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1 Big Time Audition

Poor james.. he got his heart broken at the first part... but dear sweet kendall.. made them a band.. and Hot LOGAN and Sexy Carlos got to come along too!

Best moments ever from the episode (liked all of it but these were my favorite parts)
Gustavo - "Why are am I out here and why am I freezing? "
Kelly - "You're in Minnasota"
Gustavo - "Oh right, WHATS UP MINNASOTA? I hate all of them."

Kendall - "Here's a new hit for ya! Oh you're such a turd oh yeah a giant turd and you look like a turd and smell like a turd! " Best episode yet!

2 Big Time Break Up

This episode of Big Time Rush I believe touched everyones heart. It was a sad and thrilling drama. You really get to meet Kendall in this episode-he is so kind. That was touching and just incredible what he did for Jo. You don't meet many people that would do that just so you could live your dream and move on unbroken-hearted. Plus you have to admire they ran to the airport just so Kendall could have his goodbye kiss with Jo. Plus who can't find their knees buckling over "Worldwide". That was an amazing episode.

Oh my gosh! This episode makes me cry every time I watch it.

Kendall:This opportunity only come once in a lifetime.
Jo:Maybe you only come once in a lifetime.

So heart touching. #JendallForevs

This episode has the perfect combination of funny and sad. everything in it is just perfect I love the song worldwide and the ending of this episode is so fitting. recommend you watch it

It's the most touching and easily saddest big time rush episode ever. which pretty much makes it epic

3 Big Time Party

Hi I like all so ya

Love this episode so funny and james and carlos looked so cool

4 Big Time Pranks

This is boss it is funny how the girls wage prank war on the boys.

Kendall is so smart

5 Big Time Love Song

I love this episode. I have seen it a lot!

6 School of Rocque

Named after our lord

7 Big Time Jobs
8 Big Time Beach Party
9 Big Time Mansion

I love this episode. Mrs. Knight: (when the guys got out of the car) Katie, you're not staying get out of the dumb bag. Katie: (has attitude) FINE. I love that part.#Rusher4life.

10 Big Time Single

I love btr kendall I will love to meet kendall and the rest of the boys.
But I love big time siers and can't wait to see big time surprise part two.

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11 Big Time Concert
12 Big Time Strike

(James is holding a sigh the says'HI. I'M JAMES. ) Logan-"James have you been holding that sign the whole time? What does that have to do with striking? "
James-"Um I'm Striking! "

13 Big Time Fever

One of the funniest

14 Big Time Bad Boy

Love it! I love when Carlos took a piece of wood and broke than fell that was so funny! Also when Kendall went in his desk that was so funny! Also when Kelly pretended to cry but they didn't fall for it that was funny! I love James and Carlos there so hot and cute! Go Big Time Rush!

My favourite episode by far. Not only was the "bad boy off" really funny, but Kendall looked so hot as a bad boy

It's hilarious! "Dude, he WENT in his desk. "

It's really funny!

15 Big Time Girlfriends
16 Big Time Crib

Gustavo is mad the most in this episode. I love how mad Gustavo got at BTR. It so cracked me up. It's so funny that way.

17 Big Time Video

SO funny! I love it when the lock Mr. Bitters in the trunk!

18 Big Time Guru
19 Big Time Moms

This should be #1. Mrs. Night: sorry guys. The guys: help us. Mrs. Night: I can't go against Brook, she scares me, but James can. James: No James Can't. Mrs. Night: James everybody has a time to stand up to their own mother and your time is now. I love that part. Big Time Rush is my #1 favorite show ever

Best episode, best song

20 Big Time Blogger
21 Big Time Double Date
22 Big Time Scandal
23 Welcome Back Big Time
24 Big Time Christmas
25 Big Time Demos

The meaning of life is found in many Big Time Rush episodes especially BTD because you have to learn to follow your dreams without giving up who you are.

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