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1 Stiles Stilinski

Definitely the best. He is such a loyal, amazing friend, and honestly a lot of people would wish for Stiles to be their best friends. He remains by Scott's side even even after Scott puts Stiles' life on the line. He is also hilarious, lovable and goofy.

Also, Sterek is life.

Awkward, sarcastic, and adorable. Stiles is the cutest, funniest character on the show, and he constantly leaves the entire fandom wondering: How is he still single? - princesstea98

He is just awesome

I just love Stiles,he will always be the best of them all...fearless

2 Derek Hale

Derek Hale is so amazing, I love his character so much. He cares about everyone even if he never shows it, but it proves so much about his character when he told the Alphas to let his sister go, when he was the one with the hole in the chest. He always tries to protect the others, even when it gets him almost killed. In season two Scott says that Derek turned Isaac, Boyd and Erica because of power, but that wasn't true. Derek could have turned anyone he wanted, not just teenagers who needed it, whether it be to escape his abusive father, recover from an illness, or have a pack. While some could argue that Derek only chose them because they would be most likely to say yes, he can turn anyone, whether they give permission or not, doesn't really matter in the long run. Maybe it really was about power in the beginning, but in the beginning of season three, Derek outright said that it was his life for theirs. He was willing to die for them, and even later on when he said that the only ...more

He is just... wow

Bro like why not this fools amazing

Derek is a tragic hero, whose relationship history is so unfortunate and devastating that even Scott's horrible grades cannot match it. However, Derek is such a lovable character in spite of his temper (and naivety) and many other flaws. But that's really what makes him so special. After all, how can you not like a character, who gave up on being an Alpha to save his sister's life? (Even if we still need so many more information to how Cora was poisoned by mistletoe in the first place. MTV, hello! We would like to know why this plot hole is here! It would have been way cooler for there to be two Alphas in Beacon Hills, anyway; just saying.)

Besides, Derek goes through such a major and well made character development, it's impossible not to like him, whether those developments started out badly; it still made Derek the person he is today, and he should so much return to this end show of season 6.

3 Scott Mccall

Other than the fact that he's a werewolf, Scott's a pretty typical teenager, which is probably why I love him so much. Even if I still can't quite figure out why his jaw is so lopsided. - princesstea98

Scott is a really cool person. He is a werewolf and is still a typical teenager rather than a werewolf. Also, I really like the actor who portrays him (Tyler Posey). - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

HE IS awesome.. his smile covers him up for everything..

Scott is the best get outta here

4 Lydia Martin

Lydia is the strongest and most influential character in the whole show. Season 4 basically revolves around Lydia and her powers and she continually saves everyone but sadly gets none of the credit. She went through the hell in Season 5 and came out of it stronger and braver than ever before. Not only this, Lydia is a great example for young female viewers. Lydia illustrates beautifully how being smart is cool, and that you can have both a brain and be pretty. Her intelligents has saved the pack on multiple occasions and she has received no praise. Looking back on the first couple seasons, I would of never expected Lydia to be this important to the show, but Teen Wolf wouldn't be the show it is today without the Badass Banshee

Although my personal favourite character is Stiles, Lydia Martin closely follows. With her strong will and mysterious 'know-it-all' condition, she is just as bad-ass as Allison was. She can force her voice to have physical impact using her hands, her scream can kill; It can shatter someone's skull. She can predict death, and is a major surviving character who has played a huge part through out the entire series. I really love her, she is simply fantastic.

Lydia is my favorite female character on Teen Wolf. I used to ship her and Stiles SO hard... still do, actually, but I can see that it's a lost cause. She's got Parrish, he's got Malia: it's not happening. I wish she was still as spunky as she was in the first few seasons, but she's grown a lot over the years, and gained a lot of fearlessness; thankfully, though, she's still super sassy! I love her!

Lydia Martin is a disgusting character and I wish she gets killed off. Her character development is so predictable and it sucks that she is still in the show. HATE HER!

5 Allison Argent

Seriously Allison is amazing she's our little fallen warrior her character development had been incredible she went from the naive sweet new girl in town oblivious to the supernatural to strong brave badass fearless werewolf hunter I don't know how anyone can hate her. From her romances with Scott and Isaac, Her friendship with Lydia and not to mention her strong bond with her dad. She's been through so much her mothers death, her auntie going crazy and murdering her friends as well as her dad dissapering so when Allison died my heart broke but Chris was right when he said "Allison died saving her friends she died a hero". That shows who Allison was she would have done anything for the people she cared about my favourite Allison quotes are

1. I can take care of myself
2. I wanna feel powerful
3. Its because it doesn't hurt.
4. Don't frown Lydia someone could be falling in love with your smile
5. I'm not fearless I'm terrified I'm always terrified.

So yeah ...more

While Allison gets under my skin a lot, I still love her. She's tough and vulnerable, all at the same time. - princesstea98

I loved her. She kicked butt and always was so helpful. She could defend herself..: I will always miss her.


6 Isaac Lahey

Incredible character with such a memorable and heart breaking backstory, missed having him the last few seasons. Daniel is the perfect representation of this wonderful character.

Isaac was my favorite character after Stiles. I don’t know what it was but he was just so likable.

I wish he came back, I miss him so much..He was different from the others and I just loved him. Loyal, Sweet, and Funny. Daniel was simply perfect at portraying Isaac.

Isaac has some great one liners, his character development is brilliant and once in alliegance with Scott he is incredibly loyal,
I liked their friendship.
I liked his relationship development with Allison
Overall he was just a very likeable character.

7 Melissa Mccall

Scott's mom may be the most perfect mom in television history. - princesstea98

Mama McCall FOREVER! And how cool is it that her name in real life is Melissa too? Way too cool for me to handle.

An underrated supermom

An underrated legend

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8 Danny Māhealani

Hot. Not my favorite but he is hot. Also, I loved his relationship with Ethan I mean that was perfect. Pretty much everyone ships that.

Everybody likes danny #moredanny

O M G I miss him he was good

An actual fleshed out homosexual character. Danny being gay isn't treated like a huge thing or anything, just a ' Oh Danny's gay? Cool love that guy' and those amazing moments when he's with a boyfriend, they're done well.

Although voting for him because 'he's hot' devalues him as a character since funnily enough that's his actor...

9 Sheriff Stilinski

It should be illegal to not love him. I cry every time he mentions Stiles' mom. - princesstea98

Sheriff Stilinski is the most loving Father. He's smart, creative, unconditionally loving and an integral part of the team. I adore this guy.

I love he father son relationship with stiles (super sweet)

10 Kira Yukimura


Wanted to comment on how bad they developed her. You wanna know how to wield a sword okay did it in a night. You wanna know how to use your powers nah I got it. She had potential but they tried to shove her down our throats.

Kira is my favourite female character, she is just so amazing! And absolutely stunning as well as fantastic with a katana. She is an absolute badass! Anyone hating on her is just jealous that after Scott and Allison broke up, he fell for Kira.

Love her so kind and beauty


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11 Malia Tate

BEST CHARACTER EVER! Should be way above allison and shes so beautiful and so funny. Shes so realistic. Shes a girl who lost her family and has actual family issues. She isn't the cleverest girl but still triesher best. Lydia and Allison are overrated. Malia might not be the most popular girl in her school but she still slays way more than stupid allison and lydia (who are both ugly and gross)

She is so funny like Stiles. She makes the cutest couple with Stiles. She hates math. (Who likes it? ) She is helpful. She is kind. She is sarcastic. She kicks butt. She is tied for first for my favorite teen wolf characters.

She is the best female character HANDS DOWN! We all know it. She might not have been in the show from the start but that doesn't make us love her any less. She's funny, caring, loving, hot, strong and also very emotional which makes me love her even more. Her development in just 3 seasons has been INCREDIBLE and people tend to forget about it

She's badass and gets some of the funniest lines. In season 4 when the sheriff asks what her favorite food was and she said "Deer" I lost it. Lol

12 Chris Argent

Argent is a badass werewolf hunter who turned from douche to favorite

He is amazing,lost his wife and daughter but is still a strong,bad ass character.His character development in the show really shined.

13 Peter Hale

How dare this guy not be the top spot. He funny

Peter Hale is easily one of the best characters in the show, the fact that he has no morals works for him. He isn't evil, he is just greedy. He only hurts others if it is in his favour. He is funny and probably one of the best actors.

I love to hate Peter, and that makes a villain all the better. I love his somewhat morbid realism, and I can't help but understand him and his reasoning.

I wish he was more in the show. I know what he did was wrong, but I think he could because a lot of drama and problems.

14 Liam Dunbar

He has anger issues but they actually give him potential to be one of the strongest werewolves.
He has a good heart, he is a combination of attributes of the original pack boys.
His role has gotten bigger and bigger and he has become more important as the show has developed.

Liam is just so cute and so sweet. He has trouble controlling himself but will eventually manage for the safety of his friends and those that he loves.

His so adorable

He has been trying to protect everyone he loves and he thinks it's his fault. Also I feel like he sacrifice himself for Scott and his pack

15 Jordan Parrish

Way too underrated!

I love this character! Parrish is probably one of the best characters on the show, he is hot (both literally and metaphorically), stronger than all of the others and he's sweet and caring. He always put everyone else before him. And the most important thing..he's a HELLHOUND I mean come on! (Honestly the best thing is that the majority of the time he is shirtless or with just a pair of boxers on since he is crazy hot compared to any other Teen wolf character). He should also be way higher up.

The more involved Jordan got in the plot, I found myself squealing whenever he came on screen. His entire character arc was fascinating to me and I always wanted to see more of him. He's so dutiful and adorable, and he's such a seemingly ordinary individual, and yet there's so much going on with him that he doesn't quite understand. He also delivers quite a few hilarious lines.

Not my favorite but I like him. He is funny, nice, and understanding. It doesn't hurt that he happens to be hot.

16 Jackson Whittemore

Became my favourite character immediately. Wish they gave him better storylines.

Jackson is so hot, he makes steam look cool. It should be illegal for him to wear a shirt. Okay, before I start rambling about his abs, I guess I should talk about his character. Jackson cracks me up, because he's your typical high school jock, who drives a nice car and has perfect hair. Despite his self-obsession, I still love him to bits and pieces. - princesstea98

Jackson can be a jerk but when he is around Lydia... Lydia brings out the best in him. He cares for Lydia. Which I think is adorable. Even though he can be a jerk at times. Before he left the show he showed who he was becoming.

Jackson has more about him than that you can see at first glance... He's amazing

17 Theo Raeken

Best character development in the show by a mile

Bad ass - bretty

Theo is the best ever! 😜

He is such a badass, but he is so hot!
From loving him as Mike in PLL, to hating him as Theo in TW, shows how good of a actor he is! Support him!

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18 Cora Hale

She is alright but we never really got to see her character. I mean if she was used more and she had a story top 10. However, I think her character was underdeveloped and was there for such little time. I liked Oliver better from that one episode.

Such a useless character.

Why is she here...

Is it bad I like her more than malia

19 Bobby Finstock

His relationship with Stiles is hilarious.

Honestly, I don't know how he isn't higher. I originally came onto this page just enjoying reading the comments, but Coach is just that forgotten character that makes the show that much better. Just imagine how much the show would lack with Coach! The actor that portrays him does an excellent job.

Love him! His interaction with the kids is perfect. I love the conference with Stiles' dad!

He's the second. Best character next to styles he's incredibly funny and I love him

20 Boyd

Boyd is SO sweet! He died way too quickly! He definitely deserves to be above Cora! Who even cares about Cora Hale? Let's get Boyd to #15 at least! My baby...

Died to soon and he would have been cute with Erica if they both didn't die

I love boyd, he was really quiet though and very serious.

21 Erica Reyes

I cried when she died

She was bullied, she finally had a chance to be wanted, she took it, evveryone thinks she's a villain, I hated her death

She deserved better. She never had a good life. Gerard and Allison tortured her and The Alpha Pack killed her.

I love her and I hate alpha pack :(

22 Dr. Deaton

The best character low key saved their asses too many times

He is so strange and supportive. Plus fearless.

23 Void Stiles

My favorite villain

Hot hot hot

24 Mason

Not my favorite but he is pretty awesome. He is super sweet. When Lydia stained her carpet he was so nice.

25 Aiden


26 Deputy Parrish

Sexy godd

27 Ethan

He is the good twin and I love the way he turns out to be good and also loves his brother, Aiden


28 Brett Talbot

Brett is just amazing, sexy, and I love him

29 Jeff Argent

He is so cool, loyal, nice and smart. He is always helping the others despite his up bringing, he is the only good Argent left.


30 Hayden

I love her! She is independent and sarcastic


31 Corey Bryant

I like Corey because he is really cute I love his relationship with Mason. They make a really cute couple and Corey he is brave, shy, cute, he is really hot and he is positive.

32 Kora
33 Braeden
34 Hayden Romero
35 Tara Graeme
36 Gerard Argent
37 Kate Argent

Bitch needed to die

38 Julia Baccari/Jennifer Blake (the Darach)

I loved the mystery about this character and the reveal. I found her one of the most compelling Teen Wolf villains.

The best villain of the show, by far.

39 Deucalion

Deucalions the best he could kill anybody and is the most powerful out of anybody in the show. He also plays a great role

Unlike Scott, this character seems more genuine and he is the alpha of alphas

Best Character ever


40 Victoria Argent

I know she a isn't exactly the best character but when she died it was very emotional especially for allison

41 Tracy Stewart
42 Lucas

Half werewolf, half scorpion maybe?

43 Josh Diaz
44 Noah Patrick

Half berserker, other unknown, expected him to be 'The Beast! '

45 Donovan Donati

Did he deserve to die?

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