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1 Marceline x Princess Bubblegum

They're opposites! According to the Canon, they used to date, but broke up because of Princess Bubblegum's work. It's because of Marceline that made Bonnie realize of how selfish and busy she actually was. And at the mini-series of "Stakes," PB tried to kill the Dark Cloud for her, since she was miserable and hopeless. Isn't that love?

It's really sad that this ship is not allowed to be aired in some countries because of same-sex laws. I love them so much together! I believe they should be accepted in the show, in order for children to know gay isn't wrong.

2 Finn x Princess Bubblegum

I've loved fubblegum because of the obvious love between them from the start. Back when they were the same age, their relationship was love without question. Then, Lemongrab came back, and bubblegum grew up, and was basically thrown back into denail. She knew she couldent be with Finn but didn't want to upset him although she did. He ended up taking it the wrong way and got hung up over her. Then he met flame princess, and quick crushes were formed. They started dating, but every step of the way, Finn would avoid PB, never listening to her, basically falling into denial that he may currently love FP but his heart will always belong to PB. And even though PB was jealous, she still just wanted him to be happy. If she didn't, she would have killed her right then and there. Actually, she wasn't even jealous because the love went so deep in her that it actually removed all jealousy traces. Anyway, fubblegum may be no more and they may COMPLETELY ignore each other now, but it stole my hear years ago. And now it's just a good example of what happens when you take candy from a baby.

3 Finn x Flame Princess

Both of them immensely in meed of development. What they are now are just husts of their former selves - masks for the world and for themselves. When was last time FQ acted out of her interests and needs and not as a function? When was last time Finn really enjoyed doing stuff? For now both of them just seem to keep on living while bottling it all - Finn especially seems to be half-living statist in background of Ooo. They really need to clear stuff and I still hope they can be friends and even more - both really need it

4 Fionna x Marshall Lee

HOW IS THIS NOT FIRST?! Or at least second...? Cause I ship Marcelline and PB as much. But anyway, I'm quite suprised how people don't like this ship as much as I do. I fell in love with them ever since "Bad Little Boy". They we're so cute! Opposites attract! He brings out the fun in her, while she is his fun in general. She is so comfortable with Marshall, she doesn't change herself to be "cute". that's what I like about them. And when he was "dying" she said how he likes to flirt with her. LIKE HOW CAN YOU NOT FIND THAT CUTE? I like how he teases her, and according to her, he does it all the time. He obviously has feelings for her. Unlike PG.

5 Finn x Marceline

I would love it if it were actually found out to be the case that Marcy and Bonnie are just very, and I mean very close friends, you know, so close that it seems like they could also be attracted to each other in that way physically.

Just for the record I am cool with people who are actually lesbians, gays, trans, different races/etc, but in the show I really want to eventually see Marceline and Finn become more then just friends/close friends.

There have been some indications throughout the show that seem to indicate that she either might be starting to lead in this direction, and may have even been having feelings of emotional/physical attraction/love for him early on, but just not admitting it.

There have been some taunts and hints after all (This ain't a show with only kid themes in it ya know), and Marcy and PB could just be, as very close friends, playing around at times, not to mention that overall it goes like this...women, games, complicated.

Also, marcy is a very deep/feely type of individual who can really get in touch with others and help them to grow, and it could be a secret now, but, maybe Marcy is actually bisexual (Which would also explain a lot).

Plus, and this is by far the most major, she is a little over a 1000 years old and countess things shape one throughout their lives, and as for PB I think she might be somewhere between 800-900.

6 Jake x Lady Rainicorn

Super obvious yet comfort ship you can always get in like in a permanent, opposing, industrial-strength, magnetic bed. It will never let you down, from the very beginning until the end.

Come on guys. This ship is the true and original Adventure Time couple.

This is the only pairing that actually works for me. But that's just my opinion.

7 Princess Bubblegum x Marshall Lee

Why is this couple the first? I mean it is a horrible couple... (in my opinion). I don't think they will get along if they would meet. Marshall Lee is so badass and handsome and PB is too pink and... To girly and things like that. I think Marshall needs a girl who could go adventuring with...

I love the contrast between Gumball and Marshall Lee, as well as the relationship between Fiona and Marshall, but I just love the idea of Bubblegum and Marshall because of the good girl with a temper and the bad boy with a gentle smile.

8 Marceline x Marshall Lee

I don't mean to dis, but... No. Just... NO. I hate it when originals are shipped with their genderbents. To me, in my opinion, it's like incest. It's just... It's just wrong man. Just wrong.

They are the best I mean seriously I wish they make an episode where Marcelene goes into the opposite universe where Marshall lee is they are the best coup le ever ;3 awesome hope it happens gotta love them.

They would do a lot together because of them both liking a lot of the same stuff!

9 Simon Petrikov x Betty

This poor couple torn by a crazy crown. Betty then tried all she could to save Simon but couldn't till
Betty almost ended the world to destroy the crowns power! But then Betty sacrificed herself to stop the evil creature she summoned! But before she left, she used the crowns power to always protect Simon! /SPOILERS!

So yea Betty really loves Simon & Simon loves Betty as he did all he could to talk to her from 1000 yrs ago to explain things & never expected her to forgive him! They where such a sweet couple that really cared for each other!

10 Fiona x Prince Gumball

This is the only, THE ONLY (notice the caps there), genderbent AT ship that I like. Mainly because they are adorable, and Fionna deserves to be with him. Screw FinnxBubblegum. This one's better.

I love PG cause he is very nice, responsible, mature and a good guy.
But its kinda weird to have a human and a vampire combination (no offense Fiolee fans)

They would be a very cute couple if you ask me.

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11 Flame Princess x Cinnamon Bun

I love this couple a lot! Sure, Finn x Flame Princess is nice. But the the whole world would collapse because of them. It is fates' way of saying Flaminn is not meant to be, even the Cosmic Owl warned Finn about it. FlameBun though? Cinnamon Bun is the only character in Adventure Time nonchalant and calm enough to be with wrecked Flame Princess. They don't have to be deep and intense; Just as long as both of them are happy and serve love to each other, they are a good couple. In fact, I can see Bun-Bun being their DNA child.

12 Cake x Lord Monochromicorn

I accept this pairing, just like I accept JakexRainicorn. This one's just as adorable, and Cake... Cake... She's SO CUTE!

Come on, Lord monochromicorn is so epic! Cake is a fun loving cat. What could be better?

It's like a ship of Jake and Lady Rainicorn but in a parallel world.

13 Marshall Lee x Prince Gumball

I absolutely LOVE them together! They're so cute and basically canon, I mean if bubblegum and marceline are shouldn't they be too? Plus my boyfriend and I are just like them so that also adds to my love for it. but anyways ITS AMAZING!

I don't understand why this is so low- There are lots of hints towards it in the comics, plus they're absolutely adorable together! I guess people have opinions, but this will always be my favorite AT ship.

I hate this shipping! Guys shouldn't date! In what universe is it considered cute when two guys, who can't even have kids, are married?

15 Flame Princess x Marceline
16 Finn x Huntress Wizard

These two are really underrated (although that may be due to the show's unfortunate decline in viewership). While they are not together at the moment, they do have a lot of potential to be a strong couple. They handled their romance with impressive maturity, but still have obvious room to develop if they do decide to get together. I've also thought for a while that Finn needs a love interest who can match his passion for adventure.

They have an incredible, quite unique and active dynamic. They both are exceptional beasts, which it doesn't make their relationship not full of romance - just not in a classic way. This is the only pairing, involving Finn, I've enjoyed, like, ever.

17 Princess Bubblegum x Prince Gumball

Oh gosh! I would LOVE to see them ruling the Candy Kingdom together. They'd be so good for each other! I love it!

18 Cherry Cream Soda x Starchy
19 Finn x Fionna

I wish more people shipped Finn and Fionna, and Jake with Cake. They are perfect relationships.

20 Marceline x Ice King

I like Marceline x Simon better. Ice King isn't her dad, even though he did take care of her for awhile.

21 BMO x Bubble

Despite technically still being canon, this pairing is so hilarious I wish I could claim it crack.
After their episode, BMO remembered about Air only twice; he mentioned him briefly in "I am a Sword" and he tried speaking to him, not receiving any answer, in "The Moe You Know..." Which makes me question, is Bubble/Air actually alive in his new form? Could've his creepy monologue about BMO losing privacy be fabricated by BMO himself?

Being BMO's lover is clearly not an easy task.

It's so adorable... that's all I can say on the matter...

22 Marceline x Prince Gumball

Something about them reminds me of Fiyeraba...

If he were characterized more of a noble gentleman and less like an uptight priss, I could totally see them working out. Imagine the juxtaposition between PG and Ash: she dated a jerk and then fell for a prince. He would be too romantic and adorkable for her to hadle--- she would likely fall over laughing at his gestures but think of them as endearing.

It's like a genderbent Bubblee! This needs to be higher, I mean these 2 are so precious!

23 Pig x Tree Trunks

"And then we adopted current incarnation of the Lich King, which is obviously not funny."

24 Lemongrab x Lemongrab 2

Voted this for the sake of boredom... And fun

25 Lumpy Space Princess x Brad

They are really cute when they are together, they make a great couple. I hope they marry by the time the series ends.

Brad is a good character. He should be in Adventure Time more.

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