Top Ten Worst Sasuke (Japanese Ninja Warrior) Events

While the Japanese Version of Ninja Warrior have a lot of great events, there are a fair share of bad ones. Here are the top ten worst Sasuke events of all time.
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1 Sasuke 19

Anyone who has watched Sasuke 19 knows how bad it was. This event had the opposite problem of Sasuke 27. It was way too hard. The Jumping Spider and Flying Chute were both way too difficult. The only two that passed Stage 1 must've gotten lucky because they both had terrible performences in Stage 2 both failing on the second obstacle, one even almost timed out on it. Many consider this the worst Sasuke ever.

Very few people like Sasuke 19 but it's in my say top 3 favorite tournaments.

There was so much drama, I love it. The only disappointment I noticed was Washimi Yuuji on the stage 2.

But 2 making it to stage 2, all the all stars and top competitors failing stage 1, so much drama.

2 Sasuke 32

The worst broadcast ever.Including Nagano's run and retirement ceremony being cut.Also Takeda's run was cut and the good competitors were cut in favor of jokes and comedians.

3 Sasuke 28
4 Sasuke 29
5 Sasuke 16

While some may disagree, in my opinion 2003-2006 was one of the best times in Sasuke history, right behind the Shin-Sasuke Era (between the 2nd and 3rd kanzenshehas) Of this time period, this was the worst of the bunch. The Rope Reverse, Reverse Fly, and Grip Hang were atrocious. Stage 1 was ridiculously easy with ten completions in a row, and it would've been more of Yammamoto hadn't messed the Jump Hang up.

The issue with Sasuke 16 was, like Sasuke 18, baffling stage design. Stage 3 was fine, but stage 2 got the incredibly unintimidating Delta Bridge, and Stage 1 was even worse. Besides the Sextuple Step, the new obstacles didn't seem very challenging, maybe even possible for kids.

6 Sasuke 25

Coming off of a kanzensheha (forgive my potential grammar issues), Sasuke 25 should've have been really good. Unfortunately, they dropped the ball with this one. First of many of the obstacles were pretty bad. The Dome Steps, Bridge Jump, and even the Rolling Log felt out of place. Second, the re-designed Stage 1 was barely any harder than before. Plus, it had the lowest rating of any Sasuke at all at 7.5%. Stage 2 was better, but it barely changed at all, and the new Slider Drop was the worst 1st obstacle of Stage 2 ever.

7 Sasuke 21

Unlike most entries on this list, this entry isn't on here due to bad obstacles, or being too hard or easy, but because of one of the cheapest eliminations of all time. Yes an unlucky Nagano Makoto (the names are said backwards in Japan) was the victim of an incident known as the Grinding Ring Incident (not really, I just made that term up), where on the Gliding Ring, where it was supposed to slide down the track, it got stuck causing him to fail. However despite the blatant malfunction, it was still ruled that Nagano had failed. Making it the cheapest Sasuke ending of all time. Plus Levi Mewenburg failed on the Salmon Ladder, fun.

8 Sasuke 33
9 Sasuke 27

If there was ever a time the Sasuke course looked easy, this was it. The course's difficulty was needed consideriably, causing 27 Stage One Clears. But that was only the beginning. While Stage 2 was perfectly fine, Stage 3 was even more nerfed. The Roulette Cylinder and Doorknob Grap were both replaced with the pathetic Arm Bike, and the Ultimate Cliffhanger became the 3rd obstacle. None of the other obstacles after it were any more difficult, as only one person who beat the Cliffhanger failed the stage. Then the Final Stage was the worst ever. It was just a rope climb that gave competitors way too much time. In fact, the winner managed to clear it with over 6 seconds left. Shortly after this event, Monster 9 who owned the rights to the event, went bankrupt.

10 Sasuke 1

The first Sasuke event, was definitely not a great beginning. The scenery was extremely generic, and there were several Stage 1 obstacles that were stupidly easy. The Spinning Log, Rapid Descent, and Hill Climb were just pathetic. Stage 2 was better, but the Reverse Conveyer Belt was terrible. Stage 3, was the worst though, not a single obstacle was difficult. I could clear it.

As the first, it obviously had to set a standard that didn't exist prior. Even still, the producers could have made the courses a little harder. Stages 1 and 3 were total jokes, stage 2 was fine (though nobody would fail it now), and the only reason no one won was because no one knew what they were getting into.

The Contenders
11 Sasuke 18

Plenty of flaws all caused by odd obstacle design: the Rope Glider injured a bunch of people (which is especially egregious considering it was the first obstacle of the first stage!), The Net Climb took up space that could have been used for a harder or more time-consuming obstacle, the Bungee Bridge wasn't much of a threat (it looked kind of cool, though), and I bet the Shoulder Walk wasn't nearly as hard as the Wall Lift. Most abhorrent of all was the returning Arm Bike, the obstacle that survived multiple competitions without anyone ever failing it; they didn't even modify it to make it harder. However, it introduced a bunch of banger obstacles, like the Jumping Spider and the Salmon Ladder. My biggest complaint of all, however, is Makoto Nagano's stage 3 disqualification. It wasn't unwarranted, but things would have gone differently that night if he didn't grab the wrong part of the Cliffhanger, and I genuinely believe he could have won back-to-back tournaments.

12 Sasuke 2
13 Sasuke 23

Like Sasuke 21, this was a controversial event. Why? Because once again, Nagano Makoto got screwed over due to a malfunction. But this time, they let him restart, and he ended up almost achieving kansensheha once again. But sadly Urishihari (sorry about any misspellings), failed in Stage 2 making his last attempt look like a fluke.

Why? Another good tournemnt Kenji made his famous "Kong Cross" and it had 2 fanilests.

14 Sasuke 10
15 Sasuke 7

This event was on this list for one reason specifically. Yammamoto Shingo falling off the Spider Climb in the Final Stage.

16 Sasuke 8

This was also a very controversial event, due to the heavy rain that fell on the course, causing many people to fail much sooner than they would've if it were dry, and potentially prevented Kane Kosugi from achieving kansensheha. This caused him to become frustrated, and coupled with his unauthorized use in a recent video game, he never competed again.

It suffered from one fatal flaw: the weather. Another commenter said Kane Kosugi could have won the tournament if it hadn't rained that day, which is a very interesting "what if" for a show I've never heard what ifs about before.

17 Sasuke 26

Step Slider=Good job. Hazard Swing<Log Grip. Rolling Escargot<Jump Hang. Jumping Spider-Warped Wall=good job. Giant Swing=Just an L. Final Climb is just how it is. No new stage 2 stuff. Can't really say much about stage 3 because we didn't see anybody passed the UCH. Just stage one was bad and they cut over half the Americans and it's super hard finding footage from ANW

I actually like the obstacles introduced in this tournament, but why did they modify one of them before it was even attempted? Also, the original Giant Swing didn't pose a threat at all and seemed like a somewhat pointless inclusion to stage 1.

18 Sasuke 12

Let's not forget G4 cutting out over half the runs in stages two and three!

19 Sasuke 17
20 Sasuke 36

Sasuke 36 was the least creative course ever!
there were NO new obstacles
and 2 modified obstacles!
consider this one of the worst tournaments ever!

21 Sasuke 34

Sasuke 34 had lots of nobodies running the course and there Were NO new obstacles!

22 Sasuke 14
23 Sasuke 20
24 Sasuke 13
25 Sasuke 35
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