Top 10 Best Fairy Tail Couples

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1 Erza and Jellal

To be honest, this pairing shall be the best one because just think about their sacrifices and the pain that they have to endure just for the sake of being together. This couple showed many elements that you can relate to real life. Forgiveness, pain, anger, guilt and the best of all is love.

I also like how creative this couple is. They always gave me the reflection of the Yin Yang symbol, darkness and light, red and blue. Just like what everybody says, "Opposite attracts." They are the epitome of love itself. What they experienced are not peaches and rainbows. They gone to many struggle and pain and they endured them all for the sake of making each other happy.

They just have such a long history together it's heartwarming. I mean, she obviously had a crush on him when they were children, and he's the one who saved her from getting tortured even more. If you think about it, he gave her her last name. Well he's also the reason she's suffered growing up, but we can't really blame him since he was manipulated and controlled. When he lost his memory, her name was the only thing he remembered which is just so sweet because he described it as giving him the impression of warmth and kindness. Oh and when his memory returned he regretted killing Simon and kind of forbid himself from falling for her, but they obviously love each other very much. Lastly, their relationship is probably the hardest since first, he isn't in Fairy Tail, second, because after the Tenrou island incident, their gap of age is of seven whole years, third because he won't let himself love her after what he did to her.

These two have been through a lot since childhood. Remember when Jellal was possessed by Zeref which happened to be Ultear, Erza was there for him. She never gave up on Jellal and she was there in times of need. Remember when Jellal lost his memories, the only word he remembered was "Erza" and he stated that when he says the word Erza, he feels warm. Although Jellal lost his memories, he remembered the time he chose Erza's last name, Scarlet. Also, who wouldn't remember their kiss scene? The kiss scene that makes many people disappointed. They nearly kissed but you try to put your shoes on them, you would understand that Jellal didn't kiss her because he thinks that he will be a burden to her, and that he doesn't deserve her. He also stated that he CAN'T fall in love with people who walk in the light. Note that Jellal betrayed many people. Despite of him being a 'criminal', Erza forgave him. But then Jellal, I think he loves Erza to the point that he wouldn't want her to get involved ...more

They've shed many tears and hope for the better. They'd sacrifice themselves for one another. I truly admire their ship, full of hardships and pain but they grit their teeth and still stand tall. They help others find the right path just like how Era showed those in the tower of heaven and Jellal and the Or action Sees. But though they stray on different paths, their love for each other dispute the gap never ceases to end.
I really really like this ship so bad that I'd vote for it every time I come on this page. Stay smiling Jerza though many hardships come your way.

2 Lucy and Natsu

No matter what, they are going to end up with each other. They have been together through thick and thin, Natsu would never truly abandon Lucy. When Natsu was surprised to see Lissana, he didn't cry because he truly loved her, but because he saw a long lost friend that died and hasn't seen forever. He loves her like a sister and nothing else. But for Lucy, he did cry. He cried because he could not protect someone he loved. Natsu has gone above and beyond for Lucy, like he hasn't for really anyone else. While Natsu treats everyone in FT like family, he always goes a little bit farther to care for Lucy.

Lucy and Natsu obviously complete each other! It's obvious in the anime and manga that these two see each other as more than a friend.

Natsu is willing to do whatever he can to protect Lucy, and Lucy is always there to support Natsu. Even when Natsu barges into her apartment and her bed, Lucy has the heart to let him stay.

Heck! Bisca and Alzack's daughter Asuka tried to get them to kiss! And the beautiful thing was, Natsu was willing to do it! But I guess Lucy just wasn't ready.

Also, can you imagine how heartbroken Natsu must've felt when the future Lucy died? That's where he realizes that he can't live without Lucy, because she means so much to him. In fact that arc with the dragons and Eclipse Portal proves that those two are meant to be.

Those people out there who support NaLi, I got news for you! Lisanna supports NaLu! That was proven in the Tenrou Island Arc.

NaLu is my ultimate Fairy Tail couple! These two were made for each other!

My favorite couple! It's kinda obvious that NaLu is gonna be cannon since there were countless moments and, I don't know if some people caught this, but during the key of the starry heavens arc, natsu was looking at lucy and he was also blushing, so that proves that he likes her and its already kinda obvious that lucy likes him. And when future lucy died, natsu was in so much pain. Probably the most pain u've ever seen him in. And whenever a NaLi moment happens, its always lisanna that's making the move, but for NaLu, natsu is the one that's doing it on lucy. And on the interview of hiro-sama, he said that they might have a child named nashi.

Think about it, Lucy's the first girl introduced into the story. She quickly falls under the love spell of that one dude but then Natsu shows up. Why was she the only one who's spell wore off? Because she met her true love, that's why :D

They have such an amazing bond that's tangible more and more as the series wears on. And even when Lisanna darling is reintroduced back into the plot, the sparks we once saw between Natsu and her are barely even mentioned or acknowledged. Natsu and Lucy however, continue onwards. Through thick and thin, sadness and happiness they've been through it all. Lucy may not be the strongest or best person among the FT guild, but she matched Natsu perfectly. She makes Natsu the best version of him, and the most alive.


3 Levy and Gajeel

They're the most cannon ship - they've kissed, Gajeel admitted in the manga he was in love with her and wanted to spend his future with her.
They're just TOO adorable and perfect and they're always together and always protect each other. You can clearly tell they both love each other so much.

They started off on a bad note, but the beautiful thing is how they ended up falling in love with each other, by the way Gajeel also said that the worst memory of his life was when he hurt Levy whilst he was in Phantom lord.

I love these two as a couple. But what I love most about them is that they are so close but deep down we can see the connection they have. They had an aggressive first scene together in the show but slowly we see how they become much closer. I really want them to become an official couple. My favourite episodes are always ones where they are together in the same scene #TeamGaLe

*SPOILER ALERT: The scene that I will always remember between the two is episode 254 where Levy saves Gajeel's life under water with the mouth-to-mouth (but to the fans we see a kiss) and Gajeel saves her from being attacked.

This ship is literally the definition of "Opposites Attract" and is personally my favorite ship. It is similar to many movie couples, the good girl falls in love with the bad boy. I also think their kiss scene was so cute, many GaLe haters may say "I hardly call a passing of air a kiss." But I don't think Hiro Mashima would do this if he didn't ship them. Lastly, Gajeel teases Levy, picks her up, and protects her, these are some stereotypes for couples.

These two are not only adorable, but they are also one of the more interesting ships in FT. Considering their rocky start... Now days their almost always seen together, so it's a no brainier! They are complete opposites in just about every aspect, attitude, magic and even physically, but it's kinda what makes them work so well. They balance each other out nicely. I feel like Levy is the only girl who could have the patience and heart to love Gajeel in the FT universe.

4 Juvia and Grey

Gray says:
"Romantic love, huh?" *thinks of Juvia while he blushes and smiles*
"And then I swear I'll make her mine".
"She's my power to live".
"I want... to be here forever. This is the world of happiness I imagined." (his perfect world includes being with Juvia and having their son, Greige)
"I want to make Juvia happy."

Sai uses "LOVE BOND" alchemy which results in Gray taking the form of the woman he's in love with, aka Juvia.

I'm sorry to read yo comments. But seriously? I know that Juvia and Gray will still end up to be together no matter what you say. If you don't like when they're shipped together then so be it. Once a fan, always a fan. You could never change someone's mind who they prefer to. Oh well, as they always say 'Haters gonna hate'. Gruvia is awesome just the way it is. At least Juvia never gave up on him (Gray) even though she knew that Gray doesn't like her at first. She is indeed passionate and showed that never give up on the person you love. Their Unison Raid was definitely awesome. Seeing them hold hands made me even more excited to watch Fairy Tail. I really hope they'll have an episode together just the two of them.

To the person who said that Juvia is a CREEP and a FREAK, *smirk* I'll see you in heaven.

I love these two so much! And their powers go so well with their characters. Juvia's emotions literally flow. When she's mad, she's furious, and when she's sad, it actually rains. Of course, she would fall in love so quickly and deeply. On the other hand, you have Gray, who's extremely cold but you know he's gotta melt one day. I think they're characters are just as compatible as their powers. Unfortunately, everyone in Gray's life who cared about him, usually sacrifice themselves to save him. And I honestly think that's why he keeps Juvia at arm's length because she too would go that far for him. Lately, he seems to be melting though... it's just a matter of time before GRUVIA IS CANON!

I couldn't find a perfect description to describe this beautiful couple. I think Gray and Juvia has the most beautiful romantic development so far in Fairy Tail. It starts from Juvia one-sided love, moving to the acknowledgement of Juvia's feeling from Gray side, Gray falls in love with Juvia too (as we see in manga chapter 499, the most beautiful manga chapter that I have ever read). Juvia is one of the most devoted woman, who can do whatever to protect the one she loves. I think Juvia deserves Gray's love and I really hope that they would be cannon soon! I really like this couple. Fairy tail for me now is a story about the development of this couple. I love how tsundere Gray could be. I love the determination that Juvia obtain in order to pursuing her love. This is just beautiful...

5 Mavis and Zeref

WARNING: SPOILERS. If you haven't read the manga or watched the anime then I recommend you don't read this. Thank you. If you watched the anime, you obviously see that they die together in the end, they were also in love when Mavis died but since they both have the Curse of Contradiction, Mavis had died. It was only LATER they both died together, wrapped around each other and hugging and excuse me for a second. *SCREAMS IN PILLOW FANGIRLING* Thank you. Both of them had kissed each other before Mavis died and so she didn't fully trust Zeref. It was only later that they died together in a swarm of light.

They are like angel and devil. Mavis is obviously the Angel with Zeref as the devil, though he's not evil. It's just his curse that makes him evil, and when Mavis was cursed by the same curse, they promised to find a way together to break the curse. They then kissed but that killed Mavis' immortal body, with Zeref weeping over her body. That all shows that they're by fact canon!

Honestly... they are so cute! Like after Mavis finds out she has the curse, she promised Zeref that they are gonna find out to fix it then they kiss and the feelss! And when she died it broke my heart but he never stopped loving her and in the recent arcs, I can tell they still have feelings for each other, no matter how many times they say they don't! They're just super cute! I'm not sure what it is about them but I love it

They are the best! They love each other so much that in the end their love was able to break the curse. He got what he wanted the most (to die) and she got what she wanted the most (him), so Mavis followed him to death so they could live together happily even after death. Also August was one of the most striking proof of their love.

6 Romeo and Wendy

Ok, people who say they don't ship Wendy and Romeo are wrong. Romeo actually seems to have feelings for Wendy, even though Wendy is pretty much nice to everyone so you wouldn't know if she liked him, they both act like they could be together and I wish they were canon. And yes, I do ship them partly because they are the only children because who the heck are they going to be with besides each other?

I ship them because in an episode Romeo is willing to save Wendy. People don't ship them just because they haven't talked or think people ship them because of their age but you don't see everything that happens in a way. I haven't seen the boys go to the dormitory or the girls really or what Gajeel or Wendy or Makorva do in their spare time we only really see what Natsu and Lucy do so they may have actually made a connection. This is one thing that is great about this couple there are so many things to guess/assume that are going between them so this is an adorable couple.
In my opinion.

I would like the couple but I believe that Wendy is to young. Although they are the same age they never really interact. Also, technically Wendy is older than him if it wasn't for the Tenrou Island Arc. But Romeo would be the best for Wendy because Mest and Wendy is obviously a pedophilia couple.
From Julie the Judge.

Well I guess you could say Wendy is older the Romeo because don't forget she is the same age as sting and rogue. But still we don't know how old he really is. Romeo and Wendy look really good together but still we don't know the age. Me myself is a fan of Rowen. So I am eager to know but yes I ship

7 Bisca and Alzack

They were one of the perfect couples from the beginning, I mean it was only a matter of time before they actually got married and I'm way happy they did! But I seem it coming since they were always there beside eachother... Oh and their child is so adorable!

In the beginning both were hiding their feelings from each other. Then they got married and had a child. They have a good family

These two are so adorable together!
Alzack was so nervous around her, and I love when they come back from Tenroue Island!
I love that he changed his hair also!
Just perfect couple!

Why are they number 9? At least they actually get married and have a kid. Rude.

8 Sting and Yukino

I love how much Sting looks out for and cares for Yukino! And I believe Yukino shares similar feelings towards Sting since she seems to compliment him a lot more than she does other people

I do understand how Yukino is paired with both Sting and Rogue, more because of that episode when Fro got lost when Rogue accidentally grabbed Yukino's... You know. While Sting blasted rogue of what I think may have been jealousy. But I like Sting Yukino better any day

He called her weak once. It's obvious that they just have a friendly relationship, nothing romantic.

I personally don't have someone to ship Sting with, but I don't hate this couple. I just extremely dislike it.

9 Natsu and Lisanna

I actually prefer Nali over Nalu because the relationship between Natsu and Lisanna is healthier and more interesting in my opinion. They have been friends since they were kids and the scenes when they're together are very sweet and it hasn't changed since they have grown older as they still get along really well. The way Natsu and Lucy get along feels more like something for best friends but in the case of Natsu and Lisanna, I think their chemistry feels more like something I can ship so that's why I like their relationship in the series more. Honestly, I do wish there are more Nali scenes in the series.

First of all I love this ship as they were great childhood friends and raised Happy together, also Lucy is just another Sakura that has to be saved on a constant basis and always nags on Natsu. Even her spirits only get like 3 hits in before they ditch her again, exception being Loki. If you use other animes as models, Natsu will end up with Lisanna just like Naruto ended up with Hinata. Although neither of the these characters show much interest in girls, the one they hang out with the most is not necessarily the one they actually love. Lucy isn't terrible and I definitely don't hate her, but she should not end up with Natsu.

I surely can say that in one point of view, NaLi is a better couple than NaLu. Natsu built a grave for Lisanna even when there was one at the Kardia Cathedral. In NaLu, even if it doesn't occur in the series as Natsu and Lucy, she still has Loke. But the only person who'd suit Lisanna is Natsu. It's impossible now to avoid NaLi unless Lisanna really dies. And besides, even in Naruto series, Naruto married Hinata. She didn't get as much overall screentime as Sakura. So I can at least say this much, pairing a main character with another character on the basis of main or side is always a wrong thing to do.

I felt Natsu and Lisa relationship as kids to be sweet. I do believe that Lisa is underplay in the series for she has lot to offer. I like Lisa for she is first person to believe Natsu to met a dragon which means she is her first childhood friend. I hope that Hiro Mashima would allow Lisa to have more major roles instead of Wendy. I do not hate Wendy but would like to see Natsu to struggle express his feeling on Lisa.

10 Elfman and Evergreen

This pairing is very underrated. I really don't understand why it isn't up there with the "main four" when the chemistry between them is wonderful. And, since Evergreen is an elegant and beautiful lady and Elfman is a Real Man, as we have previously said, opposites attract. So, yeah. Honestly, I like this pairing even more than Natsu and Lucy.

This ship is so funny to me, yet they make me so emotional sometimes. I always laugh when Evergreen gets mad at Elfman, but I always get those feels when I see Elfman protecting and really caring towards Evergreen. I ship them of course, I really hope they're cannon soon!

I don't get how people don't ship these two. Any time one or the other is hurt, the other comes into their room and makes sure to " take revenge" or even stay with one another till they feel better.

Yeah, they are obviously in love but is that enough to do a good pairing? I don't think so.
They had their funny and cute moments, but they barely talk to each other in the recent scans. And their relationship is not as well develloped and moving as the other ones.

The Contenders
11 Loki and Aries

Leo almost died protecting her, and Aries would always be there for him, too. If that isn't love, then I don't know what is.

And when they finally met again, it was so heartbreaking for the both of them (and for us) that they have to fight on opposite sides.

I'm just glad that they were able to be together again, on the same side this time.

The main reason I ship this is because of Loke's backstory. He risked his life and refused to obey Karen, only so she would free Aries from her Celestial Spirit contract with Karen. Plus, when he had to fight her during the Oracion Seis arc, he hesitated like heck, and so did she. All in all, LoRies is probably the most cliche couple, which makes them adorable together. He's a playboy and she's the quiet and shy girl, they couldn;t be more perfect.

I personally ship Loke and Lucy, but that's only because I adore Loke and he's amazing. Just like the ship between Natsu and Lucy, I think they are better just as friends, but I'm not totally against it

First of all YESS! I mean dude, they got it going on! Plus Loki needs a girlfriend cute dudes like him shouldn't be in the series without a girlfriend to chill with! It's like Jellal and Erza not being together... It's just sad.

12 Freed and Mirajane

One of my most favorite couple in FT even though they don't have a lot of moments in the anime movie, but still. I always remember how Mirajane was the only one who truly stopped Freed and also saved him at the same time from committing a mistake that will surely will make him regret for the rest of his life by hurting his fellow nakamas. Although Mirajane is known as a demon when in satan soul form, she is the angel in Freed's life. :)))

So cute! Also when Mira talked to him at the end of there fight, ami I the only one who noticed that she had a small heart in both of her eyes! She obviously cares for him! I love this ship so much, it should be higher ranking!

Mira was the one who helped Freed stand up to Laxus when her was attacking not just fairy tail, but the entire town. So why not?

How come Mirajane never dates but is always so hot? They deserve love. There may be something wrong with me, but I ship so hard.

13 Gray and Juvia

Amazing couple water and ice best combo juvia would love grey till the end of the earth.

Juvia may be a stalker, but hey, Gruvia is so awesome! I love this couple and the two are meant to be together.

They are compatible because' they're Ice and Water. I really love this couple!

They were meant to be together!

14 Cobra and Kinana

Hey, they are so sweet together. I know they haven't much scenes in the series but Fairy Tail is not finished yet! They so much people who need a reunion. Cobra & Kinana are from these!

They are meant to be together, it's like destiny. And Cobra sacrifices himself, so that Kinana haven't to go in the jail. Isn't that sweet?

Well basically, Kinana was a human who where transformed into a snake and a few years later (why would Makarov transform a snake into human if human weren't the original form? ). So, I think that this ship has a real potential and chemistry, as a couple and as a brotp.

They have the potential and chemistry for a great friendship, team and romantic couple. Whatever their relationship would be, I really want to see them reunited.

15 Laxus Dreyar and Mirajane Strauss

I don't know why no one pairs these two. They would be badass as a couple. Freed only interacted with Mira once and hasn't even been talking to her. Mira is who, when she became a good girl, has been the one to help out with Makarov with the FTG business. So, naturally she seen Laxus and had, even if they were quick, conversations. Even as a barmaid she hand him drink and had discussions. Also, people pair Laxus with Cana which makes no sense. Laxus and Cana never had a single conversation from what the show showed. Miraxus/LaMi makes more sense. They would be badass as a couple.

They have kinda reverse development if you think about it, but they tie together quite nicely. Mira started out rebellious and rambunctious, Laxus started out sweet and playful. Then after Lisanna's death, Mira became sweet and playful, and after the whole Ivan thing, Laxus became rebellious and rambunctious. And now they've both struck a good balance between the two attributes.

They just fit so much. They are both s-class, they are both very handsome/pretty according to the standards, Mirajane is sweet and kind while Laxus is reserved and intimidating so they complement each other qith their personalities, they also respect each other a lot as we saw during the Daimatou embu Arc and even had a pretty nice cover with both dancing during the celebration after solving the dragon problem.
Another point is that Mirajane was as rebel as Laxus when she was young, so she could see him as a model and easily have a crush on him, and it's impossible that Laxus hasn't noticed his s-class fellow beauty and dedication for the guild (for someone who aimed to be the master of the guild that would be atractive).

I, personally, was iffy on this ship at first. Mainly because it just felt like people were putting these two popular characters together. However, once I began rewatching and rereading the series, I caught onto their moments. Even in the beginning, with the beginning/prologue to the Galuna Island arc, they had a "moment". When Laxus admitted that he saw Happy take the S-Class request, Mira gave him a stern look, prompting Laxus to comment how he hadn't seen that look in years. This small moment, though not romantic, suggested some type of tension. Then in the Phantom Lord arc, where Mira yelled at Laxus over the lacrima for not helping, even shattering it in frustration. Mira and Laxus definitely weren't on good terms back then.
In the GMG arc, when both Laxus and Mira were in their respective battles, the two both commented/reacted to how powerful they were, showing respect, indicating some growth. And then in Tartaros, where Mira sat at his bedside while he recovered. While she ...more

16 Lucy and Loki

At first I didn't think much about it, just that Loke was afraid of Lucy for whatever weird reason. I just thought of him as the guy who wants to woo all the ladies. Then there was the switch. Natsu said it felt super weird to be in Loke's body, and couldn't even figure out what his magic was. That got me wondering. Then when it got to the three or four episodes that were more about him, I saw how much he really liked Lucy. And being a celetial spirit? Definitely didn't see that coming! It's just so cute. I definitely vote LoLu!

It may kinda be one-sided, but think about the way Lucy blushes when Loke flirts with her and stuff. He thinks very highly of her, especially after she saved him, and he has returned the favor many times, but doesn't continue to stop loving Lucy. They both are perfect for each other, they balance each other out well. to be honest, I'm still not completely sure who I ship Lucy with, because at first I thought Gray, and then I moved on to NaLu, but now... LoLu is all I can think about. They would be an amazing couple!

Even if these two can't be together but they have a better understanding relationship having ups and downs getting to know each other wisely that's what I love about them. Loke doesn't sound Mr. Perfect for Lucy and he became more of an open book to her then not Natsu. I can see Loke keeping the series on going with Lucy on many journey than not Natsu. LOLU ALL THE WAY

My favorite ship ♥ ( but I also ship Lucy with Gray & Natsu what's very stupid of me ). I'll be so disappointed if they won't be together at the end (as you probably will), but even if they're not meant for each other (which they're) because this isn't Mashima's vision (which I would not understand) I will never stop ship them because for me they're perfect together and should be endgame. Haters might hate, whatever -- they're the best.. and Loke and Aries? Bleeh, clichee.

17 Natsu and Erza

You people need to learn to respect other couples. This is unacceptable. This sisterly and brotherly relationship couple still deserves so much more respect.

They're like elder sister and little brother! No romance at all! Plus Jellal and Erza clearly love each other.

What the hell? This is a great ship! Their chemistry and relationship is far better than Nalu! This needs more love...

You act like Natsu only cares for Lucy. Does this mean screw Erza and kill her off.

18 Lyon and Meredy

Well Lyon said she was cute in the Alvarez Empire Arc so... why not?

Most recent fairy tail chapter 474. Enjoy

19 Rogue and Kagura

They have so much in common. I ship sting x yukino but not rouge. I think those two are perfect for each other. They should talk and when they do they will find themselves agreeing with each other, I mean in the beginning of the grand magic games rouge was like "Not interested" And Kagura was like "I never rely on luck". Both tried to sound cool but after the games, Rouge was like "ohhh frosch" and Kagura was like " Ohh erza nii san".

I love this couple, they have the same personality and both look badass. Kagura wanted to kill jellal and rouge wanted to defeat gajeel. They both look good in black

They don't really talk to each other, but if they did they could become a item! I mean they are both dark and brooding; there personallities are so similar.

I totally like this couple although the anime doesn't have their moments since they're really not that that item, but still. I'm a fan of their love team. <3 :DDD I wonder what would happen if they come together and imagining their red faces while looking away from each other due to their shyness!. Really hopeless romantic here. :'>

20 Bacchus and Cana

Yas. Anyone who ships these two, you better preach! He fights and is most powerful when drunk and Cana drinks so much but doesn't get drunk. Perfect.

They were clearly meant for each other. Also Bacchus is the Roman god of wine and Cana loves wine... If you get my flow

Bacchus and Cana are just made for each other ! I mean they both love alcohol so yeah.

Very cute ship. I would like to see them interacting more in the series.

21 Happy and Charles

Yes, they are so adorable. Especially in opening 5 when you see Happy fall in love with hearts in his eyes, and tries to give Carla a fish.

I like these two, I just just wish Carla was nicer to Happy, but that's what makes them cute, so I can't really complain about it.

Man they're so cute! I remember when They acted like Nalu in Edolas! Happy just acted like Natsu! And it's the first time Charles or Carla or whatever called him "Happy"!

Should be number 5, so they cut out freed and Mirajane!

22 Lucy and Grey

For the first 90 or so episodes, I shipped Lucy and Gray so much. I knew, however, that it wasn't going to happen and that Nalu would be canon, so I kept shoving the Nalu ship down my throat. I've come to realize, however, that Gray and Lucy's relationship is more brother/sister instead of lovers. One thing I do hate though is that when they express that they care about each other, everyone jumps on Gray's case and he gets a lot of hate for simply doing something to express that he cares about Lucy. I mean, seriously! It's no different than the Tower of Heaven arc when Erza and Natsu had their moments, so what's so wrong with Gray and Lucy having their moments? Geez. And yes, I do somewhat ship Nalu. I wouldn't care if they did or didn't end up with each other, in all honesty. I personally prefer Gajevy and Jerza, but that's my personal opinion

I mean, a lot of people would say 'I ship Juvia and Grey,' or 'I ship Natsu and Lucy! ', plus even though they don't have that much contact in the first season doesn't mean anything! I mean, it's kinda cute. I honestly would love to see them together, or Lucy at least give him a peck on the cheek. Come on, it's pretty adorable once you think about it.

I personally like these two, they seem the most normal out of the group. Also it's been stated Gray will have issues with water and woman, and I'm not a big fan of Gray and Juvia since I find Juvia "love" for Gray strange and way to fast. I like when relationships grow.

This is the first ship I...well...shipped. I do see it as more of a brother-sister relationship, but I can't help but ship it. I do think that if they got together that it wouldn't last, I think NaLu and Juvia would come in the way.

23 Natsu and Gray

I love GraTsu both as a BrOTP and OTP.
I have this theory, that when Gray lost his parents to Deliora, he matured too quickly because of his trauma and his desire for revenge. Then when he met Natsu and the flame-brain's excitable and competitive nature showed, it began to spark the child buried in Gray. Then they began to fight which is the only time in the series that Gray acts childish and/or like an idiot (don't get me wrong, their fights always entertain me). But that could be the child lost in his past coming through? (sorry for the cheesiness) Also, there's the fact that I find it super cute and the fact that we rarely get genuinely friendly moments between them. The fights really do make me laugh, but I prefer the much rarer friendly moments (like Galuna Island when Natsu gave Gray tough love).

Yes, I know that this ship will never happen. I know that Natsu and Lucy have a canon kid! I know, okay. But, have you heard of something called a 'crack ship'? It is a couple that has a 0% chance of happening, that doesn't mean you can't like it.

I do, actually have a genuine reason why I ship Gray and Natsu. Gray is my favourite character, and I think we can all agree that a bit of our hearts broke off when we learned about his past. Well, I have a theory that when Deliora destroyed Isvan, Gray matured and decided he had to grow up in order to beat Deliora, he matured too quickly. When he and Natsu fight, it brings out a little bit of that childish side that he lost. Gray is slowly, slowly healing from the trauma (though Mashima-dono really isn't helping him) and Natsu is doing a very good job at helping him.

No matter what, I will always love this pairing. And I will go down with this ship. *is now just waiting for the E.N.D. Vs Gray fight and my inevitable doom*

My gosh Gray and Natsu are beyond perfect for each other! My all time OTP... Natsu needs his Ice Princess They really do love and care deeply about each other and have known each other so long... if one of them was female they really would be more popular. I don't like NaLu anyways, I prefer Lucy with Loke or Cana (And possibly Erza).

This was my first ship. I assumed NaLu would be canon, but I didn't ship it and still don't. I just think it would be so cute if Natsu and Gray were together. They obviously care a lot about each other, even if they fight all the time. Whether it's romance or bromance, it rocks!

24 Gray and Lucy

For me Gray is for Juvia and Lucy is for Natsu. Plus they're like siblings for me.

Love. It's a more realistic and mature couple. They are both sane.

I think this a good ship I don't care nastu could go with lisanna and juvia can go with lyon.

25 Freed and Laxus

They are totally meant to be! Even my good friend (who ships Miraxus) can see that Freed is in love with Laxus. Freed has always been there for Laxus and helps him out, even when Laxus was kicked out of the guild, he had faith, and thought "I'll definitely see you again."

Remember the ball room thing when they were invited to the kings palace? The one Natsu stole the kings crown? Freed asked Laxus to dance and when Laxus didn't reply and walked away Freed went pale...Meant to be together

I just breathe Fraxus to be honest. It's perfect. They're meant to be. Think of all the canon interactions. I mean, Laxus did ask Freed to "give him a good rubdown" and "get every inch of my body" think about it.

It's just perfect.

Dude read the manga Laxus is always saying 'Freed and the others" and is so protective of him. And remember in the anime where Freed would only wash Laxus' back (he declined Bix)? Like there are so many Fraxus moments just give it a chance even if you don't like yaoi (cause I never shipped it before, haven't shipped it since, but this is probably my FairyTail OTP).

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