Best U.S Gymnasts Ever

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1 Simone Biles

She has the whole package with no weaknesses. If it weren't for her shoulder problems, she would be dynamic and amazing on bars too, not just excellent.

She's making a comeback! I hope she wins the World Vault title and Olympic Beam title, the only things she's missing.

The total package: artistry, form, and power. No American comes close to her record.

2 Paul Hamm

The second-best overall U.S. gymnast ever, after only Simone Biles, and the best male U.S. gymnast ever.

3 Nastia Liukin

The fourth best overall U.S. gymnast ever and the second-best U.S. female gymnast ever, after only Simone Biles.

Should be above Nastia. The main prize both wanted, Nastia won.

4 Kurt Thomas

He should be ranked above Paul. Much more legitimate and talented. Paul's two major AA titles, especially the Athens Olympics one, were farces.

He and Mary Lou together made U.S. gymnastics what it is today. They were the starting point.

The third-best overall U.S. gymnast ever, and the second-best U.S. male gymnast after only Paul Hamm.

5 Vanessa Atler

She lacked mental toughness, but in sheer talent, she is second only to Biles.

6 Shawn Johnson

Definitely the second-best woman after only Simone!

7 Chellsie Memmel

Her gymnastics have no weaknesses. She had beautiful form, great difficulty, and a strong attack, but just suffered from bad luck with injuries. Poor thing!

Chellsie should never rank below Nastia. Without her injury, she would have won the 2008 Olympic AA instead of Nastia. She might have also defended her World AA titles in 2006 and 2007.

8 Trent Dimas
9 Mary Lou Retton

She should be above Miller. Her performance in Los Angeles left a bigger legacy. She won the Olympic AA, which Miller wasn't talented enough to achieve, and won the American Cup three times compared to Miller's one.

People criticize her for winning in a boycotted Games, but the field was still much stronger than the ones Patterson, Biles, and even Liukin competed against, despite the boycott.

Without her, U.S. gymnastics wouldn't be anywhere near what it is today.

10 Shannon Miller
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11 Mitch Gaylord

The real best U.S. gymnast of '83-'84, not the overhyped Vidmar. Without his fall, he would have won the AA in '84.

12 Julia McNamara
13 Kathy Johnson
14 Dominique Dawes

The most dominant gymnast ever at Nationals with over 20 U.S. golds.

15 Liz Tricase
16 Danell Leyva

Danell is one of the best male gymnasts, so elegant and classy with his style. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

He is so underrated by USGA and fans but consistently delivers clutch performances and wins many medals.

17 Kim Zmeskal

Even though she was heavily overscored and later showed herself to be a terrible person, I still enjoy her gymnastics, especially on vault.

18 Courtney McCool

The definition of an all-arounder! Her testing form was perfect, but it's a pity she was so inconsistent.

19 Gabby Douglas
20 Bart Conner

One of the original greats of U.S. gymnastics.

21 Carly Patterson
22 Jonathan Horton
23 Alicia Sacramone
24 McKayla Maroney
25 Rebecca Bross
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