and should have more screen time to share her unique back story. Other couples should also have more screen time. Everyone is tired of Bloom and Sky being the power couple. They shouldn't even be the power couple! They have so many problems in their realationship! They should let someone else have the spotlight for once.

I think that Flora is the best. Though I have seen many cartoons I have never seen a character with a personality like her. She is very sweet , calm and gentle. Her boy friend Helia is also very good and Flora and Helia both are very lucky to have each other. Flora is very beautiful and I eaven like her bonded pixie Chatta very much. I think that Bloom is given very much spotlight and that is the reason that Flora and the other winx have very less stories revolving around them. This is thw reason why I like season6 of Winx Club very much because in this season only there are almost every episode in which the other winx are also main. Even I think that in season6 all the Winx are the most powerful fairies because in it each Winx have a piece of Dragon Flame in their Bloomix transformation. So at last I want to say that I think that Flora and the other Winx should also be given more attention.

2 Bloom

I think that Bloom is the worst fairy ever. I felt so much bad for the other winx when I saw that Bloom us getting all the spotlight. Even it made so much angry when I saw that in Season 4 in all the songs only Musa and Bloom have sung. Though Musa is OK as she is the fairy of Music but why only Bloom had sung with her. I think that other also should be given a chance to sing at least one song. Even though every villain is defeated with the help of all the winx but it is shown that Bloom has done everything and the other winx were just scared and hiding in some place. So at last I want to say that Bloom is the worst fairy ever.

I like Bloom the best because she's a great leader. Some of the Winx I can't even imagine as leaders like Flora, I mean Flora is just sensitive and is a goody two shoes but I still think she's good and makes the show interesting with her encouraging words and positive attitude. Bloom also has stuff in common with everyone, so she can relate to all the Winx girls because she likes fashion like Stella, music like Musa, appreciates Techna's brains, shows effort in Aisha's training courses, and loves nature like Flora. Bloom is also very close the Winx girls and keeps the group together. Her and her boyfriend Sky, are kind and care about the group making them the leaders. Bloom also has extremely strong powers which she uses for the good of everyone. But even Bloom has her flaws, like sometimes misunderstanding peole like in season 4 when the specialists come to Gardenia. Or leading them into some trap which she did quite a lot in seasons 1-3. But all of those flaws just makes her a ...more

I love Bloom. I don't care if she's taking up the spotlight I mean hello, she's the lead character ever since Season 1. They focused on Aisha first in Season 2 before going back to Bloom. In Season 3 they focused on her again, In Season 4 they focused on Roxy but of course Bloom as well, Season 5 was Bloom, Season 6 was Bloom and Season 7 was Bloom. It's always going to be Bloom who will have the spotlight because she's the leader of the Winx Club, the lead character in the series and the most powerful fairy in the magic dimension. Just grow up and except it

I don't think Bloom takes up screen time. This is because the story starts out with her as the main character. I know the other Winx are main charactes too, but Bloom is what I call the "main-est" characer. She will always be mostly on screen because the stories mostly revolve around her and sometimes her friends. There are many other T.V. shows and movies with multiple main characters, but one is shown the most because 1. They are the leader, and 2. They have the biggest plot lines of all. You might think this is unfair, but if you think about it closely, Bloom has been sort of like a backbone and a protector of the Winx.

3 Musa

Musa is awesome! When I was younger and I first started watching winx I already picked her as my favorite. She is just so cool, she likes music, can sing really good and has nice eyes and hair. It's such a shame that in the latest seasons there hasn't been much of her and how it's all based on Bloom, really upsets me that I sometimes just want to ditch the episode and leave. Musa is really nice and she has a lot of emotions in her and has a sad but nice past all together. She should totally be number 1! She was also really different from the other winx in the begging and that's what I mainly liked about her that she was a tomboy and not all girly like the others.

I think Musa's my favorite. She's smart and pretty tough. Her family background is realistic enough (even if we never see it again) and she has real arguments with her friends and her dad. She got a bit annoying, as most of her screen time is about her and Riven snubbing each other, but other than that, she's pretty cool. In the most recent Musa-centric (Season 6, Episode...22? ) she keeps going despite the loss of the source of her power, the main means of communication, and (part of) her favorite aspect of life. She finally realizes that what she has with Riven isn't healthy and they both decide to break up and stay friends indefinitely. Maybe they'll get it together and get back together. Maybe they'll stay friends. But now they know that it just isn't working right now so they both know when to back off.

Musa is my favorite Winx Club member. I love her sarcastic, down-to-earth, tomboy attitude and how she isn't afraid to speak her mind. I also love her appearance. I mean, I'm not shallow or superficial but I love how Rainbow gave the Winx members some diversity. Musa is obviously Asian. She has the dark hair, pale skin, dark eyes, narrow eyes and more. She is also the half of my favorite couple: Riven and Musa. I love their relationship. I can't believe he left. The show isn't the same without Riven. And when that thing they call Orlando came along I was like NO! I was legitimately waiting for someone(or God) to push him out of that carriage and get run over by the horse. Or maybe the Winx cut of his limbs, hastily sew them back on, cut him open, scoop out his organs, fill him with tar, sew him back together, pin him on a crucifix, liquify his cut out organs, fill water balloons with his liquified organs, then throw them at him. But ya know, it's only just a dream, a idea, something ...more

Musa has been my absolute favorite winx since the start. It's not just how pretty she is, it's her amazing personality. She's an awesome role model. She's the winx with the best grades ( shown in season 1) so is really smart. I like how she also has a feisty streak in her. Musa is not afraid to stand up for herself too. Along with that she's kind and caring to everyone. She's sarcastic with a great sense of humor. She's a bit of a stubbon hothead, but hey, we all have our flaws. Unlike Bloom, who is basically "perfect", Musa has imperfections, which really make her character stand out. And she's talented. I wish she had more of a bigger role in the show.

4 Stella

I think Stella is really pretty, fashionable and strong. I'm pretty sure that if something happened to Bloom and she wasn't there, then Stella would take over as the leader. Sure, she may brag and fight with her friends, but she is actually funny, stunningly beautiful, extremely powerful and she's the fairy of light! Without the sun, the Winx would not even be able to SEE who they're fighting and they would lose. Imagine a world without light. Can't, can you? That's just how important Stella is.

She is a caring, beautiful, compassionate fairy and I would give ANYTHING to be like her. So please change your mind. Love you Stella! Continue to shine!

I have no idea why people are dragging Stella down in the comments. I think it's a shame that most people don't see the good in her. Stella is a very loyal, caring, bubbly, cheerful and a honest person. Those are just some of the many reasons why Stella is my favorite character. Granted, she does sometimes act entitled and spoiled and offensively blunt, but I think all those bad qualities mostly stem from her insecurities, which most of the young audience don't exactly understand. She's a complex character and I believe there's more to her than what meets the eye. I think she has also grown a lot in the show and proved that she's not just a pretty face.

Though my favourite fairy is Flora , then also I have voted at least every winx because I wanted to tell you winx fans an important message. I know you get angry when your favourite winx is not on the top but it is not right to get so much angry and to write bad comments about other winx. Each winx is special in her own way and by the way it's the world's choice which we ae seeing. If everyone likes Flora the most so don't get upset at the thought that your winx is not the most favourite. Everyone has a different choice and its everyone's right to express their favourite choice. So please understand it and don't write bad comments about the other winx. I hope you will understand. And by the way I also want to include that I am from India and please write your thought about my comment. Thank you .

I love Stella so damn much. She should be number one on the list. Then Musa and Flora after. Her personality is just amazing to me. She's so happy which makes me happy and she's able to cheer everyone up. She's little miss sunshine and I love it. But that doesn't mean she's always happy. To me Stella is flirty, sassy, feisty and stubborn which I love. But she's also caring and compassionate. She does care about her friends. No doubt about it. I have always had a fascination with the solar system and for her to be the fairy of the sun, moon and stars is great to me. Plus the keeper of Solaria's ring which was created by the great dragon. The fact that she's a princess and the guardian of her own kingdom just topped the cake. Plus her obsession over fashion and shopping, guys we are sisters I tell you! I don't care if she's blonde and I'm dark brown we're long lost sisters and that's that. Plus my favourite couple is Brella (Brandon and Stella) I just think they were made for each other ...more

5 Tecna

Tecna is one of those rare characters who is incredibly intelligent, but not callous, insecure, or condescending. She is confident, but self-aware. She genuinely cares for her friends and Timmy. Additionally, I enjoyed her character development. She started out withdrawn, but she has learned over time to express her emotions. I also like those subtle details that add to her character, such as the fact that she wasn't the one out of the main group to have the highest grades in the first season (that honor goes to Musa). I think her design is the coolest and most unique, too, at least in the transformations that actually give the girls unique outfits (Enchantix and Believix are my favorites for her); it helps that she is the only main character to still have short hair. Overall, I like all of the Winx girls, but I like Tecna the most.

Tecna is awesome. She's smart and can create many gadgets that can come in handy when the Winx go on a mission. She has this tomboy persona the most out of the Winx Club and she seems to be athletic and sporty just like Aisha and knows how to have fun. She's gorgeous. She is also very brave and selfless and that was proven on the show when she sacrificed herself to save the whole magic dimension. She's a hero and a fairy who is a combination of a supercomputer and supermodel as Timmy described her as. Which is so damn true!

Ok I'll admit that when I was younger I mostly ignored her because she was always so closed off but now I see more than ever it's because she was a reflection of myself, a part of me I hated at the time. She's clever, thoughtful and intuitive and always know what to do in a bad situation. I guess one positive of all the 8 seasons is that we got to see more of her personality and really grow as a person especially when she showed her loyalty to the girls by sacrificing herself to save everyone. She has always been the rock, the guide but most importantly sister to the Winx throughout their adventures.

Tecna is amazing. She's the smartest of the Winx, the reason behind most of their success, and the one with the mst character development. When fighting her nemesis, she beat ALL of the other Winx, even Bloom, who is supposedly the most powerful (and a total Mary Sue). Her relationship with Timmy is the most natural and healthy out of all of them, and she is in charge when Bloom's out of commission. She's sassy when Stella or Riven are being bratty, and makes adorably bad attempts at being funny. Also, her Enchantix sacrifice was BY FAR the best. Vote for her, guys!

6 Aisha

I love Aisha. She's kind of like my ideal character in a show. Her backstory is interesting and affects her personality. She is independent, resilient and strong. And am I seriously the only one who thinks the best couple in the show is her and Nabu? They are so sweet together. And her powers are also so amazing. Besides, she looks good in any outfit. Her magic winx outfit was definitely the best and her believix outfit was soooo stunning! I mean, the only thing I don't like about her character design is her weird love triangle with Roy and Nex after Nabu died. The love came too forced for my liking. But over all, I think she has an amazing personality, great powers, and good screen time. Sometimes I even forget that she's not in the first season haha.

Aisha was not bad in season 2 and was still bearable in season 3 but after nick took the show, she started standing a little too much in the spotlight and seems like she's even more important than Stella sometimes even though she wasn't even in the first, arguably the coolest, season. And there's always something with her. Season 3 Andros is in danger season 4 Nabu dies season 5 her cousin is the main bad guy. And season 4 onwards she starts to act like the second in command instead of Stella and dumps her incapacitated boyfriend for a new one in not even a year. And what happened to her tomboyish personality?

Aisha is my favourite fairy. She is one of the fairies not to have a boyfriend for the first season she's on, the first time we see her she's on a rescue mission for the pixies, alone, even though as a princess who's parents have a good relationship with the pixies she could just get an army. No, she's not as powerful as Bloom but Bloom is overrated. For people who say that they hate her because she's black (I have been reading other comments), then just remember that Flora is pretty tanned and yet she's got the most votes. Aisha is independent, and doesn't squeal for her boyfriend when she's in trouble. And for those of you who say she should be kicked off Winx Club, consider this: Stella is annoying, and only appears to care about fashion now, Musa and Tecna get so little screentime they might as well already be off the show, Flora's spells don't do anything, and right now I think Bloom should go back to being a human and the other fairies get their chance to shine. Also, Aisha ...more

Aisha is my second favorite fairy since the first time she was Seen in season 2. Sometimes we are very similar to each other.
She is brave, lovely, smart, powerful, sporty, and on of the most gorgeous characters in Winx Club. I think she does not get that attention she deserved, also from the fans. It makes me sad when People say it would have been better if she had not been introduced in Winx Club. She is so pretty and strong personality. Love you Aisha/Layla.

7 Daphne

Daphne is so great to me. She's Bloom's elder sister and the previous keeper of the dragon fire but it is shown on the show that she still holds its power. So if you love Bloom you should also love Daphne. If you hate Bloom then you really need to get yourself checked out because something is obviously wrong with you. She is the fairy of Quintessence which are the five elements Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Let's not forget she's also a Sirenix fairy so she has Sirenix spells too. She's the Nymph of Sparks (Domino) and the Nymph of Sirenix. She was previously known as the Nymph of Magix before Sparks was restored by the Winx and specialists. And she's also the only one who can manipulate the Beast of the Depths which is pretty cool so my question is how can you not love her? She's awesome to me and the whole package. Thoren is a very lucky guy

You must not forget that Daphne is a nymph! She held the Dragon Flame until Bloom was born so I think she is very powerful. When Bloom had a problem, her sister was always helping her! Her mask and abilities are also remarkable and she was for long time the last fairy who had the Sirenix power.

I think Daphne has a right to be on this list because look at everything she's done for Bloom and Sparx/Domino. Without her patient guidance, I doubt Bloom would be powerful, let alone even ALIVE. After all her hard work and help, Daphne definitely deserves more than what she was rewarded.

I'm sorry to say this but daphne isn't like bloom just because they are sisters doesn't mean we have to treat the other good or bad just because there sisters. I like daphne as well but I hate bloom. It's just common sense

8 Roxy

Roxy was extremely useful in Season 7 to the Winx. I hate that when they travelled back in time it was only the Winx that got Butterflyix I mean hello, Roxy was around too you know and she helped the Winx. She is the true defender of fairy animals I mean she is the fairy of animals for goodness sake! And the fact that she got her gem stolen was the worst, she could have gotten Tynix and bonded with a fairy animal too! I love Roxy and really hope that she becomes an official member of the Winx Club starting from Season 8

Why isn't she a Winx Club member? After all, Aisha is a Winx, and she was introduced in the season 2, and she stays! And I wonder what the Winx would do without her in season 7, and if Flora would have died without her transform Ms. Griffin back to her human form!

Roxy is just an extra character and Inginio just wanted Bloom to have someone in common with. She wasn't needed. She's just a Winx wannabe! No a Bloom wannabe!

In s4 bloom was being an overprotective towards roxy like other winx girls don't care about roxy, but it was not roxy's fault it was evil bloom's fault...urgh!

9 Mirta

We shouldn't forget her, she was sweet and was herself.

We should not forget her!

10 Miele

Miele is sweet, kind, and brave. She protects her friends, and flora.

Great sister and super sweet and kind.

She's a really good sister.

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11 Faragonda

She is the sweet headmistress any school can have. She has helped the winx a lot.

She a formidable woman who's kind and fair and extremely underestimated.

She's the coolest and nicest headmistress ever! I wish I had a headmistress like her

She is like this lovable grandmother!

12 Selina

She's cool now that she's a friend of the winx. Personally, I liked her from the start

She's so cool with the Legenderia! But I don't like it when she's bad.

She is awesome

13 Eldora

She love flower and I love flower too and powerful and pretty as a grandmother

14 Diana

She's an amazing super powerful fairy Plus she looks like a goddess.

She is so pretty she is not the pretties but she is pretty and she turned out to be a really good fairy she stopped her revenge against the earth people and she loves nature just like Flora they should be sisters.

15 Annabeth Heather Torvald

Beautiful voice and kind.

16 Diaspro

I like Diaspro. She is better than Bloom on a scale to 1000.

17 Krystal

She is WAY better than Diaspro, I mean, Diaspro wanted to KILL Bloom! And Krystal didn't mean to get between Flora and Helia, she didn't even know she got between them!

Krystal is like Flora. She is just misunderstood. She was happy to see Helia but Flora accidentally thought Krystal was trying to steal her boyfriend.

Flora over reacted Krystal just wanted to catch up with an old friend.

Krystal is okay. Just someone to bring up drama.

18 Chimera

She was mean to Stella and the winx but I think later on she will be nice

19 Kylie
20 Kalshara
21 Nebula
22 Altair

She's the most cutest and gorgeous fairy of delix club.I think she should be introduced in the show well she 's a fan made character till NOW.I wish season 8 focuses on delix and Specially Altair, she's pulchritudinous; her transformations are the best.

23 Griselda

She's the Deputy Headmistress, Head of Discipline, and the defense Professor at Alfea.

24 Marion
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