Top 10 Best Detective Conan Songs

The anime series Detective Conan (also known as Case Closed) is known for its amazing music. From the iconic opening theme to the emotional ballads that play during key moments in the show, the music of Detective Conan has left a lasting impression on fans all over the world.

From upbeat tracks that get your heart racing to emotional ballads that tug at your heartstrings, these songs capture the spirit of Detective Conan perfectly. They're the kind of songs that stick with you long after the episode is over, reminding you of the incredible moments you've shared with your favorite characters.

So, whether you're a die-hard fan of the series or just looking for some amazing music to add to your playlist, these Detective Conan songs are definitely worth checking out.
The Top Ten
1 shoudou
2 Namida No Yesterday
3 Truth

I like all Detective Conan songs. But this song blended too well with the song video, and yes, it is really very upbeat.

Pretty great song. The type of song that fits with anything, honestly, but fits best with Detective Conan!

This song really brought the episode to an upbeat mode from the start. And of course, it gave the first introduction of Haibara in any Detective Conan song.

4 Ai Wa Kurayami No Nakade

Song featuring a clash between the red vs. black series. Extreme hard rock song by Zard.

5 Misty Mystery
6 Koi Wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense

This is definitely underrated. Needed a vote.

7 Winter Bells

A joyful Christmas-like song by Mai Kuraki. Probably her best opening song in Detective Conan.

8 JUNE BRIDE ~Anata Shika Mienai~

The McDonald's Image against that freaky wedding stood out.

9 start in my life
10 Glorious Mind

This is also Zard's last recognized song, and it's simply superb.

The Contenders
11 Revive

I love this song! It's definitely one of the best.

This is surely a great song. I liked it a lot.

12 Nazo

Komatsu's beautiful voice and the melody match perfectly. The song is refreshing and energizing. It is a genuine anime song.

Most iconic Detective Conan song EVER. When you hear this, you will instantly think of Detective Conan.

It really has a unique style of music. The opening song video is also superb.

13 I Can't Stop My Love For You

Superb opening video and upbeat music. First song to feature the Ai, Conan, and Ran love triangle.

14 Hello Mr. My Yesterday
15 Butterfly Core
16 Magic

I think this song, with the video, is one of the catchiest songs ever.

Very catchy, cool, and amazing! Best opening ever! Love the background video too!

I really like the voice of Rina Aiuchi here! And the tone of the song is very nice!

17 Hoshi No Kagayaki Yo
18 Dynamite
19 Mune Ga Dokidoki

This is definitely one of my favorites. Great catchy song.

20 Mysterious Eyes

Mysterious Eyes is one of the most captivating and enchanting songs by Garnet Crow. Its compilation with Detective Conan is even more amazing.

This opening is the first one to get the dynamic of the characters right. The song is also nice.

21 Secret of My Heart

This song is amazing with a wonderful meaning!

22 Break

The legendary Two-Mix song played in episode 82.

23 As the Dew

I really love this opening because I love Garnet Crow too!

24 Everlasting Luv

I just love this song as its English translation is just amazing!

25 Kazeno Lalala

This song has got something ethereal in it. Absolutely phenomenal.

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