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The Amazing World of Gumball is a show by Cartoon Network.
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1 The Shell

This episode just aired 11 days ago, and already 8?! This is controversial! Possibly one of the best episodes, since it's high rating in 11 days.

My favorite Gumball episode. This is why Penny became one of my favorite characters in the show.

Oh god, yes. I want unshelled Penny to happen. She is so hot without her shell.

I GUARANTEE YOU someone came out of the closet because of this episode. and that just gives me a warm feeling inside myself

2 The Tape

This episode makes me sad because me and my best friend used to watch this every single time she came to my house. Now she had transgendered to a boy and has new friends now and hasn't been my best friend in 3 years. I love this episode with all my heart and this means a lot to me.

Hilarious. The style of the episode is very different from many cartoon episodes I've seen in a good way, but I probably shouldn't have re-watched it on a night before a funeral because I got a giggle fit halfway thru it. Oops.

Dear 445956,

Why, just WHY do you hate on the Gumball episodes?! It's in the top 10 BEST episodes of this. You can't possibly hate every episode on this list. Are you delusional or something? If you don't like them then make your own top ten list on WORST episodes of it! I don't even know if you like the show with those comments!

-Annoyed by you

I liked the part when Darwin said "and the. He met a beautiful women who he fell in love with. But he wasn't emotionally ready, so he had to defeat her." Then the drawing of Gumball punched her to deaaath!

3 The Choices

Definitely the most charming and cute, not most hilarious. That might be The Console or The Others or The Singing or The Faith (another great episode).

This is the best and most emotional episode of the whole show!

It proves that Nicole isn't the worst character on the show.

I think this episode is very cute and touching. We definitely needed this kind of aspect in this show :) I love this episode so much!

4 The Remote

The ending was incredible unexpected and hilarious! There is an excellent "jackie chan" style scene where they fight for the remote. If I would describe this episode with one word it would be "Epic"

Love the Richard Gumball Darwin and Nicole chase scene at the parking lot, especially Richard! And the end was the darkest in Gumball's history.

Love everything about this! The humor is perfect and it was entertaining to watch the Wattersons quarrel over a remote. I absolutely loved the ending!

This is one of the first interesting mysteries. The Mystery was good, but not as good as this.

5 Christmas

This should be number 1, this is the best episode ever! It's all about the True meaning of Christmas and believing in people, I rate this a 10/10

I love this episode! It's hilarious! I was laughing all the way through though its really sweet at the end

I can't believe they ran over santa when he was trying to deliver presents!

Love the Santa run over thing and it was an epic Christmas special.

6 The Origins

It way too funny. This is the episode when Darwin meets Gumball. This is funny due to how the other fishes die of an accident.

I love this episode, how is it 25? It should at least be in the top 10.

Either this or The Choices is the best episode.

Why do people hate this episode? Its awesome.

7 The Matchmaker

You might as well add this here if you added The Shell.

Gumball thought darwin liked teri but he likes carrie after all

8 The Copycats

This is an episode about gumball RIP OFFS, but actually there's a REAL gumball rip off. The rip off is a chinese version of gumball called miracle star. That's upsetting that China tried to take the credit. Still. This episode was funny.

Best episode so far. They even roast the real-life Gumall copycats in this episode! Hilarious! Even the way the episode was set up is awesome and it's good that my favorite actors went out with a bang.

This episode is a roast against the Amazing World of Gumball's Chinese Ripoff, this episode is the perfect example of what Dark Comedy is, and I LOVE It!

I like how they roasted the rip-off cartoon "Miracle Star" in this episode. They called the rip-off show out as well.

9 The Finale

Deserves to be a lot higher, this show is at its best when it's doing meta humor. Same for the Sweater.

This is a bad episode because they are in trouble!

THE END... Of season 2 and the beginning of season 3!

This is the worst episode of the series.

10 The Robot

I don't know why everyone hates this episode. It's really good.

God this episode is creative.

It's cool, but kinda sad

Why is this so high?

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11 The End

Gumball tries to marry Penny and Carmen, they think the end has come, and the port potty Richard thing was hilarious

12 The Uploads

It was a hard choice between this and the Tape, but this one is just a smidge better to me. One of the newer episodes, I love the advertisement and Game Review. Couldn't stop laughing at this. Definitely the best in the end.

For me no one TAWOG episodes that is best and that is very bad not like mixels had nice episodes and I don't care about the movie and just saying "final episode" for TAWOG from now!

Me on the internet. "Alright just one more" *after video* "oh yah new SMG4! " And so on.

I love the saxophone dog and everything else but I hate the ending.

13 The Love

This is the best season 4 episode! I love the song that played at the beginning and ending of the episode.I love Bobert in this episode.He is very nice robot.

, I hate this episode. I don't know why.

A great episode

14 The Helmet

What the what! This episode should be in top ten I like this episode... Hah

Clearly the best episode!

15 The Refund

"Refund the world,
Refund it sooner.
Uphold the rights that little Jim my had as a consumer.
Now he's living in a box.
He's a victim of deceit.
And even though he still had the receipt! "

Though it is season 1 it was the best episode with the two duo with gumball and Darwin which includes lots of humor and also funny story & song.

I LOVE THIS ONE! It has a great funny sense of humor to it, and it has a hilarious song, "Refund the World"! Total up rating!

Great song, "Refund the World" and a hilarious refund chasing adventure. Loved how the Dad got a mustache! "

16 The Job

No, Gumball is sitting in the Front Seat then it have errors on the car!

Ban This Episode and get a remake at new TAWOG (Remake Version).

What you are?

I hate: The End, The Party, The Fridge, THE JOB, The Bumpkin, and more that show Gumball sitting in the front.

I like: The Club, Christmas, The Limit, The Oracle, The Signal, and more that show Gumball sitting in the back.

OMIGOSH, Where do I begin? You don't know how much I died at this episode, it was so HILARIOUS!
Best parts:
1. Mr. Small
2. The Banana Family chanting pizza
3. Richard's red eyes in the family picture
4. The chase scene
5. The opera music
6. The rap, I should've made it number 2
I love this episode so much

Very Astonishing! And cool effects. The best part I liked was when Gumball, Darwin & Anais shouted "Dad stop! " At the same time they changed styles in every 50 millisecond.

Worst Episode in the Millenium, The Signal is better than The Job because Gumball is sitting in the front seat.

17 The Signal

Funniest episode ever!

18 The Disaster

Yes. That should be enough.

19 The World

This actually parodies cartoons. The lunchroom warfare scene is a parody of Adult Swim's Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the fish scene is obviously "Disney's Fish Hooks"

Wait what?! Why are they still alive?!?!

The Microwaving sausage is just the funniest scene in the entire series

Amazing, pure dark humor.

20 The Gripes

Why is this episode on the best list? This episode was terrible. The citizens of Elmore were being idiots and wouldn't leave Gumball and Darwin alone.

This episode is mean spirited and a very inappropriate gumball episode. It is my least favorite episode.

My third favourite episode.

This episode was the best!

21 The Wicked

I love the Mr. Robinson song

22 The Responsible

This should be higher. Though I prefer seasons 2 3 and 4, it is the funniest. Favorites: The Name The Remote The Void The Origins The Nobody The Countdown The Hero and The Responsible After that is The Shell

23 The Coach

This was one of the last good episodes of season 3. I laughed hard every minute.

This is my favorite episode.

24 The Signature
25 The Party

More Rachel! The show needs more Rachel

I hate this episode and Rachel as a whole.

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