Best Sam and Cat Episodes

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1 Pilot

This really was the best episode. For a Nickelodeon show, it was so-so, but the next ones were all garbage (no offense).

The first episode. I haven't seen much of Sam and Cat, but I've seen a few episodes.

I love it! You guys rock! Sam and Cat rocks!

2 MagicATM

This is the best episode.

Cat: (sings wrong lyrics) Take me down the basement-
Sam: No, no, that's 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game'.
Cat: What?
Sam: (sings the correct lyrics) Take me out to the ball game, take me out of the crowd.
Cat: These lyrics make no sense. I love that part and that song.

Officer Kelvin really couldn't tell the difference between pills and candy?

Laugh-out-loud funny.

3 First Class Problems

My favorite episode!

4 TheKillerTunaJump

It has Jade from Victorious, the show that Cat is from, and Freddie from iCarly, the show that Sam is from. Sam and Jade are perfect for each other since they both like to do bad stuff.

Victorious, iCarly, and Sam and Cat together is the best.

I loved iCarly, so this was good.

5 Peezy B
6 The Brit Brats

I love this one! It is hilarious... This show rocks!

Love it. So funny, like laugh-out-loud!

Those girls are so cute.

7 BabysitterWar
8 DroneBabyDrone
9 SuperPsycho
10 Toddler Climbing

Dice: What if I got to take a wazz?
Sam: We can hear it.
Cat: And see it.
Dice: Oh no.

I pictured it in my head, and it wasn't pretty. I still like this episode.

I think this is the first one I saw.

The Contenders
11 Blooper Episode
12 Babysitting Commercial
13 Favorite Show
14 BlueDogSoda
15 Revenge of the Brit Brats
16 Motorcycle Mystery

I really like this episode. The French (or whatever) midget was hilarious, and the blue hair was everything. Great!

Hector is a funny guy.

17 Lumpatious
18 Fresno Girl
19 YayDay

I love this episode because the holiday was about presents. Now if only Yay Day were a real holiday... So... 10/10!

20 Goomersitting
21 Momma Goomer

I like this one.

22 Doll Sitting

Really funny and freaky!

23 StuckInABox
24 New Goat

Lol. Love this episode!

"How dare you put my shirt around my waist and my pants around my torso!"
"Did something poop on your forehead?"
"Ahoy! I knew I smelled an animal!"
"Bad dog."
"It's a goat!"
"Weirdoes like capes."
"I will not suck a truck or enjoy my Saturday!"
"You use your words."


25 GettinWiggy
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