Top 10 Worst Moves by Cartoon Network

These are the terrible things that Cartoon Network ever done.
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1 Airing live-action shows Airing live-action shows

The LATE 2000s were not Cartoon Network's best years. I know Cartoon Network had Big Bag, which was also terrible, but that was just a failed experiment, like Tickle U. CN Real and Out of Jimmy's Head are not the only things that ruined Cartoon Network, but they still did. No, it was not because of Cartoon Network's new 2004 logo, I'm fine with that logo, even if I prefer the original checkerboard logo. It's one thing to remove your classics, due to avoiding having to cramp your schedule, that's also fine. But giving us live-action?! That is just a lousy move, CN. - RegularShowFTWSuperjailFTL

The Only Good Live Action Shows on Cartoon Network is Big Bag and Small World from Back in the Mid 90's and the Late 90's. Big Bag is a Live Action Show from Back in the Mid 90's that shows Puppet Characters that look like Sesame Street Characters but the show is not as funny as Sesame Street. Small World is a Claymation Show that shows other Cartoons just like ToonHeads

There is a reasons why its called Cartoon Network. It was supposed to be made for animated cartoons shows not live action shows.

Oddly enough, I like some of them, like Destroy Build Destroy and Level Up.

2 Not airing reruns of old good shows

If you want the old shows watch boomerang. All boomerang airs now is Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo, but that Boomerangs problem not Cartoon Network. Why would Cartoon Network air the old shows epically in an era were T.V. is dying. They need to make new shows, and if they only did old shows the channel would be stale (it's not like Boomerang, were it's a channel designed for old cartoons). One of the biggest criticisms of Cartoon Network is that they only air Teen Titans Go and never give other shows a time to shine, and I don't see how retuning old cartoons would help. Keep old cartoons on Boomerang and new cartoons on Cartoon Network.

I know I'm going to get downvoted for this... But NO. You guys think for CN to be great we need reruns, right? It WILL get repetitive and there will lack ANYTHING original. Take off your nostalgia glasses cause they're blinding you, if you want reruns go to Boomerang--simple as that. Heck, there's something called the internet too! Go and search yourself a few episodes.

The thing is CN doesn't NEED reruns of old shows to be great. It needs ORIGINALITY, a fresh breath of air where you don't know what's going to happen next in the episode. Modern CN shows have the potential to be great and even greater than old CN, my proof? Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall, etc. --Heck I'll admit I admire it even more than a few of the heavy-hitters back then. I heard Adventure Time is getting back on track too, and Regular show as always is hilarious. And not only that, but new shows like Turbo Plaza are coming soon. We gotta move on from the past for a reason.

As much as I hated the live-action shows, I have to go with this. I'm a teenager so I never really got the chance to watch legendary CN shows like Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Johnny Bravo, Teen Titans, and Powerpuff Girls. I wish they just showed re-runs of these shows instead of the same overplayed episodes of 50s cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, and Looney Toons. But sadly, that's probably never going to happen.

So many good shows I used to watch them: like Billy & Mandy, Ed Edd & Eddy, Johnny bravo ben 10, The secret Saturdays, Dragon ball & many others now passed away into nothing but the ash of the former shows but I heard of old Toonami that shows every hours. the current Cartoon Network may be great but not the same as it was used to. I say bring the old Cartoon Network back & old Toonami!

3 Airing too much Teen Titans Go! Airing too much Teen Titans Go!

They treat TTG like it's the best thing ever and treat the good shows like a number, or even a shadow. It's like if they have been brainwashed forgetting how much the other current shows are worth (Gumball, Steven Universe, Regular Show). Cancel TTG right now and rerun the original series!

It is actually the most aired cartoon in CN. Do they seriously think people will waste their time watching that junk?! I mean Steven universe is shown 1 eve day while it is shown 4 times everyday I mean they don't even show AT and RS anymore. What is wrong with them. CN is ruined forever and it's all because of TTG, UG and Clarence!

CN, just give TTG a BREAK ALREADY! It's been showing WAY too much on their channel. Like when there were new episodes of shows once a week leading up for the PPG reboot, they put new TTG episodes for Monday and Sunday! Come on NOW! We Bare Bears' new episode only showed on Wednesday. Again! Give it a BREAK!

It drove me mad when I found out about this. What's worse, they're bringing it back for season 4 (I just hope it's the last season)!

4 The Aqua Teen promotional hoax

This needs to be WAY higher. This is the reason Cartoon Network died.

5 Not airing more older cartoons on Boomerang Not airing more older cartoons on Boomerang

Here's my speech about why I HATE the new Boomerang network... This might get a bit long, because I have a lot of things to say about this, so here it goes...

When I found out Cartoon Network was giving Boomerang a new upgrade, I googled up the shows that were going to be shown on Boomerang and guess what the results were... Teen Titans Go, Garfield, The New Scooby Doo, Amazing World of Gumball, etc.

What the hell?! Boomerang was specifically meant to present older shows such as Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, etc.

The old slogan is gone too along with the old announcer. I loved the old announcer... he was like my homie. He's the reason he made me love Boomerang so much. I also remember watching Tom & Jerry when I was a kid... it was fun while it lasted. Now, they have this young boy taking over the announcer duties. What?! Who wants a little boy taking over as an announcer?! No offense, but Boomerang does not need a young-ass boy being ...more

So stupid because Teen Titans Go, Garfield, New Scooby Doo, and other new shows are on boomerang like what?!?!?! Old shows at night?! I call that bull. AND I've seen some same Tom and Jerry cartoons like times. I barely see the old looney tunes because they replace it with Wabbit and Looney Tunes Show. I hope they bring back the Jetsons, Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, well basically HANNA BARBERA! So sad.

Okay so in the direct T.V. description, it says "boomerang is filled with only classic cartoons". Okay so why am I seeing filth like teen titans go and amazing world of gumball, those are clearly not classics. Also what happend to the Jetsons and Yogi bear, those are classic cartoons, but I guess Cartoon Network was like hmmm those good cartoons gotta go we have to make more room for Teen titans go.

Boomerang was specifically MADE to show older shows like Yogi Bear, the Flintstones, the Jetsons, and other stuff. I stopped watching it as soon as they put that newer crap and killed the channel.

6 Rebooting old shows Rebooting old shows

Whenever I have too much hope, I'll just remember that such good shows like the original Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10 and Teen Titans, actually had the opportunity to be turned into the biggest mistakes in existence.

If the character is a Mary Sue/Gary Stu, or Very strong/Very smart. They deserved to flanderized.

This was a Dumb mistake.

7 Canceling Teen Titans for no apparent reason Canceling Teen Titans for no apparent reason

My life ended the same day Teen Titans did...

They could have done so much more! With the plot, characters, relationships, EVERYTHING! I loved that show like nothing else, and now we're stuck with this "Teen Titans Go" crap that is a total disrespect to the original show. And don't even get me started on all the other crappy, meaningless shows that are now part of the regular programming. The loss of TT hit me hardest, but I lament the downfall of the entire network over the years.

I feel bad for kids growing up with CN these days. They have no idea what they missed.

They say a show can only have 5 seasons, but hey look how they milked the overrated Ben 10. If they can give that cartoon A TON of spin offs, don't tell me they can't make a season 6 of Teen Titans.

NO DARN REASON TO CANCEL IT! This cartoon was going to great places continuing with Robin and Starfire's relationship. Terra being alive, and what the Titans would now face with that weird creature that's always hiding in walls and stuff. But they just have to cancel it. The fans were waiting for so much more. This was such a big blow for me. My life ended. Now CN comes with this rttg calling it your favorite show?! Ha! In their dreams. I hope CN rots in a pit of doom

I loved this show. This show defines my childhood. I am sad that it got cancelled and was replaced by hot garbage (ahem Teen Titans Go!). Teen Titans Go! is a mockery of this amazing show. They also said they were going to have another season, but it never came. I am completely disappointed.

8 Cancelling Ed Edd n Eddy

It was cancelled because one of the animators died in season 6 and they had to finish the season with a movie. I thought this show would run for a long time. SpongeBob has been around for 16 years since 1999 and the Simpsons have been around for 26 years now. Rugrats ran for 13 years from 1991-2004 but that's not long enough. And adventure time replaced Ed Ed n eddy which was a big mistake (sorry adventure time fans)

How dare they! I grew up with this and teen titans which were both canceled. Every time there's a good cartoon they have to cancel it. What's next, they'll cancel Steven universe?! CN is just a terrible network for kids

I wish this show is still on. It's funny and the characters are likeable (especially plank) and The situations the characters get I to are pretty silly. I miss this show.

Honestly this show was spectacular. I loved the characters as well as their relatability. One of the few slapstick shows I found hilarious, even in the present!

9 Adding bad new programming

It seems that shows like Teen Titans Go are taking up most of the airing time, it is for me. I checked and also went on the "Catch up T.V." (a option were you can watch shows that aired previously on a channel) and I haven't seen one single Steven Universe episode. Their airing schedule is horrendous, that's probably why CN is getting so much hate.

The cartoons I like: Steven Universe, The amazing world of gumball, Adventure time, Regular show.

I really hope Infinity Train gets accepted, it seems like an amazing cartoon that may bring CN back up.

The only shows I cared about is Adventure Time, Teen Titans Go, Regular Show and the DC Nation Block. Other shows like Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, Problem Solverz, Gumball, Uncle Grandpa and any lego shows are nothing but crap, just crap.

To me, the good shows are Adventure Time, Teen Titans Go, Gumball, and Steven Universe. Others like wander over yonder, uncle grandpa, those Lego shows are crap(no offense). Where did my favorite Tom and Jerry go? Even when they renewed Tom and Jerry, it's crappy! I like the old Tom and Jerry, eventhough it's reruns, I love it!

I like Gumball, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Clarence, and most of all Adventure Time, which is my favorite show ever! But others are awful. Here are the bad ones:
Problem Solverz-gave me migraines
Uncle Grandpa-no plot whatsoever
Flapjack-SpongeBob ripoff
Chowder-another SpongeBob ripoff
Teen Titans Go! -good until feb.2014, when it ran out of ideas

10 Cancelling Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Cancelling Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Foster's was, still is, and always will be an iconic show! That's all there is to it a show with humor that my parents like it as much as me but it's not dirty. This was a show that was mad for ages 3-103 my sister watches this, and she started when she was 3 she is 5 now by the way and my grandma loved it so did my mom. My whole family still loves this show. Shows like this Billy and Mandy, and Ed, Edd, n Eddy were the shows I still watch and I'm 15 now I loved Total Drama but it got old quick except a few characters! Regular Show is hilarious but all these other shows are just crap! Moral of the story old shows were what were great on Cartoon Network!

I miss this show so much! Ever since it was cancelled in 2009, that's where Cartoon Network decline with the new logo. Foster's was my number one favorite show in Cartoon Network and I love it ever since it first aired. I loved all the characters so much.

I'm crying right now because they cancelled this, and the very talented men Craig McCracken went on to make Wander Over Yonder. Here comes the tears...

Foster's was one of the last awesome show on cartoon network, along with chowder and billy and mandy.
I'll admit, I like regular show, but foster's was way better.

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11 Premiering Annoying Orange Premiering Annoying Orange

"Annoying orange" looks creepier than the devil him self!

Oh my god this really sucked.

12 Airing boring preschool programs Airing boring preschool programs

I hate all the Jr. Versions of kids channels because all the preschool programs on disny and Nick Jr. have a four to six hour block in the morning and then there's nothing to watch.

I always hated Small World, Big Bag, and Tickle you so much! I'm just glad they're gone.

I remembered that show in 2005, they cancelled it cause of lack of viewership I think.

13 Losing the contract with Hanna-Barbera

Cartoon Network has really gone down hill! I mean seriously who wants to watch a show about a bird that drinks beer and I'm referring to Regular show! Whatever happened to great shows like Scooby doo and the Looney tunes shows those shows were so clean and Family approved! Now a days every time you turn on the T.V. around 3:00 unusually the Amazing World of Gumball stays on till 5:00 or 6:00 and None of Hannah barbras shows don't even air on Cartoon Network! If you want to see the Classic Scooby doo shows or The Flintstones you have to watch the Boomer rang channel! I totally agree that Cartoon Network is going down hill very Fast and we can only Pray and Hope that it will change!

Why, Cartoon Network?! Why?! Of all the things you could have done, instead you removed all Hanna-Barbera cartoons, the ones who made the channel a success in the first place! Hanna-Barbera cartoons are and always will be the BEST! You made a HUGE mistake of removing these, Cartoon Network! A HUGE MISTAKE!

Again guys Boomerang is a thing. The schedule has gotten worse recently, but complain to Boomerang about that instead. Also they never lost the contract, they just moved the content over.

Whether you like Hanna-Barbera or not, you have to agree that if it wasn't for those cartoons, CN wouldn't exist. So why lose Hanna-Barbera?

14 Rebranding Boomerang

I hate the rebrand. The next bumper host is probably just an 8 year old kid. His voice is annoying. I'd do better than him at voicing bumpers. Now they're airing Gumball and TTG, that's stupid! We can watch them on CN (possibly not TTG because it's dumb). To me, the rebrand is just a second version of CN, they should change the name to Cartoon Network 2.0 and make a new Boomerang with the classic shows and the old CN shows.

15 Airing Caillou Airing Caillou
16 Calling Teen Titans Go! your "favorite show" Calling Teen Titans Go! your

I get so angry when it says that. I mean are they forcing us to like it. Every time it s says that I want to Crack the screen of my T.V.. TTG is a terrible cartoon that I'd not even for kids ( seriously th episode for the laundry showing Robin and Beastboy naked). It doesn't teach kids anything yet you call our favourite show! CN have no shame and are doomed. I don't know what's next. CN just took a huge step backwards. The best thing to do is to put what the viewers want but CN are idiots to think of that! All I can say is TTG SUCKS AND ALWAYS WILL!

I'm ABSOULUTESLY SICK OF THEM DOING THAT! Even though it has a lot of bad plots and animation, doesn't mean that they need to shove it in our faces and call it your so called favorite show! All the characters are stupid, and I don't know why the hell CN would do this just because a lot of kids love the show! They put a commercial for viewers on their channel about why it's a great show, but stupid reasons like for eg: clean diaper, easy money, cats and other stupid reasons. But we want to know the real reason why they think it's the best show. Every show needs to be a favorite! Not just TTG!

It makes me so mad! It's like they're forcing us to like it.

It's not CN, its warner brothers animation.

17 Cancelling The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Cancelling The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

Bring this back

18 Using the Check It Theme

Better yet the Powerhouse era look, bumpers and logo should've stayed. That was when Cartoon Network got things right.

The Powerhouse Era is still and will always be the best era of Cartoon Network! I want them to bring it back on air!

The Powerhouse Bumpers were some of the most creative ones ever produced, how I miss those days.

19 Ending Regular Show Ending Regular Show

I remember that. It was my fave show on there aside from Adventure Time and Gumball. It was so good too. I don't know why they gave it the guillotine.

Actually, this is one of Cartoon Network's biggest improvements yet. Why didn't they end Regular Show in the first place. RS is just as bad as CN Real.

Can we talk about how they treated it during it's finale day? Because I'm not sure you want to know

Regular Show was my favorite. I remember waiting all week for it to air. Now they've replaced it with garbage like TTG...

20 Ditching the 3D Cartoon City

I'm proud of being a 1990s kid, I really am. But I LOVE Cartoon Network's city era. Yes, I may not like how they got rid of most of their classics, but that was due to avoiding having to cramp your schedule, which explains why we got Boomerang, but I felt that the city bumpers were highly creative, colorful, and very imaginative. Yes, Cartoon Network's 2004 logo isn't as good as the original checkerboard logo, but I do think the logo was pretty good. I honestly could care less if Cartoon Network changed their logo. I know you don't like the 2004 or 2010 logo, but it's my personal opinion, and I respect yours. Some of my favorite shows premiered in that era, like Atomic Betty, Megan XLR, Code Lyoko, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, Camp Lazlo!, the Batman, Justice League Unlimited, and the Life and Times of Juniper Lee. However, shows like Robotboy, Ben 10, and My Gym Partner's a Monkey just ruined the era for me. I could care less about Sunday Pants and Tickle ...more

How dare you praise the City era of Cartoon Network? That era was one of the worst eras that Cartoon Network has made! You should be praising the 2010s Check it era, not THIS one! Yes, I know the CN City bumpers have CN characters interacting with each other, but it doesn't work, because of the 2nd logo! The 2nd Logo was the network's most scarring logo, that I think the 2010 logo is far better!

You know what? I have an idea! If CN & Boomerang aired these & the powerhouse bumpers, the ratings could flow in & could rip nick & Disney to shreds! But Boomerang MUST bring the old shows back!

To be honest while Yes! and Fall (The ones that came after City) weren't that great in terms of bumpers, the Nood/CN Real era was great or at least good in terms of bumpers they were really creative and the one of two pros of the CN Real era

21 Premiering Uncle Grandpa Premiering Uncle Grandpa

Fun Fact: The creator, Peter Browngardt, worked on the masterpiece Chowder. Then made the abomination known as Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, and then he made...this.

Oh come on, Uncle Grandpa isn't that bad. There are way worse cartoons out there. I'm sure Peter Browngardt is a nice guy.

I thought Secret Mountain Fort Awesome was bad, this show is even worse!

TAWOG Regular Show and Adventure Time are good but Uncle Grandpa sucks like a vacuum cleaner!

22 Putting Steven Universe on long hiatus between seasons

Steven Universe is our current best show on Cartoon Network now, and after each season, they put in on hiatus for about a year, sometimes a year, and worse, they sometimes even put it on hiatus before the season is over.

In between seasons, all we can watch are crappy shows like Uncle Grandpa, the new Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans Go.
Not to mention that one SU episode had Uncle Grandpa.

This show is really rare to watch, even though it's the current best on Cartoon Network.

It's said the next episode won't air until Thanksgiving, Cartoon Network is screwed.

23 Getting rid of Boomerang's old logo and numbers, and making its logo like Cartoon Network's Getting rid of Boomerang's old logo and numbers, and making its logo like Cartoon Network's
24 Cancelling Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

When someone asks you "What's the best show ever put on Cartoon Network? ", I guarantee that Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi will run right through your head at least once. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi was one of, if not, the best shows that Cartoon Network has ever put out, with amazing writing, a cast of loveable characters, that are still adored, even to this day, hell, they are on T-shirts, they are on lunchboxes, they were on a tun of stuff. There are a lot of YouTube videos constantly replaying old clips from the show's history, because they were so iconic. I can't tell you how many times I've walked around my school, and I see girls with shirts and having bags with Yumi on it. Yumi is probably the most loved character on the show, and for good reason, Yumi was awesome, she practically made this show! When you put Yumi and Ami together, with their amazing voice actors, you get an amazing show! It ran on Cartoon Network for YEARS! And then of course, gone! Cartoon Network, I don't understand why ...more

Oh my god, everyone's love for Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi is REALLY getting on my nerves! People are forgetting about the 2010s, a great animation decade, where we have shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Sonic Boom, Grojband, and Clarence. Gumball and Steven Universe were good too, but I mostly love Grojband, Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Sonic Boom. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi IS a god awful show, and it never should've existed. Before you say that this is better than Teen Titans Go! and/or Johnny Test, let me stop you right there, and tell you why Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi IS just as bad as TTG and JT. They're all loud, obnoxious, and annoying! Saying that this show is better is like saying garbage is better than diahrrea. I'm glad Cartoon Network cancelled this show. I don't understand why people like this show. At all! I think it's terrible in every way!

Ugh! Why do you people even LIKE THIS SHOW! It's not that good, it's HORRIBLE! The only good shows to come out of Cartoon Network's City/Yes era, that are made only BY Cartoon Network (and not some other company) are Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, the Life and Times of Juniper Lee, Ben 10, Robotboy (even though it is a European co-production), and Class of 3000. That's literally it. You are out of your mind and have very bad taste when you think shows like Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi are good. And I literally mean it.

I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this, but... I TOO didn't want Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi to be cancelled. Yes, I know I'm not the biggest fan, but a lot of people really like it, UNDERSTANDABLY that is, because it actually does a nice job paying homage to GREAT classic cartoons, such as Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, the Flintstones, the Jetsons, and Rocky and Bullwinkle. It was cancelled because of the production of Re-Animated, and Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi fans have every RIGHT to bash at that movie, because Cartoon Network has not learned from Big Bag, when it comes to live-action at the time. Even if this wasn't Cartoon Network's best show, it does not deserve that cliffhanger ending. - RegularShowFTWTTGFTL

25 Changing the logo

In the future... I wonder what happened to the new logo when the logo transform to old ones with new details after the dictatorship of any bad cartoon shows ended.

TTG got cancelled ( overthrown ) (the same way as Hitler did), all of the new bad shows and reboots we're later destroyed, good ol' shows will reunite, the new good shows will become popular later.
CN brought back to it's glory after many years (and months) of struggle against tyranny and dictatorships after Teen Titans GO! finally surrendered and restored to it's health.

In the present... CN: "Someday, I will become better as the old CN and the good shows will save my reputation and the bad shows will own their way to surrender for their power against me. From a crazy old man helping kid, 5 impersonating superheroes goes on useless adventures, shows that rewritten the story. *sigh*. Someday, I will hire the new show to help me."

"I want YOU to joined the program! " -CN poster.

I think Cartoon Network's logo now is crap and I miss the checkerboard logo and the cartoon cartoon logo.

The 2004 logo isn't as great as the original checkerboard logo, but it's still better than that god awful 2010 logo!

We want the CN checkerboard logo back.

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