Cartoon Crapisodes Rant: Episode 3 - Stuck in the Wringer

ModernSpongeBobSucks Patrick Star is my favorite SpongeBob SquarePants character ever! I always found him funnier than SpongeBob SquarePants himself! But... he can also be more of a stuck-up prick than him. Which isn't a good thing at all... And boy, did he mess up in this atrocious Patrick's a Prick episode! Welcome, happy people of TheTopTens. This is ModernSpongeBobSucks here, and today, we're here again with another Cartoon Crapisodes Rant post ranting on another SpongeBob SquarePants episode gone wrong. Now the episode Stuck in the Wringer is from Season 7... *sobs and starts sucking on my thumb like a baby to soothe my sadness over this season's awfulness* Which all of you probably know by now is perhaps one of the, if not, probably the worst, season in the entire SpongeBob SquarePants series. Anyways, this is the third episode of the Cartoon Crapisodes Rant post series that I will be ranting on. Alright, let's just get this over with...

Now Stuck in the Wringer begins with SpongeBob taking a nice morning shower. After SpongeBob is done taking a shower, he goes off to dry himself in his wringer. As he starts to exit the bathroom, SpongeBob almost slips on a bar of soap. Thankfully, SpongeBob manages to avoid a potential injury due to not slipping on the bar of soap... when a rubber ducky somehow flies into his bathroom through the window. SpongeBob does not notice this, and he then trips on the rubber ducky, slips on the bar of soap that he avoided in vain, and gets stuck in his wringer. Patrick then comes into the bathroom asking SpongeBob for his rubber ducky and if SpongeBob has seen it (oh, you're REALLY going down, tubby!). SpongeBob points to the rubber ducky that he tripped over, and Patrick gleefully goes to retrieve it. SpongeBob interrupts Patrick's reunion with his rubber ducky and tells him that he needs help getting out of his wringer. As SpongeBob begins to explain his dilemma, Patrick interrupts and says he knows how to solve this problem... when he then misinterprets the situation and uses Forever Glue to permanently glue SpongeBob to his wringer. Wow, it's no wonder he was number 1 on's Top 10 Dumbest Animated TV Characters video.

Despite being upset at his worsened condition, SpongeBob still decides to make it through the day. While working at the Krusty Krab, he unintentionally causes some problems due to him being stuck in his wringer (thanks a lot, Patprick Retard!). This creates chaos in the Krusty Krab, and due to Mr. Krabs not wanting to lose any customers or money, he kicks SpongeBob out of his restaurant. Patrick meets SpongeBob outside and asks him how his day is going. SpongeBob replies and says that he is having trouble due to his wringer. He even goes as far as to saying, "Patrick, I am nothing more than a-- a bike rack. A sad, sad, sad, sad little bike rack." But not before a random kid chains his bike to the wringer (well, you're not helping in any way, little punk! Leave poor SpongeBob alone!). Moving on, Patrick decides to cheer SpongeBob up by taking him to Super Weenie Hut Juniors for some ice cream. Unfortunately, when SpongeBob tries to eat some ice cream, his wringer prevents the ice cream from being consumed and digested. Due to this setback, Patrick then decides to take SpongeBob to the carnival. However, this still doesn't make SpongeBob's day any better, as he can't win any carnival games due to the wringer, while Patrick is winning all the carnival games with the best of luck and is the only one having fun. Fed up with how Patrick was the cause of all his problems and how Patrick annoyed him by not making his day any better, SpongeBob finally decides to yell at Patrick for what he did to him and that he ruined his whole life (you tell him, SpongeBob!). This results in Patrick running off crying afterwards. However, then the fish at the carnival show their disgust at SpongeBob's outburst towards Patrick. Not to mention there was that one fish who said one of the most hypocritical quotes in the entire show...

So the fish says, "Ya know, kid, your body isn't the problem. It's your heart. You deserve what you've gotten. C'mon, we're out of here. Some people are just born mean."

I really want to grind those fish into chum right now... That said, SpongeBob then frowns at what happened and sinks into depression. The next day in the morning, Patrick tries to go about his usual day while trying to deny that everything he does involves SpongeBob, and that he doesn't care about SpongeBob anymore. Patrick finds that he can't forget about SpongeBob and decides to go find SpongeBob. Patrick then barges into SpongeBob's pineapple, where he sees that SpongeBob is severely depressed and insane while he is watching TV static. Patrick is terrified by SpongeBob's condition and blames himself for it, followed by him crying as well. However, as he cries, his tears splash on the glue in SpongeBob's wringer and the glue begins to melt. SpongeBob sees this and comes up with the idea that they both cry tears so that the glue can go away and that SpongeBob can slip out of the wringer. They do so and SpongeBob successfully manages to get out of the wringer. Happy ending, am I right? Sigh... if only I was right. After SpongeBob gets out of the wringer, he breaks the fourth wall and directly says to the audience, "I guess crying does solve your problems after all." SpongeBob then tosses the wringer into the air and hugs Patrick... when the wringer then falls back down and traps both of them. Then Patrick comments on this new problem by saying, "Well, at least we're together! Heh. Hey, should I get the glue?" The end.

*Bangs my head on a wall until it breaks and my head gets stuck in a hole, where my head is sticking out of my house* I hate this episode with a passion... Now it's ranting time, ladies and gentlemen! As for the pros... uh, are there are any pros? Yeah, Patrick may have realized his mistakes near the end, but don't forget about that last quote he said at the end of the episode. That clearly shows he was still a horribly careless friend to SpongeBob. Anyways, with that said, now here's where I really shine in this post series. Let's start off by ranting on how much of a moron Patrick was. Patrick is stupid and all, but was he ever stupid in the Pre-Movie era to the point that it was on the same level of how stupid it was of him to glue SpongeBob to the wringer and make the problem worse? I think not! Also, I already stated that this was a Patrick's a Prick episode, which already makes this episode bad from the get-go. Oh, and by the way, Patrick wasn't the only prick in this episode, as there was one, no, but a whole group of pricks as well! Yup, the second thing that I hate in this episode were those fish who were disgusted at SpongeBob at the carnival! I understand they might have thought Patrick may have failed to help SpongeBob but that he at least tried to help SpongeBob, but that's not enough to repent for how despicable those fish were! First of all, shouldn't they be minding their own business instead of antagonizing SpongeBob?! They don't know the whole story behind him! How would they like it if they were stuck in the wringer?! I mean, excuse me?! So SpongeBob deserves to be stuck in the wringer all because it was Patrick's fault he started this whole mess?! And when I saw SpongeBob's heart literally be heartbroken, I wanted that heart to come out of SpongeBob and slaughter every fish there was in the carnival, complete with blood and guts spurting all over the place! Third, I'd like to make it clear that this was not only a Patrick's a Prick episode, but also a SpongeBob torture porn episode as well! Sure, there are episodes such as A Pal for Gary where he should be tortured, but episodes such as this one in particular are episodes where he doesn't deserve the torture he gets! This episode is just so mean-spirited to SpongeBob! Man, why does Modern SpongeBob have to be so mean-spirited to characters who don't deserve it? Lastly, I'd like to talk about that fourth wall break SpongeBob made. When he said that he guesses crying does solve your problems after all, that could have been taken as a good old-fashioned joke, but instead, he actually says it in front of the TV screen, where people of all ages, including kids, are watching! Dude, I know that if kids never cried that they may become cold and heartless, but think about! Kids might actually take that moral seriously and think that if they cry if something bad happens like they get all F's on their report card, their parents ground them, or that they don't have any candy to eat that crying will literally save them! LOL, you think crying is going to be helpful when you go for a job interview?! Huh?! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! Hopefully, kids of this generation and the generations to come know better... Why Zeus Cervas?! WHY?! And apparently, Casey Alexander and Richard Pursel didn't work on this episode. Two different writers named Sean Charmatz and Derek Iversen worked with Zeus Cervas on this episode. Great... they aren't even Casey Alexander and Richard Pursel and they still barely did anything to make the episode any better. With that aside, if you really want to relieve yourself after seeing this crappy episode, I saw an image on Google Images where it shows only Patrick is stuck in the wringer and that SpongeBob is happy that he got his revenge thanks to a masculine and muscular Sandy Cheeks having used the Forever Glue to stick Patrick in the wringer... forever. I really wished the episode could have just ended with only Patrick being stuck in the wringer...

Here is my final score for this episode:

0.5 out of 10.0 stars

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Until then, peace!


Great rant, and this episode has a plot hole too. If tears could melt the glue, couldn't they use regular water?
That should come to mind when trying to melt glue. Patrick is an idiot in this episode for not doing something completely obvious in the first place. - Skullkid755

Are you going to make a non-Spongebob review next? Are you going to take requests? - RalphBob

I'm trying to make the first 10 posts of this series all SpongeBob episodes. Then, after I do those 10 posts, I'll start doing rant posts on non-SpongeBob episodes more often. But I won't be taking requests, though. Sorry about that. Although, I'm prone to do so in the future if I feel like it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Sorry, I didn't mean next. I meant later. - RalphBob

Also, TheTopTens keeps randomly having me unfollow you, so sorry about that. I will refollow you every time that happens. - RalphBob

This is a great rank - Martinglez

@Martinglez, I believe you meant to say, "This is a great rant." I think you misspelled rant wrong. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Basically the message of the show is that to solve your problems, you should cry. - TwilightKitsune

"I guess crying DOES solve your problems after all! "

No it doesn't! That's a lie! If that were true, this episode would not be airing anymore!

Nothing irks me more than a T.V. episode where everyone acts like a hypocrite and someone gets tortured for no reason. Great rant. - DCfnaf

Hey, let's talk about the WONDERFUL writers of this episode. We have Zeus Cervas, the WONDERUL man who brought us another masterpiece, "A Pal For Gary", and he is also one of the creative geniuses who brought us "One Coarse Meal"! GREAT! But that's not all! We also have Sean Charmatz! You know, one of the five year olds who wrote "The Splinter"? And then there's Derek Iversen, the writer behind that creepy as hell episode, "Squid's Visit" and one of the guys behind "Demolition Doofus". This TRULY is the Dream Team here! - DCfnaf

I Agree With Everything You Said
This Episode Was Trash - JPK