Top 10 Best Fairy Tail Couples

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1 Erza Scarlet and Jellal Fernandes

To be honest, this pairing should be considered the best one. Just think about their sacrifices and the pain they have had to endure just for the sake of being together. This couple has shown many elements that you can relate to in real life, such as forgiveness, pain, anger, guilt, and most importantly, love.

I also like how creative this couple is. They always gave me the reflection of the Yin Yang symbol, representing darkness and light, red and blue. Just like what everybody says, "Opposites attract." They are the epitome of love itself. Their experiences are not just peaches and rainbows. They have gone through many struggles and pain, and they endured them all for the sake of making each other happy.

2 Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel

No matter what, they are going to end up with each other. They have been together through thick and thin. Natsu would never truly abandon Lucy. When Natsu was surprised to see Lisanna, he didn't cry because he truly loved her, but because he saw a long-lost friend that died and hasn't been seen forever. He loves her like a sister and nothing else.

But for Lucy, he did cry. He cried because he could not protect someone he loved. Natsu has gone above and beyond for Lucy, like he hasn't for really anyone else. While Natsu treats everyone in Fairy Tail like family, he always goes a little bit farther to care for Lucy.

3 Juvia Lockser and Gray Fullbuster

I'm sorry to read your comments. But seriously? I know that Juvia and Gray will still end up together no matter what you say. If you don't like them being shipped together, then so be it. Once a fan, always a fan. You could never change someone's mind about who they prefer. Oh well, as they always say, Haters gonna hate. Gruvia is awesome just the way it is.

At least Juvia never gave up on Gray, even though she knew he didn't like her at first. She is indeed passionate and showed that you should never give up on the person you love. Their Unison Raid was definitely awesome. Seeing them hold hands made me even more excited to watch Fairy Tail. I really hope they'll have an episode together, just the two of them.

To the person who said that Juvia is a CREEP and a FREAK, *smirk* I'll see you in heaven.

4 Levy McGarden and Gajeel Redfox

I love these two as a couple. What I love most about them is that they are so close, yet deep down, we can see the connection they have. They had an aggressive first scene together in the show, but slowly, we see how they become much closer. I really want them to become an official couple. My favorite episodes are always the ones where they are together in the same scene. #TeamGaLe

*SPOILER ALERT: The scene that I will always remember between the two is episode 254, where Levy saves Gajeel's life underwater with mouth-to-mouth (but to the fans, we see a kiss). Gajeel saves her from being attacked.

5 Mavis Vermillion and Zeref Dragneel

They are like an angel and a devil. Mavis is obviously the angel, with Zeref as the devil, though he's not evil. It's just his curse that makes him seem evil. When Mavis was cursed by the same curse, they promised to find a way together to break the curse.

They then kissed, but that killed Mavis' immortal body, with Zeref weeping over her body. That all shows that they're, by fact, canon!

WARNING: SPOILERS. If you haven't read the manga or watched the anime, then I recommend you don't read this. Thank you.

If you watched the anime, you obviously see that they die together in the end. They were also in love when Mavis died, but since they both have the Curse of Contradiction, Mavis had died. It was only later they both died together, wrapped around each other and hugging. Excuse me for a second. *SCREAMS IN PILLOW FANGIRLING* Thank you.

Both of them had kissed each other before Mavis died, so she didn't fully trust Zeref. It was only later that they died together in a swarm of light.

6 Romeo Conbolt and Wendy Marvell

I ship them because, in an episode, Romeo is willing to save Wendy. People don't ship them just because they haven't talked or think people ship them because of their age, but you don't see everything that happens in a way. I haven't seen the boys go to the dormitory or the girls really, or what Gajeel or Wendy or Makarov do in their spare time.

We only really see what Natsu and Lucy do, so they may have actually made a connection. This is one thing that is great about this couple: there are so many things to guess/assume that are going between them, so this is an adorable couple. In my opinion.

7 Natsu Dragneel and Lisanna Strauss

First of all, I love this ship as they were great childhood friends and raised Happy together. Also, Lucy is just another Sakura who has to be saved constantly and always nags Natsu. Even her spirits only get about three hits in before they ditch her again, the exception being Loki. If you use other animes as models, Natsu will end up with Lisanna, just like Naruto ended up with Hinata.

Although neither of these characters shows much interest in girls, the one they hang out with the most is not necessarily the one they actually love. Lucy isn't terrible, and I definitely don't hate her, but she should not end up with Natsu.

8 Sting Eucliffe and Yukino Aguria

I do understand how Yukino is paired with both Sting and Rogue, more because of that episode when Fro got lost when Rogue accidentally grabbed Yukino's... You know. While Sting blasted Rogue off what I think may have been jealousy.

But I like Sting and Yukino better any day.

I love how much Sting looks out for and cares for Yukino! And I believe Yukino shares similar feelings towards Sting since she seems to compliment him a lot more than she does other people.

He called her weak once. It's obvious that they just have a friendly relationship, nothing romantic.

9 Bisca Mulan and Alzack Connell

They were one of the perfect couples from the beginning. I mean, it was only a matter of time before they actually got married, and I'm so happy they did! But I saw it coming since they were always there beside each other.

Oh, and their child is so adorable!

In the beginning, both were hiding their feelings from each other.

Then they got married and had a child. They have a good family.

These two are so adorable together! Alzack was so nervous around her, and I love when they come back from Tenrou Island! I love that he changed his hair also! Just the perfect couple!

10 Elfman Strauss and Evergreen

This pairing is very underrated. I really don't understand why it isn't up there with the "main four," when the chemistry between them is wonderful. And, since Evergreen is an elegant and beautiful lady, and Elfman is a Real Man, as we have previously said, opposites attract.

So, yeah. Honestly, I like this pairing even more than Natsu and Lucy.

This ship is so funny to me, yet they make me so emotional sometimes. I always laugh when Evergreen gets mad at Elfman, but I always get those feels when I see Elfman protecting and really caring for Evergreen. I ship them, of course. I really hope they're canon soon!

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11 Loke and Aries

Loke almost died protecting her, and Aries would always be there for him, too. If that isn't love, then I don't know what is. And when they finally met again, it was so heartbreaking for both of them (and for us) that they had to fight on opposite sides.

I'm just glad that they were able to be together again, on the same side this time.

The main reason I ship this is because of Loke's backstory. He risked his life and refused to obey Karen, only so she would free Aries from her Celestial Spirit contract with Karen. Plus, when he had to fight her during the Oracion Seis arc, he hesitated a lot, and so did she.

All in all, LoRies is probably the most cliché couple, which makes them adorable together. He's a playboy, and she's the quiet and shy girl. They couldn't be more perfect.

12 Laxus Dreyar and Mirajane Strauss

I don't know why no one pairs these two. They would be badass as a couple. Freed only interacted with Mira once and hasn't even been talking to her.

Mira is the one who, after becoming a good girl, helped Makarov with the Fairy Tail Guild business. Naturally, she saw Laxus and had conversations with him, even if they were brief. Even as a barmaid, she handed him drinks and discussed various topics.

Also, people pair Laxus with Cana, which makes no sense. Laxus and Cana never had a single conversation, as shown in the series. Miraxus/LaMi makes more sense. They would be badass as a couple.

13 Freed Justine and Mirajane Strauss

One of my favorite couples in FT, even though they don't have many moments in the anime movie. I always remember how Mirajane was the only one who truly stopped Freed and also saved him from committing a mistake that would surely make him regret it for the rest of his life by hurting his fellow nakamas.

Although Mirajane is known as a demon in her Satan Soul form, she is the angel in Freed's life.

So cute! Also, when Mira talked to him at the end of their fight, am I the only one who noticed that she had a small heart in both of her eyes? She obviously cares for him! I love this ship so much. It should be higher-ranking!

14 Cobra and Kinana

Hey, they are so sweet together. I know they haven't had many scenes in the series, but Fairy Tail is not finished yet! There are so many people who need a reunion. Cobra and Kinana are among these!

They are meant to be together. It's like destiny. And Cobra sacrifices himself so that Kinana does not have to go to jail. Isn't that sweet?

They have the potential and chemistry for a great friendship, team, and romantic couple. Whatever their relationship would be, I really want to see them reunited.

15 Lucy Heartfilia and Gray Fullbuster

For the first 90 or so episodes, I shipped Lucy and Gray so much. However, I knew it wasn't going to happen and that NaLu would be canon, so I kept shoving the NaLu ship down my throat.

I've come to realize, however, that Gray and Lucy's relationship is more brother/sister instead of lovers.

One thing I do hate, though, is that when they express that they care about each other, everyone jumps on Gray's case. He gets a lot of hate for simply doing something to express that he cares about Lucy. I mean, seriously! It's no different than the Tower of Heaven arc when Erza and Natsu had their moments, so what's so wrong with Gray and Lucy having their moments? Geez.

And yes, I do somewhat ship NaLu. I wouldn't care if they did or didn't end up with each other, in all honesty. Personally, I prefer Gajevy and Jerza, but that's my opinion.

16 Lucy Heartfilia and Loke

At first, I didn't think much about it, just that Loke was afraid of Lucy for some weird reason. I just saw him as the guy who wanted to woo all the ladies. Then there was the switch. Natsu said it felt super weird to be in Loke's body and couldn't even figure out his magic. That got me wondering.

Then, during the three or four episodes more focused on him, I saw how much he really liked Lucy. And him being a celestial spirit? Definitely didn't see that coming! It's just so cute. I definitely vote LoLu!

It may be somewhat one-sided, but consider how Lucy blushes when Loke flirts with her. He thinks very highly of her, especially after she saved him. He has returned the favor many times and continues to love Lucy. They are perfect for each other, balancing each other out well.

To be honest, I'm still not completely sure who I ship Lucy with. At first, I thought Gray, then I moved on to NaLu, but now... LoLu is all I can think about. They would be an amazing couple!

17 Natsu Dragneel and Erza Scarlet

During the Tower of Heaven arc, I honestly thought these two would end up together. They'd have been such a good couple. Even though I ship NaLu as well, I still wish Natsu and Erza would've ended up together.

You people need to learn to respect other couples. This is unacceptable. This sisterly and brotherly relationship still deserves much more respect.

They're like elder sister and little brother! No romance at all! Plus, Jellal and Erza clearly love each other.

18 Lyon Vastia and Meredy

Well, Lyon said she was cute in the Alvarez Empire Arc, so why not?

Most recent Fairy Tail chapter 474. Enjoy.

19 Happy and Carla

Yes, they are so adorable. Especially in opening 5, when you see Happy fall in love with hearts in his eyes and tries to give Carla a fish.

I like these two. I just wish Carla was nicer to Happy, but that is what makes them cute, so I cannot really complain about it.

Man, they're so cute! I remember when they acted like NaLu in Edolas! Happy just acted like Natsu! And it's the first time Charles or Carla, or whatever, called him "Happy"!

20 Rogue Cheney and Kagura Mikazuchi

They have so much in common. I ship Sting and Yukino but not Rogue. I think Rogue and Kagura are perfect for each other. They should talk, and when they do, they will find themselves agreeing with each other.

At the beginning of the Grand Magic Games, Rogue was like, "Not interested," and Kagura was like, "I never rely on luck." Both tried to sound cool, but after the games, Rogue was like, "Ohhh Frosch," and Kagura was like, "Ohh Erza nii-san."

I love this couple. They have the same personality and both look badass. Kagura wanted to kill Jellal, and Rogue wanted to defeat Gajeel. They both look good in black.

21 Bacchus Groh and Cana Alberona

Yes. Anyone who ships these two, you better preach! He fights and is most powerful when drunk, and Cana drinks so much but does not get drunk. Perfect.

They were clearly meant for each other. Also, Bacchus is the Roman god of wine, and Cana loves wine... If you get my flow.

Bacchus and Cana are just made for each other! I mean, they both love alcohol, so yeah.

22 Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster

I love GraTsu both as a BrOTP and OTP. I have this theory that when Gray lost his parents to Deliora, he matured too quickly because of his trauma and his desire for revenge.

Then when he met Natsu and the flame-brain's excitable and competitive nature showed, it began to spark the child buried in Gray. Then they began to fight, which is the only time in the series that Gray acts childish and/or like an idiot (don't get me wrong, their fights always entertain me). But could that be the child lost in his past coming through? (Sorry for the cheesiness.)

Also, there's the fact that I find it super cute and that we rarely get genuinely friendly moments between them. The fights really do make me laugh, but I prefer the much rarer friendly moments (like Galuna Island when Natsu gave Gray tough love).

23 Freed Justine and Laxus Dreyar

They are totally meant to be! Even my good friend (who ships Miraxus) can see that Freed is in love with Laxus. Freed has always been there for Laxus and helps him out, even when Laxus was kicked out of the guild. He had faith and thought, "I'll definitely see you again."

Remember the ballroom thing when they were invited to the king's palace? The one where Natsu stole the king's crown? Freed asked Laxus to dance, and when Laxus didn't reply and walked away, Freed went pale. Meant to be together.

I just breathe Fraxus, to be honest. It's perfect. They're meant to be. Think of all the canon interactions. I mean, Laxus did ask Freed to "give him a good rubdown" and "get every inch of my body." Think about it. It's just perfect.

24 Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney

It's practically perfect. They have one of, if not the closest relationship in the series. They're rarely seen without each other.

Even when Future Rogue killed Sting, it was explicit that it was the shadow, not him. Even so, now Rogue is not afraid of the shadow because he knows Sting will prevent it from taking over.

Their relationship can be compared to how they fight together. They have completely opposing magic, and yet they undoubtedly have the best teamwork and synchronization in the series.

Sting and Rogue are so cute together! If Sting and Yukino become a thing, I'm going to stop watching Fairy Tail.

25 Aquarius and Scorpio

They're already together. How are Aries and Leo/Loke bigger than this? I don't understand anything anymore.

Well, they are both currently together.

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