Top 10 Worst Things Lincoln Loud From The Loud House Has Done

Though Lincoln is an all around good guy as he's no perfect angel and has done some questionable things though he dose admit when he screws up and tries to fix them, for this list we will be looking at the top 10 worst things Lincoln Loud has done on the Loud House.
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1 Acting Like a Spoiled Brat (Out on a Limo)

He treated everyone who truly cared about him as if they were insignificant and inferior to him, and he didn't apologize to anyone until he got what was coming to him.

He pretended he was rich and famous because he is an idiotic rip-off of Greg! He even said he did not care about his family anymore!

I do not like this episode at all. Lincoln is really annoying in this one.

2 Making the Problem Worse (Brawl in the Family)

Actually, this was not stupid. If Lori did not get the same dress as Leni, this would not be a problem.

3 Video Taping His Sisters Embarrassing Moments for a Video Contest (Making the Case)

This would really make me mad if someone did this to me. I do not blame the sisters for their reactions.

4 Leading the Bullies Hawk and Hank to His Neighborhood on Halloween (Tricked)
5 Cheated During the Race (Wheel and Deal)

Lincoln wasn't being selfish in this episode. He only resorted to cheating because he didn't want Lana to become a laughingstock in front of her hero, Bobby Fletcher.

Do you know what Lincoln and SML Mario have in common? They are acting like selfish jerks who don't care about anyone but themselves nowadays, and it's been that way since the end of 2019.

6 Had Clyde Cross Their Friends Off the Activity Lists, Forced Them to Join Them for the Dunes Hike and Got Them Lost (Friends in High Places)

He wanted to unfriend his friend just because he did not want to do Lincoln's stuff all day.

7 Using Lori's Job to Get Free Stuff in Order to Get Invited to Chandler's Party (The Waiting Game)

Lincoln was willing to do anything to get an invitation to Chandler's party, even if it meant jeopardizing Lori's job by having her give him free stuff so he could suck up to Chandler. He guilt-tripped her into doing it.

8 Stealing Lynn's Bicycle (Hand Me Downer)
9 Pretending to Be Unlucky (No Such Luck)

He's the reason people view the sisters and parents in a negative light. Pretending to be bad luck so he wouldn't have to attend his sister's game was selfish, and it's why he deserved punishment. He makes me sick.

But kicking an 11-year-old out of the house and forcing him to wear a squirrel suit at the beach is child abuse. Don't forget that Lincoln tried to tell Lynn how he felt, but she threatened him with a bat.

Let's face it: all of this was Lynn's fault. If she hadn't forced Lincoln to go to her baseball game and accused him of being unlucky, none of this would have happened.

10 Destroying His Sisters Pool (Linc or Swim)

No, he had every right to kick them out because they ruined his fun first and were hogging his pool.

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11 Defying His Parents and Going to See the Harvester (Price of Admission)

After his parents refuse to allow him to go see The Harvester, he, of course, sneaks into the movie and is terrified to the point that he is unable to sleep.

He should have listened to his parents. I wish that he had watched Ghost Shark instead.

12 Breaking Lisa’s Experiment (Butterfly Effect)
13 Kidnapping the Kitty (Kings of the Con)
14 Forcing His Sisters to Live in Their Own Filth While He Plays a Computer Game (The Green House)
15 Nearly Ruining Lola’s Career (Toads and Tiaras)

Lincoln used Lana to get tickets behind Lola's back and could have ultimately ruined her career and reputation. Imagine her not being able to show her face in school, being mocked and bullied by classmates, all because of her self-centered, obnoxious older brother.

16 Lost His Mother’s Manuscript (A Novel Idea)

Though it turned out to be a good thing in the end, as Rita admitted her manuscript was really good, she ended up writing a new manuscript based on Lincoln and his attempt to get her manuscript back after he lost it earlier.

17 Insulting Ronnie Anne and Hurting Her Feelings (Save the Date)
18 Wrote Lori an Angry Message (Get the Message)

Not only did he write it, but the name field was blank, meaning he could have ended up sending it to any of his sisters over something as trivial as a game. Lori would inadvertently prove she's a better person and sibling than Lincoln by feeling guilty about accidentally smashing his VR goggles. Proud that he was being mature about it (even though he was being a little brat), she bought him a new pair with what I know was her hard-earned money.

19 Stole a Group of Frogs from His Classroom (Frog Wild)
20 Nearly Ruining Christmas (A Loud House Christmas)

He almost stole everyone's gifts for himself, idiot a hold!

21 Kicking Clyde Out of His House (Game Boys)
22 Forced His Sisters to Live in Filth (The Green House)
23 He Didn't Listen to Lana When She Tells Him to Keep His Hands to Himself (Deal Me Out)
24 Getting an Black Eye After Ronnie Anne Punches Him (Heavy Meddle)
25 Messing Things Up with Luan's Clown Comedy Show (Funny Business)
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