Top Ten Best Male Sport Rock Climbers In 2015

Rock climbing has been around for millennia, though not always as an established sport. Since the early 1980's however, the rules of the sport changed and no longer were climbers dependent on placing their own gear into the rock.

With the addition of pre-drilled bolts and hangers on routes, rock climbers were able to worry less about placing their equipment for protection and focus more on pushing their bodies to the physical limits. This new focus on the athleticism of climbing became known as "sport climbing".

Below are the top ten best male sport climbers. To be on this list, the climbers does not have to be solely a sport climber (as few climbers follow solely one style or another) but their prowess on the rock needs to be significant in the sport climbing realm. They also must still be climbing hard in 2015.
The Top Ten
1 Chris Sharma

Known by many as the "Michael Jordan" of climbing, this California native began conquering the world's toughest sport climbs as an early teenager. By the time he hit his stride in his 20s, he was not only climbing every challenging route but also establishing new climbs that only he could ascend. He showed the world what was possible.

2 Adam Ondra

This Czech rock climber is in his early 20s and has already climbed the hardest routes in the world. He frequently partners with Chris Sharma to create new routes that raise the bar of possibility.

3 Patxi Usobiaga

Surpassing almost everyone else in the sport when it comes to competition climbing, Patxi also has a slew of impressive onsights to his credit.

4 Sean McColl

This Canadian is a champion on multiple levels and has climbed many of the world's hardest climbs.

5 Ramón Julián Puigblanque

A professional Spanish climber, Ramon has won numerous championships in multiple disciplines and continues to challenge those around him to hit his high points.

6 Dave Graham

While he professes to enjoy bouldering the most, his early ascents of many of sport climbing's hardest routes still hold up impressively today. When he gets on the sharp end of a rope, he sends hard.

7 Iker Pou

This young Spanish climber excels in all areas of rock climbing, and we've only just seen the tip of the iceberg. His ascents are up at the top of the sport with those many years his senior.

8 Dani Andrada Jiménez

Putting up some of the hardest sport routes in Europe, Dani has been on the scene for decades and continues to surprise with new accomplishments.

9 Gérôme Pouvreau

This Frenchman has been continuously climbing hard routes for over a decade.

10 Joe Kinder

Excelling in multiple aspects of climbing, his first love is sport. Look at any guidebook in the US, and chances are you'll see his name in it.

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