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1 Christine Ha

When I first saw there was a top 10 list for master chef contestants, I knew Christine would be #1. Such a nice person and very talented. She never made excuses when she made mistakes (which she made hardly any to begin with), was always consistent with her dishes, and earned the respect of the other cooks even though they were her competition.

You guys know they rigged the competition for her why would a blind person win and some how she won the crab challenge with a stupid cocktail.

Come on stop saying that she won because she is blind. Gordon and Joe treats her the same as they treat other contestants. she won because she is talented.

Most talented contestant ever. Deserves to win the competition. Why isn't she 1st in this list?

2 Whitney Miller

The first winner of the US Masterchef. Of course her name deserves to be up there!

3 Christian Collins

Even though Christian was a very cocky villain, He was my favorite on season 2 (bedsides Derrick Prince) because he had SKILL. Sure, he was cocky, but who wouldn't be? And he could actually back up his cockiness with great dishes and nailed his spot, being 3rd place after the judges weren't impressed with his veal dish.

I liked him at first, but he got really rude and cocky, but he was a fun villain character to watch.

Quite honestly, I wouldn't put arrogant ass Christian in the top 10.

They actually said he was one of the nicest contestants off camera

4 Joshua Marks
5 Frank Mirando

Exceptional cook, his performance is consistently good but gradually Christine took over him. I think he's more well-rounded than the runner-up, Joshua.

Really nice guy, not arrogant like other chefs on this show. People feel he screwed Josh over, but it's a competition, and he was thinking strategically. I like josh to, but I disagree with his comment of Frank being a jerk. He's not a jerk, he's awesome.

6 Luca Manfe

He's the classic underdog. He started low, kinda got hammered at the start, and was even denied entry to season 3. Came back and won it all in the end for season 4.

Luca was probably the most gentlemanly out of any guest on masterchef so far, shining examples are when he gives ingredients to people who needed them, simply because he wanted to go against people that where trying their best.

I loved how he started off as a weak competitor any had a late season break-out. After his wife came, he nailed almost every challenge. He was an amazing chef and a good person.

Even though he can be over confident, I still found myself rooting for him. Really because of things like giving Jessie the butter.

7 Becky Reams

She is consistent and has high ups, only lose to Luca in the finale.

8 Monti Carlo

Very creative, despite what others said about her memorising recipes, her crab scotch egg was exceptional and her soup and soda bread was very clever. I think she was an intelligent and humble cook as well as an exceptionally charming and nice person.

Almost everyone is biased against her. But she managed to outsmart her competitors.

She was good and funny.

9 Dino Angelo Luciano

Not only the sexiest (arguably) but also by far the most endeavoring, perseverant, courageous and adventurous (objectively) contestant this show has ever witnessed. There have been many fantastic competitors in the past but not one individual is comparable to Dino.

He had the amazing technique, he had the wonderful creativity and he had a winning personality. Nailed pretty much every challenge and is easily one of he most deserving winners in Masterchef history.

Strongest character, strongest storyline throughout the season and overall strongest contestant in MCUS history.

Not gonna lie here, he's kinda hot. Like childhood crush hot. Or like... teen crush cute? I don't know but he is my favorite, plus he is so good at what he does :)

10 Max Kramer

Why the hell is Max in the top 10? Not only was he not very good, but he was also an arrogant snob!

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11 Jessie Lysiak

I think Jessie is good enough to be in top 10. She may lose out to Natasha in terms of consistency, but her leadership skills and her ability to handle pressure is without doubt.

"Everybody thinks you're in the show because you look good, but you're in the show because you cook good." - Gordon to Jessie

So hot and nice.. Like princess

12 Shaun O'Neale
13 Derrick Peltz

He really deserved to win instead of Claudia.

Best chef of season 6

I wish Derrick won season 6 but he is doing well now and I love his food

14 Leslie Gilliams

The sole person that carried season 5 of Masterchef. His character was likable and was seen as the underdog of the season as everybody belittles him. Regardless he always bounces back through each elimination test and shows how strong of a character he is. I am and forever will consider him to be the best contestant of Masterchef. Lesliers for life xD

I don't know why every says he was a bad person he told the truth and got bullied because he was a confident leader. I personally think its because society has something about praising not believing in yourself. Also I find it ironic how the female contestants bullied him for being a stay at home dad reliant on his wife; check your privilege women, he is living the dream.

He can bake and cook savory unlike Malcolm from season 4 who couldn't do either. I just wish he put sugar instead of salt in the semifinals. His attitude is pretty unlikable, but he can back it up like Stephen from season 6.

To be honest Leslie was my favorite contestant ever. Everybody hated him and he feuded with so many people that it was cool to watch. His cooking is up to par with some of the best to ever do it on the show.

15 Ryan Umane

This arrogant prick should not be anywhere near this list!

He was also pretty funny

16 Ben Starr

My favorite season 2. Great personality, and a good cook.

He was my most favorite of season 2.

17 Terry Mueller

One of the nicest guys on this show. Wish they would have given him another chance as he really only did poor on one challenge.

Awesome cook. Damn shame he was eliminated so early!

Why did they send Terry home? He kicked ass!

18 Felix Fang

Absolutely hated her

19 Elizabeth Cauvel

Glad she is higher than Courtney on this list.

So much more talented and consistent than the winner of her season, but she didn't flirt with the judges enough apparently

20 Tommy Walton

They should make a coooking show with Tommy as the host. He's the BEST!

Tommy was like a cartoon character.

Made season 6 watchable

The fiercest contestant ever, he might not be the winner but he's charisma and talent win us all

21 Jason Wang

Preferred Dino to him but he's honestly my second favorite contestant of all time, it's both a blessing and a curse that these two wonderfully positive human beings had to be in the same season.

Seriously? His excitement and love of food and his ever so bright personality has won my heart. I hope he wins the competition

Absolutely one of my favorite contestants from Season 8! Him, Cate, Dino, and Eoboni are my top 4 favorites

I underestimated him. I did not think he would claim the first spot in the final 3 over Eboni and Cate! (Well, Cate actually got eliminated in that round, but still.)

22 Gerron Hurt

I can't begin to say that I wanted him to go home after Mark, but ultimately he has proved me wrong and got better as the season went along. He made such an amazing comeback and I am so glad that he won it at the very end. You gotta respect this man and his kindness towards others.

What makes him one of the best MasterChef winners in my book is how he is an incredible student. He learned a lot from Joe, and as the competition went on, he evolved, and ultimately that's what won him the competition in the end. Excellent job, Gerron!

23 Natasha Crnjac

Luca is a great chef but I prefer Natasha. She should win that season

24 Stacey Amagrande
25 Tali Clavijo

I wonder if people keep on voting for Tali and he makes it to number 1, biggest troll in The Top Tens history.

Oh come on! Who the hell put Tali on here?! Tali was one of the worst contestants on this show!

#TeamTali forever. Only contestant who stood up for his cooking beliefs. Him and Ryan saw right through Monti's bs.

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