Top 10 Best Detective Conan Characters

Detective Conan (or Case Closed, if you're old-school!), has been thrilling fans for decades, and it's packed full of super interesting characters. You've got brilliant detectives, mysterious masterminds, quirky friends, and a whole lot of drama in between. It can be hard to even pick a favorite!

But some characters stick with you more than others. Maybe it's their cunning and deduction skills, maybe it's their tragic backstory, or maybe it's the way they always crack the case with style.
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1 Ai Haibara

I'm very glad that she's above Shinichi, honestly, she definitely deserves it. A personal opinion here: Shinichi is a reckless idiot, who's really smart, yes, and not afraid to flaunt it. I mean, he's chased by a big bad organization. Chasing after criminals and making a new spotlight for himself is just... dumb. Haibara is much better. She had the brains, but she had enough common sense to bottle it up. And she's kind, too.

Even though it's not her fault in any way that she's born into BO, her guilt complex, suicidal tendencies, paranoia, everything is just well thought out and incredible. Brave and readily sacrifices herself for people, careful and calculating. She's Conan upgraded.

2 Shinichi Kudo (Conan Edogawa) Jimmy Kudo, known in Japan and internationally as Shinichi Kudo, is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the manga series Case Closed and its adaptations, created by Gosho Aoyama.

No. 2!!? Like how!? Guys, he's the MC, and that's not the only reason to like him. He's one of the smartest characters. We would never get this interesting series if he wasn't there! Also, he has always helped his friends and saved multiple lives! The best detective EVER!!

How come he's No.5? He's the reason for the series to be named DETECTIVE CONAN. He's a very smart character, I still wonder why he's not no.1.

Shinichi is and will always be my favorite MC. He's just too smart to be a high school student, and his love for Ran makes the series more interesting. He's one of the smartest characters in the series, if not the smartest. He's always there to save his friends and family. When Shinichi and Heiji work together, it makes my day. I actually ship him with Heiji (they are cute together, lol).

3 Heiji Hattori

Damn... My anime crush. Heiji isn't a flawless, perfect character, and this makes me like him even more. His chemistry with Shinichi is really entertaining to watch. The first time I saw him, I just knew that this boy was going to blow my mind, and he did. He is super smart, not as much as Shinichi, but he's really good at case-solving, at least more than Kogoro (no, I don't hate Kogoro Mouri). His relationship with Kazuha is just like a real relationship. Sometimes they quarrel, but they really care for each other.

He is the most perfect character in the series without being completely perfect. He makes mistakes, he's impulsive and rash, but he's one of the most genuine characters in the show. He's incredibly talented but has faults, unlike many of the other perfect characters in the show that come off as robotic with their perfection. Heiji is and always will be my favorite.

4 Toichi Kuroba (Kaitou Kid)

Definitely my favorite anti-hero in DC! He's not any real villain, just a very smart character. Even Shinichi was unable to catch him! Also, I really like his costume.

Kaitou is the only side villain to actually escape Shinichi. Sometimes he's even smarter than Shinichi himself. He's not an actual bad thief, and I find him cute. Also, I love his costume - the cape and the color white fit him perfectly.

COME ON, DUDE! Kaito Kid! He's just amazing, totally my favorite character in the series and also my crush. He's funny, extremely talented, a master of disguise and escape, and just overall awesome. I mean, even Shinichi hasn't been able to catch him. He's like the villain who everyone loves since he's not even technically a thief. He returns all the stuff. I also love his costume: the white cape and the monocle. In conclusion, he really deserves more attention.

5 Ran Mouri

She is my favorite character. I love her personality and how she's not so stiff. And I love her smile. She's also so nice and Shinichi and Ran LEGIT belong together. And it's cool she's really good at karate. She also has really good style

She is my favorite character. She is also the best fit for Shinichi as she is strength (karate champion) and he is brains. Also, she's very beautiful and ready to save Shinichi. I love that dialogue of hers from OVA 9 where she says that she has turned down the proposal of Araide and will wait for Shinichi: "I have already waited 10 years, so 10 years more will not be so much."

6 Kogoro Mouri

Even though some people laugh at his wrong explanations and jumping to conclusions, he's still an intelligent detective and can solve cases and put the pieces together (that even us, fans, cannot even solve ourselves). He just needs a little push, I think. To top it all off, when push comes to shove, he's an extremely reliable detective, friend, and family member.

Kogoro Mouri has so much potential that it isn't even funny anymore. He can solve cases if he wants to, as shown in episode 27. He is intelligent, strong, cares for the people around him, and has a cool mustache. He is the second-best character in the whole series, in my opinion.

7 Shuichi Akai

While Akai Shuichi and Edogawa Conan are both Silver Bullets capable of destroying the Black Organization, only Akai is known by that title as well as being the best sniper in the FBI, if not in the entire anime. He was able to snipe Gin through the rifle scope while Chianti and Korn couldn't even touch him. Vermouth admitted herself that he is the only one the Organization fears.

While Edogawa certainly has the potential to become just as dangerous (maybe more so), he's still young, inexperienced, and somewhat arrogant at times (thinking he can take on a secret organization that operates on a global scale with powerful connections by himself, really), thus makes reckless decisions and mistakes that may eventually be his downfall if he's not careful. Meanwhile, Akai manages to maintain his poker face and keep cool under pressure. He even managed to infiltrate the B.O. high enough to earn a code name. He is definitely a character that deserves to be recognized and acknowledged for his past achievements and future accomplishments.

8 Yukiko Kudo

Yukiko is literally the best mom in DC. She's so beautiful. No wonder why she was a model. I love how she actually loves and cares for her family. Since she isn't the main character, they could have made her a bad and mean mother, but thank God she's a caring person. Also, she's really smart. There was an episode where she was working smarter than Shinichi (I don't remember the episode number).

Shinichi's mother, she doesn't appear much because of her work as an actress, just like her husband.

The best mother in Case Closed. She's beautiful and so good at masquerade. I was so glad she's not like Haibara who makes me sick.

9 Gin

One of the best villains in anime, it gets really intense and scary when he is around. His influence in the anime is really scary and impressive. He has such great intellect and patience. He really is a dangerous man and an excellent villain in DC, very thrilling to watch.

Colder than ice, but just the right "bad guy" for this anime/manga. Don't tell me you're not nervous if he gets too near to Conan or Ai... he just has this "I will kill you" aura. Great!

Best mafia villain ever! He's just so good-looking, badass, merciless, and a decisive leader. He's just my motivation to continue reading this thrilling manga!

10 Sonoko Suzuki

She's the funniest character. She always supports Ran, even though sometimes she doesn't notice that she is helping her in ways that are not good for her. But, from her opinion, the idea that Ran should marry Rei was good. However, I will always say that Ran and Shinichi are the best.

They should give her a love interest too.

I feel like Sonoko is the younger, female version of Mouri Kogoro. She's alright, but I don't like how she takes Conan's credit for solving a case without stopping and thinking that she has no memory of it. That's why I think she's somewhat similar to Kogoro, and the fact that they're both hopeless flirts.

The Contenders
11 Tooru Amuro (Bourbon)

You know, this boy got a whole movie for himself next year. He's terribly popular in Japan and can easily make it to the top 3. I'm not even surprised that such a good character only got 18th place here, knowing he is pretty underrated in the Western world.

He is a good guy who thinks goals justify the means and acts with that in mind. One of his better traits is his moral faults, which make him a better character. And he's sexy, a good boxer, and that obsessive side of his makes me love him more.

At first, I didn't have any impression of him. But there's a chapter when he punched the bad guy in the chest, and then I fell for him.

He's badass, sexy, but manipulative and dangerous.

12 Ayumi Yoshida

Beautiful, nice, and has a kind heart. That was Ayumi, so I like her.

13 Vermouth

She should be in the top 10! She's the only sharp, cunning woman and even helps Kudo in some instances. In the series, she even diverts Gin from killing Kogoro. Even after knowing the true identities of Conan and Haibara, she doesn't tell the Black Organization anything! The best mysterious character ever.

No woman has a more charismatic combination of intellect, beauty, and empathy than she does. One of my favorite female manga characters of all time.

Seriously? She should be in the top 3. She's mysterious, cunning, beautiful, manipulative, intelligent, charismatic, and also unpredictable.

14 Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya
15 Masumi Sera

Masumi Sera is easily forgotten after her momentary character impact, but she is the only kind of regular female detective in the anime. So why are there no more votes for her?

Smart detective, Jeet Kune Do, wild personality, Akai's sister - literally cannot make a face I'm not in love with. What more is there to say? The only reason she's not higher up is because she was introduced so late.

Love her so much! She's smart, cute, and knows Jeet Kune Do. She's a badass detective. I hope to see more of Sera Masumi and her character development. And I hope she gets a lot of screen time. I really like her.

16 Yusaku Kudo

I really would like to know more about him, what he thinks about his son doing all sorts of crazy stuff while he writes books. He is crazy smart, yet as a parent... I really want to know what he thinks.

He is smarter and cooler. He is faster than Shinichi in solving cases. He is calm, and I never saw him losing his temper. He is reliable. I prefer at least 3rd or 4th place for him.

What? He is very smart and he knows the answer to the case before Kudo Shinichi (Jimmy Kudo) does. I still prefer Kudo Shinichi.

17 Genta Kojima
18 Wataru Takagi

I think he is one of the nicest characters, although he isn't the smartest. I really respect him. He is loyal to a fault and won't hesitate to sacrifice his life, not only to save someone else's but to save a memento that means a lot to someone else. I fell in love with him when he refused to break those cuffs. And poor guy, he has the worst luck.

But I believe there might be more to this character. I mean, we don't know enough about his background. We never saw any relatives of his. Maybe something will be brought to light later.

19 Kazuha Toyama

Kazuha is pretty and a real talented student at school. She's sometimes mean to Heiji, but actually just because she wants to hide her true feeling toward him.

She is a far better character than Ran. Plus, she's a cutie.

I like her very much. She and Heiji are so cute together. When they fight, I always laugh.

20 Subaru Okiya

He always keeps his cool and acts mysteriously. It was no surprise when I found out he was actually Akai Shuichi.

21 Shiho Miyano

Damn! She's so underrated. Guys, she's still Haibara. She deserves to be in the top 15 at least. I know she doesn't really show up, but she's the girl behind Haibara! I wish we got to see more of her.

22 Hiroshi Agasa

Many believe he is Ano Kata, the boss of the Black Organization, but I say he's not.

Are you kidding me?! He is the best ever!

23 Miwako Sato

She has a strong sense of justice and sacrifice, and hates the power of darkness. She is sober and brave, always dealing with cases resolutely. She also has a soft heart inside and is even childish at times. She is a pretty policewoman, and almost every male colleague likes her. Though she has a boyfriend, her charm is not affected.

Strong, brave, and beautiful. That's all Sato's characters. Yeah, I love her, because she's not like Haibara who fakes and cries a lot.

She came out as a very strong woman in Conan vs. Lupin the Third.

24 Jodie Starling

I'm surprised Jodie doesn't have more of a following! She's definitely one of my favorite characters, and I almost feel a bit funny saying that when she was first introduced. I laughed at her English and whatnot, but as we discovered more about her, I began to really appreciate her as a character. After Akai's... well, "death," it really sealed the deal for me. She's a great, complex character, and I really appreciate her presence in the Detective Conan universe. She's awesome!

The best FBI agent! Second after Akai, hehe. Well, she's beautiful, smart, and good enough at using a gun. Well, at least not like Haibara, who's a loser when meeting and facing Vermouth face to face. Hate Haibara so much.

25 Jinpei Matsuda
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