Review on Spongebob Episode- Stuck In the Wringer

Hi guys it's JohnnyTestFan98, and I'm going to do a review of one of the worst Spongebob episode known as Stuck in the Wringer from Season 7.

This episode starts out with Spongebob bathing in his bathroom. He hums the tune of getting himself clean and cleans his brain in the process, showing an anime face for some reason. Suddenly Spongebob nearly trips on a soap bar but saves himself. Unfortunately, he later on trips on a rubber ducky and a soap bar and falls into the wringer and is stuck. He can't remove himself from it so, Patrick comes in and reunites with his ducky. Spongebob says he needs help, but Patrick misinterprets the situation, claiming he knows how to solve the issue and "Helps" by using his forever glue to glue spongebob in the wringer.Okay, seriously, you just GLUED him in the wringer?! Why didn't you, PULL HIM OUT?

Anyways, so despite all this, Spongebob tries to go on his day the best he can. Unfortunately, Spongebob unfortunately causes a lot of accidents at the Krusty Krab, thanks to the wringer(Great Job, Patrick!). Mr. Krabs kicks him out telling him the following line:

Help?! I think you've helped quite enough today!

Please keep that line above in mind as you continue to read the rant! Anyways, so Spongebob meets with the one who causes his problems and tells him his day's not any better while crying. Then, Patrick tries to take Spongebob to Super Weenie Hut Jr. and unfortunately can't even swallow ice cream due to the wringer! They both leave the restaurant and the jerk Patrick eats Spongebob's ice-cream. Patrick goes to the carnival, but thanks to the wringer, Spongebob can't play any games and the ball gets tossed into his eye. Patrick wants Spongebob to go on the ride but Spongebob has too much eye pain. Spongebob flies out of the ride as he can't even hold onto the handles! Patrick goes to play some more games rather than looking after Spongebob to see if he's doing alright(Some great friend you are, jerk!). Patrick tries to offer him cotton candy, only for Spongebob to angrily knock it out of Spongebob's hands. The meddling crowd goes around the fight and Patrick runs of crying after Spongebob says the exact same line I told you guys to keep in mind earlier in this rant below:

Help?! I think you've helped quite enough today!

As a result the bikini bottomites get mad at Spongebob and one of the fishes by the name Sandals says one of the most idiotic lines below:

Ya know kid your body isn't the problem, It's your heart. You deserve what you've gotten. C'mon, we're out of here. Some people are just born mean!

Like what the heck?! Spongebob couldn't work, eat or play games and they have the freakish audacity to say that?! They don't even realize that Spongebob won't be able to make them anymore krabby patties with that wringer in the way! God! I really want to glue those fish in that wringer myself and put them in that situation to see how it feels!

The next day, Patrick is out and trying to forget about Spongebob and that he isn't supposed to help him anymore. Apparently, Patrick is unable to forget about Spongebob and barges in to find Spongebob watching TV static and apologize to Spongebob( Wow, I'm actually impressed. So far......). Then, when Patrick starts to cry, his tear melts the glue. Realizing this, both Patrick and Spongebob start crying and get the wringer off of him. They both then hug, which is good, but Spongebob says a bad moral,which is "I guess crying does solve your problems after all". The wringer falls on both of them and Patrick suggests the forever glue as the episode ends.

Alright, takes a deep breath so I despise this episode so much, I'd rather watch TLC Reruns at gunpoint! Why does this episode suck so bad? Here's why it sucks so bad: First, the cruelty of Patrick towards spongebob and not showing any sort of sympathy towards him and rather showing his selfishness. He is a bully to Spongebob and has all the fun at his expense. Second, the victim blaming. The fish called out Spongebob who snapped at Patrick, like anyone would. Shouldn't the fish be minding their own goddamn business to begin with. They don't even know the situation and Patrick was the one who caused all this, not Spongebob, so no, he does NOT deserve this at all! How about those fish get caught by the hooks from Hooky and fed to the homeless! Next, the ending "I guess crying does solve your problems after all". Here's 4 words for you Spongebob: NO IT DOES NOT! And Patrick suggests the forever glue again. Sighs What do I even say?! What do I even Say?
WHY ZEUS CERVAS?! WHY?! Why all these scapegoat episodes?!