Top 10 Best Winx Club Fairies

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1 Flora

Flora, unlike a lot of the Winx, she resembles a lot of girls. Sensitive, hard on herself and finds it difficult to believe in herself. Flora is VERY pretty. I think, that Bloom should just go and retire and let Flora, Aisha, or Musa take her place since I think THEY would be better leaders than her-oh Miss Spotlight and the World Revolves Around ME. I LOVE her powers, I think she COULD be the most powerful if they let her and if Miss Spotlight-and the rest of it, stopped SMOTHERING her!

Flora is kind of like me. She represents anxiety, where she has a hard time believe in herself. It is very relatable around the world, and everyone should get the chance to be confident. A challenge that she wishes to accepts would cost her much. Therefor, such a wise person would create power and creativity to a bad habit, (anxiety) as she would get anxious and hard on herself. Bloom is too overrated, she is getting on my nerves sometimes, don't get me wrong. I love Bloom, but she gets a little bit too much screen time and I think the other girls should get some screen time too, along with the transformation, where the heck was Musa, Tecna, and Aisha, like seriously? But anyways, Flora has a personality of an angel that really suits her power. (Nature) In my opinion, she is my favorite and will always be the shining star. (So will Stella DUH? ) Since she is so shy and quiet, that is probably why she doesn't sing. But I would love to hear her! So to sum it all up, Flora is a sweetheart and a kind, lovable, caring person. Love her!

2 Bloom

I know a lot of y'all hate on Bloom because y'all think she's a Mary Sue and steals the spotlight a lot, but you gotta remember that she can be relatable like the other Winx. She started off as an insecure girl but became more powerful and knowledgeable as the series progresses. I really like her, but the spotlight does get annoying as the series progresses, especially that she became a Mary Sue as the series progresses. I agree that the rest of the Winx should get spotlights too, but just saying. As a kid, I enjoyed this show, and I loved it! My favorite was Flora because of how pretty she was. Now, as a grown up, I now started to appreciate Bloom. I really liked it when they show a closeup of Bloom's eye because her eyes always looked pretty. She also always looked so pretty with her red hair and blue eyes. But anyways, don't hate on me. That's just an opinion. I also really liked Flora and Musa.

3 Musa

Musa is awesome! When I was younger and I first started watching winx I already picked her as my favorite. She is just so cool, she likes music, can sing really good and has nice eyes and hair. It's such a shame that in the latest seasons there hasn't been much of her and how it's all based on Bloom, really upsets me that I sometimes just want to ditch the episode and leave. Musa is really nice and she has a lot of emotions in her and has a sad but nice past all together. She should totally be number 1! She was also really different from the other winx in the begging and that's what I mainly liked about her that she was a tomboy and not all girly like the others.

4 Stella

I think Stella is really pretty, fashionable and strong. I'm pretty sure that if something happened to Bloom and she wasn't there, then Stella would take over as the leader. Sure, she may brag and fight with her friends, but she is actually funny, stunningly beautiful, extremely powerful and she's the fairy of light! Without the sun, the Winx would not even be able to SEE who they're fighting and they would lose. Imagine a world without light. Can't, can you? That's just how important Stella is.

She is a caring, beautiful, compassionate fairy and I would give ANYTHING to be like her. So please change your mind. Love you Stella! Continue to shine!

5 Aisha

I love Aisha. She's kind of like my ideal character in a show. Her backstory is interesting and affects her personality. She is independent, resilient and strong. And am I seriously the only one who thinks the best couple in the show is her and Nabu? They are so sweet together. And her powers are also so amazing. Besides, she looks good in any outfit. Her magic winx outfit was definitely the best and her believix outfit was soooo stunning! I mean, the only thing I don't like about her character design is her weird love triangle with Roy and Nex after Nabu died. The love came too forced for my liking. But over all, I think she has an amazing personality, great powers, and good screen time. Sometimes I even forget that she's not in the first season haha.

6 Tecna

Tecna is one of those rare characters who is incredibly intelligent, but not callous, insecure, or condescending. She is confident, but self-aware. She genuinely cares for her friends and Timmy. Additionally, I enjoyed her character development. She started out withdrawn, but she has learned over time to express her emotions. I also like those subtle details that add to her character, such as the fact that she wasn't the one out of the main group to have the highest grades in the first season (that honor goes to Musa). I think her design is the coolest and most unique, too, at least in the transformations that actually give the girls unique outfits (Enchantix and Believix are my favorites for her); it helps that she is the only main character to still have short hair. Overall, I like all of the Winx girls, but I like Tecna the most.

7 Daphne

Daphne is so great to me. She's Bloom's elder sister and the previous keeper of the dragon fire but it is shown on the show that she still holds its power. So if you love Bloom you should also love Daphne. If you hate Bloom then you really need to get yourself checked out because something is obviously wrong with you. She is the fairy of Quintessence which are the five elements Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Let's not forget she's also a Sirenix fairy so she has Sirenix spells too. She's the Nymph of Sparks (Domino) and the Nymph of Sirenix. She was previously known as the Nymph of Magix before Sparks was restored by the Winx and specialists. And she's also the only one who can manipulate the Beast of the Depths which is pretty cool so my question is how can you not love her? She's awesome to me and the whole package. Thoren is a very lucky guy

8 Roxy

Roxy was extremely useful in Season 7 to the Winx. I hate that when they travelled back in time it was only the Winx that got Butterflyix I mean hello, Roxy was around too you know and she helped the Winx. She is the true defender of fairy animals I mean she is the fairy of animals for goodness sake! And the fact that she got her gem stolen was the worst, she could have gotten Tynix and bonded with a fairy animal too! I love Roxy and really hope that she becomes an official member of the Winx Club starting from Season 8

9 Miele

Miele is sweet, kind, and brave. She protects her friends, and flora.

Great sister and super sweet and kind.

10 Mirta

We shouldn't forget her, she was sweet and was herself.

The Contenders
11 Faragonda

She is the sweet headmistress any school can have. She has helped the winx a lot.

She a formidable woman who's kind and fair and extremely underestimated.

She's the coolest and nicest headmistress ever! I wish I had a headmistress like her

12 Selina

She's cool now that she's a friend of the winx. Personally, I liked her from the start

She's so cool with the Legenderia! But I don't like it when she's bad.

13 Eldora

She love flower and I love flower too and powerful and pretty as a grandmother

14 Diana

She's an amazing super powerful fairy Plus she looks like a goddess.

She is so pretty she is not the pretties but she is pretty and she turned out to be a really good fairy she stopped her revenge against the earth people and she loves nature just like Flora they should be sisters.

15 Annabeth Heather Torvald
16 Diaspro

I like Diaspro. She is better than Bloom on a scale to 1000.

17 Krystal

She is WAY better than Diaspro, I mean, Diaspro wanted to KILL Bloom! And Krystal didn't mean to get between Flora and Helia, she didn't even know she got between them!

Krystal is like Flora. She is just misunderstood. She was happy to see Helia but Flora accidentally thought Krystal was trying to steal her boyfriend.

Flora over reacted Krystal just wanted to catch up with an old friend.

18 Chimera

She was mean to Stella and the winx but I think later on she will be nice

19 Kylie
20 Kalshara
21 Nebula
22 Altair

She's the most cutest and gorgeous fairy of delix club.I think she should be introduced in the show well she 's a fan made character till NOW.I wish season 8 focuses on delix and Specially Altair, she's pulchritudinous; her transformations are the best.

23 Griselda

She's the Deputy Headmistress, Head of Discipline, and the defense Professor at Alfea.

24 Marion
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