Top 10 Worst Things that Timmy Turner from Fairly Oddparents Has Done

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1 Wishing the Population Was Separated by Gender - Love Struck

After being rejected by Trixie Tang on Valentine's Day Timmy wishes that the world was separated by their genders and of course everything goes wrong, all because he got butt hurt that Trixie didn't return his love and so now he ruins everyone's relationships.

I felt sorry for Trixie she could have stood up for Timmy Turner because Vicky is Tootie's sister and Trixie would not like to hear about Timmy Turner being tortured that would have made her sad and disappointed. She's the one who needs to speak up.

Bastard should understand that a girl doesn't like him!

That's my favorite episode the world will be better off with girls

2 Wishing He Was the Babysitter and Vicky as the Child So He Could Treat Her Harshly - The Switch Glitch

Timmy wishes that he could be Vicky's babysitter wishing her to be a 5 year old just so he can treat her like crap to the point that he makes her cry after doing all the things that Vicky normally does to him which results in his fairy godparents now going to Vicky who uses them to torture him.

This is actually a really good wish.

I honestly don't blame him!

If I'm being honest Vicky abused Timmy since he was 8 so she deserved it

3 Wishing His Grandparents Never Came to America - Timmy Turnip
4 Going Back in Time and Preventing His Dad from Winning His Trophy in the First Place - Father Time

His parents are just as worst as Vicky!

5 Wishing Christmas Was Everyday - Christmas Everyday
6 Wishing Everyone Was the Same - The Same Game

Why would you want everything to be the same? That was a stupid idea of Timmy.

After getting made fun of for his teeth by the dentist Timmy wishes that everyone looks the same as everyone is now gray blobs but because of it none of the fairy's are able to grant their kids wishes causing them to suffer magic built up and causing them to explode.

Joseph Stalin is proud.

7 Wishing Everybody Only Ate Desserts - Just Desserts

Timmy wishes that everybody only ate desserts and because of it everyone is now super obese and all that weight is causing the Earth to hurl into the sun possibly killing everyone.

What the heck were you thinking, Timmy Turner?!

That's unhealthy, why would you do that?

You'll get diabetes!

8 Destroying Christmas - Merry Wishmas
9 Wishing for Chip Skylark to Be Taken Hostage by Vicky - Boys in the Band
10 Destroying Vicky's House - Timmy's 2-D House of Horror
The Contenders
11 Letting Vicky Take the Blame for Chompy the Goat Escape from Captivity - My Dream Goat
12 Letting Chip Interrupt Loose Cannon Cop the Musical - Chip Off the Old Chip.

Trixie could have prevented this from ruining the play but she had to listen to a Chip Skylark concert during a play. At least Timmy Turner tried to win her over.

13 Treating His Godparents Like Slaves - Fairy Idol
14 Wishing Everybody Would Stop Ageing 50 Years Ago - Timmy's Secret Wish
15 Wishing that Golden Locks Was a Supervillain - Chindred Spirits
16 Wishing that It Would Rain Rabid Dingos for No Reason - Timmy's Secret Wish
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