Best Gossip Girl Couples

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1 Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass

They are so cute together, and they were meant for each other. I also love how even when they try to separate, they are literally magnetically attracted back to each other.

Yeah, I love them! Chair is such a cute couple. I liked seeing them admit their feelings for one another and dealing with them, trying to keep it in, fighting over lots of things, having other boyfriends and girlfriends, getting jealous.

They just match so well. They have a relationship that could withstand anything.

2 Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey

The longest-running couple of the show, we were meant to root for them since episode 1. Clearly, the main couple of the entire show. Dan and Serena forever! OTP!

I love Chuck and Blair, but you have to admit, Serena and Dan are really cute together too.

3 Serena van der Woodsen and Nate Archibald

These two are perfect for each other! Forget Dan! Serena and Nate are literally the same person. Beautiful hair, really good looking, and they both have had scandalous lives in the past.

Go Serenate!

Yes and no. I saw them as best friends forever or a guy best friend, but not as a couple. They both have awesome characters, but Nate had a hard time trusting Serena, or Serena didn't tell Nate some stuff, so that was a complication.

I love them together! It's just that sometimes I feel Nate put in more effort than Serena did.

4 Blair Waldorf and Dan Humphrey

The show was great until Season 3. Then it was all right until the last episode of Season 5, when the creators of the show decided that Chuck and Blair loved each other and should be together. So, in my opinion, Season 6 deserves only 2 stars.

Many fans of this show love Chuck Bass. But to me, he is just a bastard, with only a little conscience, who dumped and insulted Blair several times, treated her like his doormat, sent her to have sex with a man to save his family business, openly and with much pride slept with piles of women. Then, standing next to Blair on the roof, he didn't move a finger to save his father's life. And what was that engagement ring on a chain? Was something wrong with Blair's fingers? Knowing Blair from 5 seasons, I could not believe she would marry Chuck after all that.

5 Jenny Humphrey and Nate Archibald

I didn't like Jenny, but I loved Nate. Still sort of shipped them though.

6 Dorota Kishlovsky and Vanya
7 Blair Waldorf and Nate Archibald

To be honest, they were pretty cute. I will always be rooting for Chuck and Blair, but I think they should've been given a better chance.

They are both the hottest people on the show, so they should be together.

8 Rufus Humphrey and Lily Van Der Woodsen

They were cute in the beginning, but things got complicated when Bart returned. I liked that they had a history with each other.

9 Eric van der Woodsen and Jonathan Whitney
10 Vanessa Abrams and Dan Humphrey
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11 Vanessa Abrams and Nate Archibald
12 Jack Bass and Georgina Sparks
13 Bart Bass and Lily Van Der Woodsen
14 Carter Baizen x Serena van der Woodsen
15 Eric van der Woodsen and Damian Daalgard
16 Chuck Bass and Eva Coupeau
17 Dan Humphrey and Olivia Burke
18 Blair Waldorf and Louis Grimaldi
19 Lily van der Woodsen and William van der Woodsen
20 Nate Archibald and Juliet Sharpe
21 Nate Archibald and Diana Payne
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