Billboard Hot 100 Year-End 2018 - RANKED!

StarlightSpanks What I said on my profile earlier was true, this year's Year-End isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

...however, that still doesn't mean that the bad stuff isn't there. Get ready for a flood of unpopular opinions and pure bias.
I surely hope that most of you guys can agree with me on the 1st 5 so-called "songs" that made it.

"DIE IN A HOLE" TIER (<0/10):
#100: FEFE - Still questioning how people like listening to music made by a talentless pedophile....
#99: Gummo - Still questioning how people like listening to music made by a talentless pedophile... [2]
#98: Freaky Friday - "I can say the n-word without being judged!" yeah right
#97: Meant To Be - America took a lifeless, screeching country hit, praised it, gave it a crap ton of undeserving attention, and here it is.
#96: Changes - What a nice, heartfelt apology. *facepalm*

#95: Sad! - Even if you leave out the atrocious lyrics the production is EXTREMELY lazy and so is X.
#94: Walk It Talk It - Now Migos has proved that proving yourself to be talentless can get your songs to become hits.
#93: Te Bote - I'm gonna talk more about this later but for now, all I'll ask is, why would anyone want to hear 7 minutes of endless, monotonous whining?
#92: Shape Of You - I used to hate this for getting tons of undeserved attention, and today I still hate it because it still got undeserved attention.
#90: Look Alive - Drake and his monotonous voice.
#89: Moonlight - Probably the worst-produced song on the entire list. Oh well, this could've been X's only good song
#88: I'm Upset - Honestly all of whatever's in this pile of nothingness is stupid
#87: X (Nicky Jam) - "The desire to eat you is stronger now" no

SCRUB TIER (1/10):
#86: Powerglide - The falsettos though...
#85: Perfect - Thank god it didn't finish the year at #1 though.
#84: Sorry Not Sorry - Still hate this, mainly because of the chorus.
#83: Dura - Wth is that intro
#82: I Get The Bag - yeah I still don't find any redeeming qualities here
#81: Simple - Still hate the dude's voice, not to mention the repetitive use of "S-I-M-P-L-E"

#80: Friends - do I really need to explain
#79: Girls Like You - This would be in the bottom 5 if it weren't for the fancy guitar instrumental.
#78: Taste - not surprising that this pile of garbage became a hit
#77: One Number Away - Why does the intro remind me a lot of Body Like A Back Road
#76: I Fall Apart - more like "I Croon Apart"
#75: Mine - Annoyingly awkward.
#74: Mi Gente - Really being nice to this than I should be because the lyrics don't suck
#73: Be Careful - I really hate the message of this
#72: God Is A Woman - Production's solid enough? Guess what, idc, the lyrics genuinely suck as a whole.
#71: In My Feelings - Kiki doesn't love Drake bet

BAD TIER (3/10):
#70: Heaven - Yep, still not feeling it.
#69: I Like Me Better - May I ask what people see here that's so special about it?
#68: Never Be The Same - Honestly the chorus is about as obnoxious as the pre-chorus
#67: Lucid Dreams - Well, the tune sounds ok but it's got some stupid lyrics and honestly I feel like it sounds lame in general.
#66: The Middle - Now I'm wondering why Stay wasn't this huge.
#65: Wait - Lyrics suck, also is this actually a trap song lol
#64: Nonstop - Honestly it's Drake, what can you expect

#63: Yes Indeed - Drake.
#62: MotorSport - I woke up when it got to Cardi B's part
#61: Stir Fry - I suppose it's got an interesting tune compared to Motorsport but has way worse lyrics
#60: Plug Walk - Ruined entirely by the production.
#59: You Make It Easy - The guitar and the beat sound fine but overall this is really cheesy

MEH TIER (5/10):
#58: Bartier Cardi - The lyrics are lame but at least Cardi B has some pretty solid rapping here...
#57: 1-800-273-8255 - Still don't hate this even with how whiny Logic sounds here.
#56: Gucci Gang - The more I listen to it, the more of a joke it is to me.
#55: Back To You - Just can't like this one.
#54: God's Plan - I wonder why I still don't hate this
#53: Sicko Mode - Drake. [2]
#52: In My Blood - Best part is easily the chorus, and even the chorus is awkward
#51: Nice For What - The sample is used properly, the lyrics are solid, Drake's rapping is solid, but altogether sounds really sloppy and idk why I feel that way

#50: Believer - The song is full of passion throughout, sad that this also contained an ear-splitting chorus.
#49: Big Bank - The lyrics are lame like most rap songs, but the beat's fine, I love the marimba in the background, and 3 of the 4 rappers can actually rap. I'll take it
#48: Lights Down Low - Am I the only one here who wasn't sick of hearing this on the radio all the time?
#47: LOVE. - Pretty low for Kendrick standards but it's produced alright
#46: Love Lies - Khalid and Normani sound awkward together but eh it's still fine
#45: Trip - Chorus is pretty repetitive but I like how bouncy this is
#44: What Lover's Do - The electropop beat brings this up by a lot tbh
#43: Bad At Love - I mean the post-chorus is good so ye
#42: I Like It - J Balvin reeeeeee
#41: Happier - Overplayed to death but still has some memorable parts. I do feel like people judge it based on the music video too much though
#40: Wolves - One of Selena's few good songs.
#39: King's Dead - Kendrick's part is the best part here, but then again it's the only good part of this song
#38: Let You Down - I don't care that he sounds pretentious, according to my ears it works out fine

GOOD TIER (7/10):
#37: Bodak Yellow - At least she has passion...?
#36: Him & I - Again, the post-chorus is amazing
#35: Delicate - Song's not obnoxious production-wise, and for once the lyrics aren't bad. Well done Taylor
#34: No Limit - A$AP Rocky's got some good stuff here
#33: Boo'd Up - The fact that this was the only summer hit that sounded like one really says something about 2018's music.
#32: Ric Flair Drip - Beat's super catchy so Ima just ignore everything else lol
#31: Call Out My Name - Dark and gloomy in the right ways, but again, lyrics
#30: Tequila - As a product it's really good, I just wish the lyrics were better.
#29: L.E.M.O.N - Ye this is loads of fun
#28: Rockstar - I like Post more than I should
#27: Get Along - Appreciating this for not being another country song about love.
#26: Eastside - Khalid sounds fine here but Halsey could be better
#25: Say Something - I'm addicted to the chorus and idk why.

GREAT TIER (8/10):
#24: Psycho - I like Post more than I should
#23: Too Good at Goodbyes - Music and the production are solid but the lyrics are pretty horrible
#22: Better Now - Post puts in effort here, therefore leading me to respect this a lot.
#21: Marry Me - This here is a lyrical masterpiece that would've been in my Top 5 if I wasn't biased against country
#20: Outside Today - Deserved more attention tbh.
#19: IDGAF - Deserved more attention tbh. [2]
#18: How Long - Catchier than Attention, and way more interesting tbh
#17: Havana - Shame that this spectacular classic was ruined by overplay
#16: Sky Walker - Would love this a lot more without the falsettos.

#15: Mercy - The piano's really nice
#14: All The Stars - SZA literally kills it here.
#13: Feel It Still - overall this is where it's at but I give a 12/10 for the instrumentation
#12: Youngblood - Solid enough lyrics, plus the bassline is honestly one of the best I've ever heard so far
#11: No Tears Left To Cry - Ariana's voice is truly stellar
#10: Thunder - The part about this that everyone hates is the part that I like for some reason
#9: New Rules - Splendid lyrics indeed

#8: Plain Jane - Literally everything about this is splendid, especially the intro
#7: Young, Dumb & Broke - The nostalgia...
#6: This Is America - I do admit it's got some nothingness moments in there but I still like it the same even after listening to this a lot on Spotify
#5: Finesse - Retrofunk perfection.
#4: Natural - I really love Dan's passion in the pre-chorus, and I know what's in the chorus but Dan Reynolds isn't 6ix9ine
#3: One Kiss - Pretty obvious that I'm just biased to Calvin Harris in general.

GOD TIER (>10/10):
#2: Pray For Me - Dark, brooding, and very meaningful, should've gotten more attention
#1: Whatever It Takes - Passionful and inspirational, what more do I need to say?

I really thought this year altogether would hopefully be above 50%, but sadly it's 2018, when you've got an influx of lame, generic rap songs this is basically what you can expect. The total score was 480/1000, which is 48%. That's not much of a higher percentage than what I get on my Top 20 reviews, which is severly disappointing. 2019's music is starting off pretty strong from what I've heard so far, I'll just hope 2019's gonna be a better year for music in the end.

This is StarlightSpanks, and goodbye 2018.


Great post, this is how I ranked the songs though.

Walk It Talk It
In My Feeling
Shape Of You
Te Bote
No Brainer
Boo'd Up (how such a lazy piece of crap won a Grammy is beyond me)
I'm Upset
The Middle
Never Be The Same (god her high notes are awful)
I Like Me Better
Meant To Be
One Kiss (I'm sorry, but I don't see what's so good about this)
Lights Down Low
Girls Like You
Youngblood (whiny pop emo garbage)
1/5 TIER
Young Dumb and Broke
Fefe (nice, catchy beat, awful lyrics and rapping)
Too Good At Goodbyes
Whatever It Takes
Thunder (annoying, cheesy, and stupid af)
Freaky Friday
Tequila (bleh, stupid country song)
In My Blood
Gucci Gang
Yes Indeed
Plug Walk (I like the production but Rich The Kid is talentless as a rapper)
2/5 TIER
This Is America
Say Something
I Fall Apart
How Long
Be Careful
Mi Gente
Sorry Not Sorry
I Like It (more like I DON'T like it)
Love Lies
God's Plan
Back To You
What Lovers Do
3/5 TIER
Big Bank
Sky Walker
Believer (I don't like the chorus)
No Tears Left To Cry
Him And I
King's Dead
Bartier Cardi
Changes (I like X but this sounds whiny)
Let You Down
God Is A Woman
Bad At Love
I Get The Bag
New Rules
Feel It Still
All The Stars (would've made my remix if it hadn't been for Kendrick)
4/5 TIER
Pray For Me
No Limit
Better Now
Look Alive
Lucid Dreams
Call Out My Name
Sicko Mode
Bodak Yellow
Outside Today
Nice For What
5/5 TIER
Plain Jane
Stir Fry
Ric Flair Drip - visitor

I don't see how Fefe and Gummo are better than One Kiss but eh - StarlightSpanks

EDIT: Move Powerglide up from the BLEACH Tier to the BAD tier, and move Wait down from the BAD Tier to the HORRIBLE Tier, and move Te Bote down to the DIE IN A HOLE Tier, in front of "Changes". No change in the score. - StarlightSpanks

ANOTHER EDIT: I was clearly overhating "Moonlight" in the OG post, move Moonlight from the BLEACH Tier to the PASSABLE Tier. - StarlightSpanks

New Score: 48.4% - StarlightSpanks

This is an amazing post! - sadical




Freaky Friday


Mi Gente
Meant to Be


Let You Down
I'm Upset
Too Good At Goodbyes (More like Too Bad at Goodbyes)

*skips BECAUSE I'm too lazy to do the rest lol*


Ric Flair Drip
I Get the Bag
I Like It
No Tears Left to Cry
King's Dead


No Limit
Stir Fry
Plain Jane
One Kiss
Pray For Me
All the Stars
This is America


Bich Lasagna


I'm lazy to do the rest haha - AlphaQ