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1 Alastor Alastor, also known as The Radio Demon, is a fictional character from an adult animated series Hazbin Hotel.

It's only fitting that this man is number one. I am really like him but the new episodes have actually kind of scared me a little bit with how intimidating he is

This dude definitely deserves first. First, I absolutely ADORE Alastor's design (even though I ironically hate deers) and his personality is just, I don't know, special.

He has the most intriguing backstory I've heard from the characters plus I love the fact that Alastor's mic is like his other half. He never frowns, he's just really narcissistic and uses dark humour which makes him even better.

Also I gotta say the fact that he's a fan of pineapple on pizza is just yes

2 Angel Dust

He's too horny but that's one thing I love about him. I also think that he is funny sometimes especially when he tries to flirt with husk.

Angel Dust is my second favorite after Lucifer. He is so funny some of his lines are just amazing. Plus he is so horny and he has a pet pig (Fat Nuggets)

While Kovach no longer voices angel dust He will always be my favorite. For some reason even with his whole inappropriate stuff he just makes me laugh.

3 Charlie

Charlie Morningstar is my favorite character. And honestly, the fact that no one agrees with Charlie that hell can be redeemed is just sad. I love her personality; how she is kind and enthusiastic. Without Charlie, hell would be falling apart. I also love all the songs that Charlie sings. Overall, I think that Charlie is the best character in Hazbin Hotel.

She is beautiful and a caring and loving person but it can't be true that she is the princess of hell. She is the nicest person you'll ever meet. She doesn't belong in hell.

4 Husk

I love when they show us their heart in episode 4, it supports Angel very well and made him feel better since he went through something similar. He is a great character

His deep voice is so satisfying and his relationship with angel dust is the best. He's moody sometimes but I think it's really funny

I like how he is just being teased by Alastor and how he doesn't like Angel dust flirting moves on him, but I wish he had a little empathy for Al and Angeldust. Possible it may happen.

5 Vaggie

She is beautiful and she is overprotective when it comes to her girlfriend. But I don't like the fact that she didn't tell her loved one that she was an angel once. It's not that bad because she wanted to make it up to everyone anyways

Honestly Vaggie is one of the most nicest demons to end up in hell. She is such a caring girlfriend to Charlie and is very protective of her friends.

She's so underrated. She is loving and protective of Charlie and anyone who she thinks will be hurt by Alastor.

6 Cherri Bomb

Even though there isn't much known about her, at least I found out a little more of her personality in the addict music video.

I like cherry bomb because She great and friend of angel dust. But I have one question is cherry bomb mom of niffty?

She's the self-proclaimed spunky powerhouse who loves blowing things up. Who wouldn't like to be her?

7 Niffty

Just.. she VERY energetic and very clean like me on a Monday. She's like Alastors pet listen to him, follows him, looks up to him. Its just cute and she might be my favorite character.

Niffty is such a cutie and her psychotic behavior is funny and childish. She definitely deserves more screen time

Very cute, her clothes and looks really fit her. She is just like a little kid! How sweet!

8 Sir Pentious

He legitimately have the best character development in the whole show. He went from being a straight up war criminal to a freaking angel noodle. He's the first ever redeemed soul in heaveen and has proven to us and heaven that demon souls can be redeemed. Also, I find it refreshing to see an anthropomorphic snake not get villainised for once, even though he was a villain at the start. Also, HE'S GOT THE RIZZ

I'm really glad that he came back in the series as a more major character. Even if his life was cut short, he will definitely be remembered as being one of the funniest characters of season 1

9 Lucifer

I love him and his rubber ducks. I never thought that he would have depression because of his funny appearance and I like the episode where Alastor tries to steal his daughter

I love this short king . I just love this guy I don't really know what else to say he's really funny

In the bible, Lucifer is the prince of pride.

10 Vox

This guy definitely wins the prize for me for being one of my favorite newer characters. I was almost immediately drawn to Vox. When I saw him in those teasers I knew he was going to be a cool character and I was right. I love everything they do with his design and stayed gone is still a banger to this day

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11 Tom Trench

Not that muchh is known about Cherry bomb, but I think her character design is amazing and her friendship with Angel Dust is totally goals

12 Adam

First off I want to comment on the fact that the photo as of now is literally a photo of him unmasked which I find hard to believe considering the fact that episode 8 literally came out today as I'm typing this.

anywayy, So what can I say about this little jerk huh? Well while he is kind of a jerk and he reminds me of blitzo a little bit He definitely is a really interesting character even though I still don't know how this guy got into heaven

Kinda a jerk but also a bit funny I see why people hate him but at the same time he is a good character/villain.

13 Fat Nuggets

I really wish Fat Nuggets was in more scenes. I honestly understand why he isn't higher on the list, he is a side lil' piggy but I just want to contribute to the fact that he is adorable and I love how he tries to cheer Angel up when he is down.

We must protect the child!!!

He is so chubby and adorable looking! He reminds me of waddles in Gravity Falls!

Love Fat Nuggets. The fact that he cheers up Angel is so cute.

14 Baxter

Baxter is amazing and he deserves more credit for how amazing he is and how adorable he is.

We hope to see you in the second episode. (10/22/2020) Your chemistry is the best!

He's cool and Baxter if you read this you kind of turn me on!

15 Crymini

She's a wolf and so Crymini if you read this I like you as a friend/fave character!

She's cute and a punk rock teen. I like punk girls better than goth girls.

I like her because I made my own character with her and I Color it was it

16 Valentino

I just feel bad for Angel dust whenever I see this guy. What is design is pretty cool and I especially love when he starts squeaking

I honestly love the design and I think the evil rich dude fits him perfectly.

Even though he is rude to angel dust, I adore his character and his design.

17 Velvet

I love how she tries to pick up a fight with anyone near her because of her attitude. She's beautiful too. She deserves more screen time

Her British accent is everything. I love her style.

She look like a Harley Quinn is my favorite!

18 Rosie

She is the perfect example of rich aunt. She is an understandable supersonic which I love about her. Her relationship with Alastair is one of my favorites too

She's the rich aunt but also could probably snap my neck if so desired, then devour my body over tea with Alastor. 10/10 needs more screentime.

19 Dazzle
20 Emily

I've heard rumors that she's going to be a fallen angel. Just for the record, I'm going say that I absolutely do NOT want this to happen! She is way too sweet, innocent and pure for Hell. Emily clearly doesn't deserve this. So what if she doesn't want to kill sinners? That doesn't make her worthy of it. Emily is my favorite character, so don't mess this up.

I absolutely love her! She is the best! I really hope she stays in heaven. You're amazing, Emily!

She is such a cute character and also innocent and soft. Such an underrated character.

21 Lilith

I don't know too much about her but I love her design she is so pretty

22 Egg Bois

I hope they went to Heaven with Pentious, they where on the ship too.

Now will you shoot me with your ray gun?

23 Molly

We don't know much about her yet. But, her character design looks so cheerful and happy, just like Charlie's!

24 Mimzy
25 Katy Killjoy

She got me laughing when she and charlie got into a fight, but I do not like the fact that she was so mean to charlie like any other demon was when they heard about the hotel. The fact that she doesn't like Tom Trench is just funny in my opinion

I think she died in a similar fashion to how Natsuki from DDLC got deleted: a snapped neck.

Not much is known about her, but one of the few I noticed to really get to Charlie, for the to get into a fight

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