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1 Alastor

This dude definitely deserves first. First, I absolutely ADORE Alastor's design (even though I ironically hate deers) and his personality is just, I don't know, special.

He has the most intriguing backstory I've heard from the characters plus I love the fact that Alastor's mic is like his other half. He never frowns, he's just really narcissistic and uses dark humour which makes him even better.

Also I gotta say the fact that he's a fan of pineapple on pizza is just yes

I mean, this is my favorite character. This guy is insane and soo cool! I like how his character keeps smiling and never stops unless he turns his smile upside down.

I mean- Alastor is a deer demon and radio demon so who doesn't like that? His career is amazing and his design is thrilling especially with the deer prints on the bottom of his shoes. And he tells dad joke and is a bit of a narcissist by that doesn't stop us from loving him.

Best character out of this great cast. Everything is amazing from the design, the voice, the personality, the backstory, and the aura of mystery. Also, he is quite charming and hilarious at the same time. This is the character that draws you into the show.

2 Angel Dust

He's so charming and so funny, every time I hear him- I always end up laughing with him. His voice is amazing, his outfit is amazing, I love him so much. I also know how he feels, backstory wise cause I was also abused and I know the pain.
Every scene he had in the pilot, he got me at every sex joke he made, honestly I hope he feels better about what he's been through. I've seen Addict so many times and I hate Val so much for assaulting Angel and abusing him, Angie didn't deserve that at all. All in all- Angie, so funny so sweet and charming, I love you Angie and look forward to seeing you again

One, I love how the ranking has changed because Angel Dust is amazing and he DESERVES to be at this #2 spot. Id argue actually that he deserves to be on the #1 spot but thatd be close since Alastor is ,well, Alastor (we stan an Ace/Aro radio demon). Anyways, Angel Dust is one of the best (if not THE best) character on Hazbin Hotel. His backstory, character design, personality, voice actor, and just everything captivates me. He is sure my personal favorite character because honestly he got me at the first sex joke. In other words,Angel Dust is the best. No doubt it. Don't believe me? Actually watch Hazbin Hotel~

Angel Dust is amazing. From his stunning character design, to his jokes (he's the funniest character in the show in my opinion) to his incredible voice actor and very sad and relatable backstory, I just adore absolutely everything about this guy. I can't wait to see more of him.
PS : Addict is one of my favorite songs as well

I like his character Design. My friends thought he was an fox, like, how do they see him as an fox..? I wish hw wasn't treated like that by valentino
He and Cherri can make a pretty great dou. I like the faxt that he has a white eye and a Black eye.

3 Charlie

In my opinion, She is my third favorite character. The fact that she is Naive and nobody takes her seriously... I love the fact that she is so kind and charming. Love the song I've heard: "Heaven 2 hell" where alastor and charlie sings about the hotel. Tbh, I think I liked charlie's singing more.

She is the cutest character I have ever experienced in this show. It is the way she cares about her subjects, her positive mood and a very passionate personality. I also love her voice as well. It just suits her of being...well...her. I just...just love this innocent sweet bean and I want more of her when the pilot comes out.

Every story needs a characters that make things move. Charlie moves them the less likely direction just like I would want.

Charlie is such a sweet girl. She's trying to help others in hell to make them happy. That's what I love about her!

4 Husk

I like how he is just being teased by Alastor and how he doesn't like Angel dust flirting moves on him, but I wish he had a little empathy for Al and Angeldust. Possible it may happen.

I just like his personality and his character design, and he is just amazing!

I love him he's sexy in a hidden way and Husk if you read this can I cuddle you?

I feel like him and Angel Dust are gonna date. Or Husk will reject him.

5 Cherri Bomb

Even though there isn't much known about her, at least I found out a little more of her personality in the addict music video.

I like cherry bomb because She great and friend of angel dust. But I have one question is cherry bomb mom of niffty?

She's the self-proclaimed spunky powerhouse who loves blowing things up. Who wouldn't like to be her?

In my opinion, she is my second favorite character since she is such a great friend to Angel Dust. Wish I've seen more of her

6 Vaggie

Honestly Vaggie is one of the most nicest demons to end up in hell. She is such a caring girlfriend to Charlie and is very protective of her friends.

She's so underrated. She is loving and protective of Charlie and anyone who she thinks will be hurt by Alastor.

Vaggies character design is so cool! She is a sweet girl to Charlie. But, a savage to other demons in hell.

She so caring and compassionate, she doesn't deserve to be in hell.

7 Sir Pentious

HE is so cool he builds machines and he has a bunch of eggs as sidekicks what's not to love sure he's a bit silly but he's still so cool.

He uses machines.
He comes from the nineteenth century.
He was beaten to bits by a girl.

What else do you want?

He is so god damn cool I mean who doesn't like a snake whos so damn smart and cocky that he's always gonna win.

People need to hop on the Pentious train man!

8 Niffty

Just.. she VERY energetic and very clean like me on a Monday. She's like Alastors pet listen to him, follows him, looks up to him. Its just cute and she might be my favorite character.

Niffty reminds me of a energetic kid! Her character is so adorable too!

She's so energetic and wholesome. She is baby and I will NEVER think otherwise

She's adorable but I think it is the kid of Cherry Bomb?

9 Vox
10 Baxter

Baxter is amazing and he deserves more credit for how amazing he is and how adorable he is.

We hope to see you in the second episode. (10/22/2020) Your chemistry is the best!

He's cool and Baxter if you read this you kind of turn me on!

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11 Tom Trench

I love tom trench

Not that muchh is known about Cherry bomb, but I think her character design is amazing and her friendship with Angel Dust is totally goals

12 Crymini

She's a wolf and so Crymini if you read this I like you as a friend/fave character!

She's cute and a punk rock teen. I like punk girls better than goth girls.

I like her because I made my own character with her and I Color it was it

I love this little teen she isn't seen in the movie that much I would love to see more of her

13 Fat Nuggets

He is so chubby and adorable looking! He reminds me of waddles in Gravity Falls!

How is this precious little child so far down this list. HOW?!?

Love Fat Nuggets. The fact that he cheers up Angel is so cute.

Come on, how could you not? He's adorable

14 Lucifer

Amazing design for him

15 Dazzle

Looks like a goat

16 Lilith

She's a feminist queen

I don't know too much about her but I love her design she is so pretty

17 Velvet

She look like a Harley Quinn is my favorite!

I-I just love her at first look.

Adorable lil overlord

18 Katy Killjoy

She got me laughing when she and charlie got into a fight, but I do not like the fact that she was so mean to charlie like any other demon was when they heard about the hotel. The fact that she doesn't like Tom Trench is just funny in my opinion

I think she died in a similar fashion to how Natsuki from DDLC got deleted: a snapped neck.

Not much is known about her, but one of the few I noticed to really get to Charlie, for the to get into a fight

19 Valentino

I honestly love the design and I think the evil rich dude fits him perfectly.

Even though he is rude to angel dust, I adore his character and his design.

20 Egg Bois

Now will you shoot me with your ray gun?

They were so cute

21 Mimzy
22 Travis
23 Molly

We don't know much about her yet. But, her character design looks so cheerful and happy, just like Charlie's!

24 Razzle

Adorable goat man

25 Rosie
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