Top 10 Worst Moves by Cartoon Network

These are the terrible things that Cartoon Network ever done.
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1 Not airing reruns of old good shows

If you want the old shows watch boomerang. All boomerang airs now is Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo, but that Boomerangs problem not Cartoon Network. Why would Cartoon Network air the old shows epically in an era were T.V. is dying. They need to make new shows, and if they only did old shows the channel would be stale (it's not like Boomerang, were it's a channel designed for old cartoons). One of the biggest criticisms of Cartoon Network is that they only air Teen Titans Go and never give other shows a time to shine, and I don't see how retuning old cartoons would help. Keep old cartoons on Boomerang and new cartoons on Cartoon Network.

2 Airing live-action shows

The LATE 2000s were not Cartoon Network's best years. I know Cartoon Network had Big Bag, which was also terrible, but that was just a failed experiment, like Tickle U. CN Real and Out of Jimmy's Head are not the only things that ruined Cartoon Network, but they still did. No, it was not because of Cartoon Network's new 2004 logo, I'm fine with that logo, even if I prefer the original checkerboard logo. It's one thing to remove your classics, due to avoiding having to cramp your schedule, that's also fine. But giving us live-action?! That is just a lousy move, CN. - RegularShowFTWSuperjailFTL

3 Airing too much Teen Titans Go!

They treat TTG like it's the best thing ever and treat the good shows like a number, or even a shadow. It's like if they have been brainwashed forgetting how much the other current shows are worth (Gumball, Steven Universe, Regular Show). Cancel TTG right now and rerun the original series!

It is actually the most aired cartoon in CN. Do they seriously think people will waste their time watching that junk?! I mean Steven universe is shown 1 eve day while it is shown 4 times everyday I mean they don't even show AT and RS anymore. What is wrong with them. CN is ruined forever and it's all because of TTG, UG and Clarence!

4 Cancelling Ed Edd n Eddy

It was cancelled because one of the animators died in season 6 and they had to finish the season with a movie. I thought this show would run for a long time. SpongeBob has been around for 16 years since 1999 and the Simpsons have been around for 26 years now. Rugrats ran for 13 years from 1991-2004 but that's not long enough. And adventure time replaced Ed Ed n eddy which was a big mistake (sorry adventure time fans)

How dare they! I grew up with this and teen titans which were both canceled. Every time there's a good cartoon they have to cancel it. What's next, they'll cancel Steven universe?! CN is just a terrible network for kids

5 Adding bad new programming

It seems that shows like Teen Titans Go are taking up most of the airing time, it is for me. I checked and also went on the "Catch up T.V." (a option were you can watch shows that aired previously on a channel) and I haven't seen one single Steven Universe episode. Their airing schedule is horrendous, that's probably why CN is getting so much hate.

The cartoons I like: Steven Universe, The amazing world of gumball, Adventure time, Regular show.

I really hope Infinity Train gets accepted, it seems like an amazing cartoon that may bring CN back up.

6 Canceling Teen Titans for no apparent reason

My life ended the same day Teen Titans did...

They could have done so much more! With the plot, characters, relationships, EVERYTHING! I loved that show like nothing else, and now we're stuck with this "Teen Titans Go" crap that is a total disrespect to the original show. And don't even get me started on all the other crappy, meaningless shows that are now part of the regular programming. The loss of TT hit me hardest, but I lament the downfall of the entire network over the years.

I feel bad for kids growing up with CN these days. They have no idea what they missed.

7 Cancelling Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Foster's was, still is, and always will be an iconic show! That's all there is to it a show with humor that my parents like it as much as me but it's not dirty. This was a show that was mad for ages 3-103 my sister watches this, and she started when she was 3 she is 5 now by the way and my grandma loved it so did my mom. My whole family still loves this show. Shows like this Billy and Mandy, and Ed, Edd, n Eddy were the shows I still watch and I'm 15 now I loved Total Drama but it got old quick except a few characters! Regular Show is hilarious but all these other shows are just crap! Moral of the story old shows were what were great on Cartoon Network!

8 Calling Teen Titans Go! your "favorite show"

I'm absolutely sick of them doing that! Even though it has a lot of bad plots and animation, that doesn't mean that they need to shove it in our faces and call it our so-called favorite show! All the characters are stupid, and I don't know why the hell CN would do this just because a lot of kids love the show! They put a commercial for viewers on their channel about why it's a great show, but the reasons are stupid, like clean diapers, easy money, cats, and other ridiculous things. But we want to know the real reason why they think it's the best show. Every show deserves to be a favorite, not just TTG!

9 Losing the contract with Hanna-Barbera

Cartoon Network has really gone down hill! I mean seriously who wants to watch a show about a bird that drinks beer and I'm referring to Regular show! Whatever happened to great shows like Scooby doo and the Looney tunes shows those shows were so clean and Family approved! Now a days every time you turn on the T.V. around 3:00 unusually the Amazing World of Gumball stays on till 5:00 or 6:00 and None of Hannah barbras shows don't even air on Cartoon Network! If you want to see the Classic Scooby doo shows or The Flintstones you have to watch the Boomer rang channel! I totally agree that Cartoon Network is going down hill very Fast and we can only Pray and Hope that it will change!

10 Putting Steven Universe on long hiatus between seasons

Steven Universe is our current best show on Cartoon Network now, and after each season, they put in on hiatus for about a year, sometimes a year, and worse, they sometimes even put it on hiatus before the season is over.

In between seasons, all we can watch are crappy shows like Uncle Grandpa, the new Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans Go.
Not to mention that one SU episode had Uncle Grandpa.

This show is really rare to watch, even though it's the current best on Cartoon Network.

It's said the next episode won't air until Thanksgiving, Cartoon Network is screwed.

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11 Not airing more older cartoons on Boomerang

Here's my speech about why I HATE the new Boomerang network... This might get a bit long, because I have a lot of things to say about this, so here it goes...

When I found out Cartoon Network was giving Boomerang a new upgrade, I googled up the shows that were going to be shown on Boomerang and guess what the results were... Teen Titans Go, Garfield, The New Scooby Doo, Amazing World of Gumball, etc.

What the hell?! Boomerang was specifically meant to present older shows such as Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, etc.

The old slogan is gone too along with the old announcer. I loved the old announcer... he was like my homie. He's the reason he made me love Boomerang so much. I also remember watching Tom & Jerry when I was a kid... it was fun while it lasted. Now, they have this young boy taking over the announcer duties. What?! Who wants a little boy taking over as an announcer?! No offense, but Boomerang does not need a young-ass boy being the new announcer.

I especially hate the new Boomerang logo. Seriously? The letter B in a box? LAME! The old Boomerang logo was.. the bomb! So, why get rid of it? Seriously, Cartoon Network! Get your crap together, shut up, and realize what you've done.

That's all I've gotta say about this

12 Cancelling Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

When someone asks you "What's the best show ever put on Cartoon Network? ", I guarantee that Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi will run right through your head at least once. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi was one of, if not, the best shows that Cartoon Network has ever put out, with amazing writing, a cast of loveable characters, that are still adored, even to this day, hell, they are on T-shirts, they are on lunchboxes, they were on a tun of stuff. There are a lot of YouTube videos constantly replaying old clips from the show's history, because they were so iconic. I can't tell you how many times I've walked around my school, and I see girls with shirts and having bags with Yumi on it. Yumi is probably the most loved character on the show, and for good reason, Yumi was awesome, she practically made this show! When you put Yumi and Ami together, with their amazing voice actors, you get an amazing show! It ran on Cartoon Network for YEARS! And then of course, gone! Cartoon Network, I don't understand why you're thinking here, this was one of your most profitable shows, ALMOST 10 YEARS LATER! And you STILL keep it off the air! Thankfully, if you had Boomerang, you would still catch some reruns of Cartoon Network. HOWEVER, there was a petition a couple months ago about getting Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi back on Cartoon Network with new episodes, and all the voice actors returning.Hopefully, all goes well in the future, because the newer generations need to see greatness like this re-broadcasted on Cartoon Network. They got lucky on Disney Channel with Gravity Falls and Star vs. the Forces of Evil, but if you're watching Cartoon Network, really, the only thing you can watch is Avatar.

13 Removing Steven Universe reruns and only playing new episodes on Thursdays

Why would they do that to such a good show? Reruns are nice, new episodes are awesome. Are they trying to kill the show off or something?

Why can't Cartoon Network just cancel Steven Universe 100%? That would be awesome.

14 Ending Regular Show

I remember that. It was my fave show on there aside from Adventure Time and Gumball. It was so good too. I don't know why they gave it the guillotine.

Actually, this is one of Cartoon Network's biggest improvements yet. Why didn't they end Regular Show in the first place. RS is just as bad as CN Real.

Can we talk about how they treated it during it's finale day? Because I'm not sure you want to know

15 Importing YouTube shows

This should ONLY be for T.V. channels that no longer exist (Like Jetix) not for T.V. channels that are never going to go away.

They only made one show that was based off a YouTube series, that show was Annoying Orange.

What goes on YouTube should stay on YouTube.

16 Losing hours to Adult Swim

I strongly agree with this one, just because kids need to go to sleep, doesn't mean that CN needs to lose hours to Adult Swim, when it should be boomerang because CN created Boomerang and now they ditched it! Or they need to rerun the old good shows like Disney Channel. But seriously, Adult Swim needs to be on another channel instead of CN!

Good news! Ever since last week, CN's hours got extended! So now it switches over to adult swim at 9:00 but I don't know if that change is permanent or it's only for the holiday season.

17 Using the Check It Theme

Better yet the Powerhouse era look, bumpers and logo should've stayed. That was when Cartoon Network got things right.

The Powerhouse Era is still and will always be the best era of Cartoon Network! I want them to bring it back on air!

The Powerhouse Bumpers were some of the most creative ones ever produced, how I miss those days.

18 Canceling Johnny Bravo
19 Getting rid of Boomerang's old logo and numbers, and making its logo like Cartoon Network's
20 Cancelling Fridays

When I was a kid, every Friday night my sister and I would eat at McDonalds, play in the indoor jungle gym and always be back home to watch johnny, courage, the girls, and the ed's. It's hard and sickening to watch Cartoon Network now with its new crap that are nothing but dogs and Turkeys like regular show (a badly drawn and thought of cartoon), adventure time (the worst drawn, unimaginative, all- dialogue and no art, rushed job, charmless cartoon), and gumball (a very badly animated and designed cartoon with bad plots and stories). But what started the slow agonizing death of Cartoon Network (Which I liked more that Nick and Disney) was when cartoon cartoons Friday was cancelled. I still miss the characters from my favorite shows introducing other good shows. If Cartoon Network wants to turn around, the need get rid of these dogs and bring back cartoon cartoons and start it on a Friday night.

21 Premiering Uncle Grandpa

Fun Fact: The creator, Peter Browngardt, worked on the masterpiece Chowder. Then made the abomination known as Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, and then he made...this.

Oh come on, Uncle Grandpa isn't that bad. There are way worse cartoons out there. I'm sure Peter Browngardt is a nice guy.

I thought Secret Mountain Fort Awesome was bad, this show is even worse!

22 Cancelling Courage the Cowardly Dog

I loved courage! It had funny moments while still keeping that creepy vibe. This was one of the best cartoons on Cartoon Network.

This show was super funny! They could have just gave it a few more seasons and it's a show!

Courage the Cowardly Dog was one of my favorite childhood shows. Why cancel it?

23 Canceling Flapjack too early

This is incredibly stupid. They cancel both chowder and flapjack the same year. However, chowder at least had an ending. Flapjack however didn't get one. You can't cancel a show so early and you especially cancel one early without finishing the damn cartoon.

I really miss Flapjack. I loved the little guy.

I love the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. It's one of my favorite shows on Cartoon Network in the 2000s, next to Chowder, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, Camp Lazlo!, and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Thurop Van Orman is a TRUE genius and artist. True, his work on the Powerpuff Girls may not have been that good, but he DOES have talent. I mean, he even took inspiration from the show's creator Craig McCracken!

I even praised his work on Camp Lazlo! Thurop Van Orman is like John R. Dilworth, just like how C. H. Greenblatt is like Genndy Tartakovsky. They're just as talented as those guys. They helped keep the spirit Cartoon Network alive in the late 2000s! He helped launch the careers of Pendleton Ward, J. G. Quintel, and Alex Hirsch. Superjail!, on the other hand, is just AWFUL! No disrespect to Christy Karacas, he did a way better job on Ballmastrz 9009. I love Flapjack, because it was not only funny, but also dark and more realistic. Flapjack and Chowder are shows that kids SHOULD watch, because they were smart, clever, and unique.

Thurop Van Orman and C. H. Greenblatt are true animation legends. I'm actually glad Flapjack got me into Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, and Steven Universe, because Flapjack is one of my FAVORITE Cartoon Network shows of all time! - RegularShowFTWTTGFTL

24 Canceling The Powerpuff Girls

I love the original Powerpuff Girls, but I'm honestly glad they decided to cancel it after six seasons and a movie, because the last two seasons just weren't as good. Craig McCracken did say it best that we don't need a seventh season. If I want a new Powerpuff Girls animation after the Powerpuff Girls Rule!, why not a crossover with Dexter's Laboratory? I'm glad Cartoon Network cancelled both shows when they were running out of ideas, but I would love to see both crossover as one final return, and that's it. So, as a way to defend mid-2000s Cartoon Network, Craig McCracken was right to end the show after six seasons, and even Chris Savino (as terrible of a person he is) believes a season 7 is an even worse idea.

The reboot is still the worst CN show ever. Oh yeah, not even Teen Titans Go! would suffer as much issues. I want Teen Titans Go! to end too, but constantly complaining about it never works. TTG airs a lot, because kids watch it. - RegularShowFTWSuperjailFTL

25 Getting rid of girl shows and turning into a "boys only channel"

Shows like Adventure Time and Steven Universe appeal to both genders. Meanwhile, Regular Show, Gumball, and Teen Titans Go!, are just testosterone stuff for dudes.

I'm a guy and I remember sneaking peaks at shows like PowerPiff Girls and Totally Spies. They were pretty awesome. And all that's left is crap. Well the new President is a female so hopefully more girl show will be greenlit.

Yes, any girl show is now dumped on or terrible! It's now a teen channel for boys, even I could make a channel for boys and girls.

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