Beauty Behind know what this is.

After that accident, I was disheartened. But what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. LET'S DO THIS.

8. Shameless
Confession - Same as Tears In The Rain.

But I'll still review the album version. Happy?

I'm having trouble remembering what I wrote. But I remember writing that it was generic for The Weeknd, since the lyrics are about Abel having no shame. And the YouTube version (which got deleted) was slowed down, making the melody a little too painful and sad for the song, especially if you consider the lyrics.

Best Part of the Song - The guitar solo after the 2nd chorus (one of the best parts of the album itself)

3. Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey)
A song about Gentleman Abel with non-vulgar and clean lyrics about the girl being perfect and beautiful, angelic music. But then he says that she 'deserves' and 'earned' it and then you remember the porno flick the Song was in and your mind goes to dark places. Total mood-spoiler but ignoring all of that, a decent track.

Best Part of the Song - The grand piano (It has returned)

10. In The Night
Spot-on MASTERPIECE. Nothing much to say here except that this is a song that if you hate, you're simply retarded. You might love Justin Bieber, Closer might be your jam, heck, you might even consider Blood On The Dance Floor as living legends (and that's saying too much), but DON'T YOU DARE THINK OF HATING THIS!

Best Part of the Song - Please don't ask.

11. As You Are
Okay, this is the part where the accident happened. So we continue with a calm and collected mind.

This song is uhh...kinda strange. While no one will dig in the fact that Abel will take a girl as she is (because really?), the lyrics are way too simple but the melody is dark and nice. But then comes the drag, where Abel keeps asking her if she would take him for what he is. But, this is different from Loft Music, where I almost fell asleep. This, this is GOOD! The darkness easily sweeps in from the main part of the song and for the first time, Demon Abel sounds awesome. So, while it still is a drag, it is a GOOD drag. I like it, at least.

Best Part of the Song - I think it's pretty obvious.

12. Dark Times (Ft. Ed Sheeran)
Wow, Abel recruited one of the best songwriters in the present date to do a collab! How did that turn out?

Mostly, I hit myself in the head because I didn't give this enough chances. This track is awesome. But it has its flaws.

Mostly, it feels very empty. The build-up to the chorus is just wasted as it has the same energy as the verses. I like the Wild-West-sounding guitar with the little tremble but it feels like that's the only thing that plays during the first part.

Now for the positives.

Ed Sheeran's presence is quite welcome here. He has a high pitch Charlie Puth BEGS for. His writing never fails to amaze. And the line about his mother being the only one to love him for what he is, that shows victimization and love at the same time though they are almost polar opposites.

With Ed by his side, The Weeknd performs with relaxed and still good vocal energy. And I already talked about the emptiness of the song. Well, the 3rd chorus (and inevitably the ending) begins, and the synths kick in, and you forget every criticism you had for this song. It's like it was a patience test for all of us. Damn.

Best Part of the Song - ED AND ABEL COLLABORATED!!!

13. Prisoner (Ft. Lana Del Rey)
Okay, this is 'I will be having the unpopular opinion here - Part 2'. Because I LOVE THIS!

That's mainly because I can't seem to notice any flaws in it. Everything seems good over here, the lyrics, while not having any rhyming scheme, still have decent work put into them, Lana sounds exactly like Lana, both of them sound convincing, I like the melody and most of all, WHERE IS THE BOTCH IN THE BEAT, ETHAN?!

Honestly, it would've been great if THIS was the closer of the album, with the same emptiness like Trilogy. But I feel like this is one last shot by the darkness to pull back Abel in. But it fails, so we have another song. All I can say is, if this isn't good, well, it grew on me in an instant, so it must have some virtue to it.


Best Part of the Song - From Darkness To Light

14. Angel
Our closer begins with the same energy as the opener, by using electric guitar riffs, signalling good things to come. But then, Abel starts singing and everything that was skyrocketing before plummets down back to earth.

If it isn't evident by now, I don't like this.

Best Part of the Song - The Intro

And so, it's finally over. God, this was awesome to do and after that accident, maybe even I've learnt a lesson, which is also the theme of this album. Indeed, love conquers all. You all know what's next, and I'll upload it approximately 10 hours after this. Stay with me.

Overall Rankings
14. Tell Your Friends
13. Angel
12. Can't Feel My Face
11. Real Life
10. Shameless
09. Acquainted
08. Dark Times (Ft. Ed Sheeran)
07. Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey)
06. As You Are
05. Often
04. Losers
03. In The Night
02. Prisoner (Ft. Lana Del Rey)
01. The Hills
Album Rating - 7/10



I will never forgive you for Prisoner...

jk great review. - ProPanda

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