Top Ten Important Qualities of a Sports Fan

Sports is one of those things that a lot of people enjoy. However, sports can be different for everyone, due to the different sports such as Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, and my personal favorite, Football. Most of the people who like sports, though, tend to not be that good of a Sports fan, for the reasons that I'm about to give. However, this list is kinda like a guide on how one can become a better sports fan, and I hope anyone who is new to sports, or likes sports but wants to be a better fan, learns from this list.
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1 A Passion for Sports

If you don't like sports, then how are you going to be able to enjoy it? You need to like some sort of sport, or at least golf, if you want to be a good sports fan. A person who says they like a team but doesn't really like sports probably doesn't really care about that team.

Love sports! There is no other way.

2 A Passion for your Favorite Team

This is very important because you need to enjoy supporting your favorite team. Otherwise, you probably wouldn't care about the team, and it would make the fanbase look bad. This is probably one of the reasons why the Miami Marlins, a Major League Baseball team, don't have a lot of people attending their games. It's like they're playing in an empty stadium with nobody watching.

3 Loyalty

You can't just switch your favorite team to something else. Once you pick a team, you're stuck with it for the rest of your life. A good, loyal fan would support their team no matter how bad they become. If you can't handle your team losing all the time and decide to pull for a better team, then you aren't that loyal.

4 Team Knowledge

When you go to a game, you need to at least know some things about your team. You shouldn't just go and be like one of those random people who accidentally stumbled into the stadium and decided to watch the game. You should at least know some of the players, traditions, and even their history. This way, you will become a more knowledgeable fan.

5 The Ability to Handle Losing a Game

This is the problem with Alabama bandwagoners. Every time they lose a game, they get very upset. However, as a Tennessee fan during these past few years, I've learned to accept losses when the team wasn't that good. All teams will suffer losses, whether they're close ones or landslides, and you just need to deal with it.

It's like last year's Golden State Warriors. They were 24-0 at the beginning of December and lost ONE game to the Milwaukee Bucks. Warriors fans were bummed, but they should be happy that they finished 73-9 last year.

6 Having Genuine Reason to Support a Team

One of the dumbest reasons why people like a sports team such as Alabama is because they are good and have won the national championship several times. This basically means that once Alabama goes back to being an average team, most fans will boycott them and switch to whatever the most popular team is. Instead, you should like a team based on location, or because your family liked the team for genuine reasons.

7 Ownership of your Team's Merchandise

I'm pretty sure nobody would like to see you going to a game dressed in normal clothes. You should at least show some team spirit by buying some of their merchandise, like posters, a book of their history, or even an old chair. However, what is very important is that you buy some jerseys and hats and wear those to the big game.

8 Constant Following of your Team

There is no point in liking a team if you're just going to sit there and do nothing. You need to look at their upcoming games, watch some on TV, or check their stats and players so you know what to look out for and see what they're doing. You can also do this during the off-season to see how the next year will go.

9 Attendance of Sports Games

You cannot just pick a random team and say you like them. You need a record of the games you've attended or keep a ticket collection of the games you've been to. If Ohio State is playing Michigan, then why don't you go to that game? Then you can say you've been to an Ohio State game and support the team.

10 Superstitious
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11 Having Respect for Other Teams

Just because you like one team and they're playing another team that you may like a little bit doesn't mean you need to get in the "You're Going Down!" attitude. It is okay to show respect for other teams, even if you may hate them. If Tennessee played Notre Dame and lost 35-30, then I'll accept the fact that they won and respect Notre Dame, even though they beat Tennessee.

Exactly. People need to get this into their brains and not just say that a team sucks because they aren't their favorite team.

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