Top 10 Best Only Fools and Horses Episodes

Featuring the lovable exploits of Del Boy, Rodney, and the rest of the Trotter clan, Only Fools and Horses has given us some of the most memorable moments in television history. Whether it's Del's over-ambitious schemes or Rodney's comical reactions, there's a unique blend of humor, heart, and a touch of London's East End charm that resonates with fans both young and old.

The brilliance of Only Fools and Horses lies not just in the excellent writing and direction but also in the remarkable performances by the cast. From the clever one-liners to the heartfelt family dynamics, there's something in this show for everyone.

Is it Del's never-give-up attitude that inspires you, or Rodney's innocence that makes you smile? Maybe it's the supporting characters like Trigger, Boycie, and Marlene who steal the show for you. What's undeniable is that Only Fools and Horses is more than a sitcom; it's a celebration of family, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams, no matter how far-fetched they may seem.
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1 The Jolly Boy's Outing In this classic episode, the Trotters embark on their annual coach trip to Margate. But what starts as a joyful outing quickly descends into chaos, thanks to a series of mishaps and misunderstandings. From exploding coaches to Del Boy's futile attempts at romance, this is an adventure that none of the jolly boys will soon forget.

All these episodes are some of the very best, and every episode of Only Fools is brilliant, but this one in particular is amazing. I've got to say this and Miami Twice part 2 are my two very favorites.

Funny when they realize they need a place to stay, so all start making excuses to leave, leaving poor Trigger to work out what's going on!

Definitely deserves to be first. Denzel's ear infection scene is funny. Oh, there are far too many scenes to pick out a favorite. OFAH is probably the most successful comedy to come from the UK. Great stuff!

2 Miami Twice (Oh To Be In England) In this two-part special, Del and Rodney travel to Miami for a holiday but find themselves entangled in a case of mistaken identity. Pursued by a Mafia boss who mistakes Del for a local gangster, the Trotters' American dream quickly turns into a nightmare.

The second episode of Miami Twice. Del and Rodney are almost killed by the Mafia.

David Jason's dual roles of Del Boy and Don Occhetti, a powerful mafia boss.

Rodney angrily holding Don Occhetti against a wall, thinking he is Del.

Del riding across the sea on a jinxed water ski.

The Trotters coming face-to-face with an alligator in the Everglades while escaping from the mafia.

3 Time On Our Hands In a life-changing episode, Del and Rodney discover a rare timepiece in their garage. When they find out its true value, the Trotters suddenly become millionaires. As they navigate the highs and lows of their newfound wealth, this episode delivers both laughs and some surprisingly poignant moments.

The Trotters finally become millionaires. I think this should have been the last episode, but then years later they made three more to clear up the Freddy The Frog mysteries and to give Rodney and Cassandra their baby.

Saw this episode recently. Fantastically well-written and heartwarming classic.

4 Danger UXD The Trotters' knack for buying and selling questionable goods reaches new heights when they inadvertently get their hands on some explosive blow-up dolls. Unaware of the danger, they attempt to sell the dolls, leading to hilarious and nail-biting situations.

Danger UXD was one of the best episodes. I loved the scene when the dolls popped up. David Jason's reaction was very good. I am OFAH's biggest fan.

The way they fall on the floor at the end when they blow up.

Best all-round episode. Just hilarious is all I can say.

5 To Hull and Back Del is hired to smuggle diamonds from Amsterdam, leading the Trotters on a perilous sea journey. With Uncle Albert's questionable navigation skills and plenty of unexpected obstacles, their quest for riches becomes a wild and entertaining ride.

Okay, so I come from Hull and did a double take in the summer of '85 when I saw Del Boy's Reliant Robin driving along Anlaby Road before I even knew they were filming an episode in my neck of the woods. Even so, it is a very clever episode with plenty of plot to justify its longer length. I think the first of the feature-length episodes?

I don't know why, but I just love this episode. Absolute classic.

So funny. Proves you don't need an audience to laugh out loud.

6 Friday The 14th When Rodney wins a fishing trip, the Trotters head off to Boycie's weekend cottage. A quiet weekend of fishing quickly turns into a thrilling escapade when they realize that there's a killer on the loose. Mix-ups, misadventures, and a good dose of humor make this episode a standout.

I'm actually really surprised that this one is on top! I didn't think that anyone else liked it as much as I did.

But anyway, this episode is conspicuously absent from UKTV's Top Forty Moments show, but there is an abundance of smaller jokes which culminate together to make a laugh riot from start to finish.

This is the best. So funny, especially when the gatekeeper looks through the window. This is definitely number one.

The Trotters go down to Boycie's weekend cottage to do some "fishing." And there's an escaped axe murderer on the loose.

7 Tea for Three In this quirky episode, Del Boy plays matchmaker for his friend Rodney, setting him up with a young woman named Lisa. However, jealousy soon strikes, leading to a hilarious mix of misunderstandings and unfortunate events. Del's attempt to gain the upper hand through a hang-gliding gift leads to a comical disaster.

Watch Del's face as he is about to take off in the hang glider. It's worth being in the top ten for this alone! Never seen fear expressed in films or TV so well ever. Hilarious episode.

Probably the second-best episode of all time behind Rodney's entry in the painting competition.

8 Heroes and Villains When Rodney and Del dress up as Batman and Robin for a fancy dress party, they inadvertently find themselves in the role of real-life heroes. Along the way, they save a councilor from a group of muggers, resulting in unintended fame and notoriety. This episode is best known for its iconic visual gag involving the dynamic duo.
9 A Touch of Glass The Trotters take on the job of cleaning a priceless chandelier at a stately home. With their typical lack of finesse and understanding of the task at hand, they end up causing calamity instead. The episode crescendos to a moment of comedic brilliance as the chandelier meets an untimely end.

This episode shows why Only Fools and Horses is loved so much by many who weren't even born. I know many people with whom I've had lots of conversations about the classic Grandad scene with the chandelier. Brilliant. Just love it.

Super, super episode. The trio at their very best.

The Trotters are tasked with cleaning a chandelier, and it falls.

10 Yuppy Love Del attempts to reinvent himself as a sophisticated yuppie, embracing the '80s trend. Meanwhile, Rodney meets Cassandra at evening school, sparking a new romance. Del's efforts to impress backfire spectacularly in a famous scene where he falls through an open bar flap.

Hard picking a favorite. It's like choosing your favorite kid. If my arm was twisted, I'd go for this. Giggles throughout.

Rodney's name on his jacket, walking home in the wrong coat, and of course, the bar scene!

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11 The Unlucky Winner Is..... Rodney's artistic talent wins him a holiday to Spain, but there's a catch – the competition was for children. Forced to pretend he's 14, Rodney's Spanish vacation is filled with comical misunderstandings and typical Trotter luck.

The best episode of all time. Being in Australia pre-internet, I thought OFAH ended at season 5. I was up late one night in the early '90s, and this episode came on. My jaw dropped with amazement that there were more episodes, and I laughed until I hurt. I remember where I was and what I was doing 35 years ago when I first saw it. Not bad!

Simply the best, a master class.

Rodney: "They think I'm 15!"
Del Boy: "No Rodney, no. They think you're 14."
Simply brilliant.

12 Dates Del enters the world of computer dating and ends up meeting Raquel, a wannabe actress. Rodney's relationship with Cassandra blossoms, while Del's romance takes unexpected twists and turns. The episode blends humor with heartfelt moments, as new connections are forged.

This is the best-ever Fools and Horses. Funny all the way through. Should be the number one episode.

13 The Longest Night Trapped in a supermarket overnight, the Trotters are mistaken for thieves by the security guard. A series of misadventures ensues, culminating in an unexpected twist when the real thief is revealed. The episode offers a rollercoaster of emotions, blending tension, comedy, and surprise.

Stopped in the shop and forced to stay there the night with Lennox.

14 A Losing Streak In the midst of a losing streak in poker, Del is determined to beat Boycie, his long-time rival. He stakes everything, leading to a high-tension showdown. Through clever manipulation and a masterful bluff, Del turns the tables, resulting in a triumphant and satisfying conclusion.
15 Chain Gang Del gets involved with a group of friends to buy and sell a priceless gold chain, only to find out that they have been conned. The Trotters devise an intricate revenge plan against the conman, using their wit and charm to turn the tables, culminating in a deliciously satisfying conclusion.
16 Who's a Pretty Boy? Tasked with redecorating Denzil's kitchen, Del and Rodney accidentally kill his canary. In their clumsy efforts to cover up the mistake, they buy a replacement bird, leading to a string of laugh-out-loud mishaps. Their deception unravels in a uniquely humorous fashion.

Corinne makes a brilliant appearance in this. Such a shame the actress died shortly after. The scene with Grandad in the pet shop is comedy gold!

17 Wanted Rodney helps a woman, who mistakes his kindness for romantic interest, leading to unwanted attention. Trying to escape her advances, he ends up hiding out with the homeless. The episode combines slapstick humor with a heartfelt exploration of loneliness and misunderstanding.

One of the best Del Boy wind-ups of all time. Convincing Rodney he was being called the Peckham Pouncer. Unforgettable. I cried laughing.

18 A Royal Flush Del and Rodney find themselves mingling with the upper class when Rodney dates Lady Victoria Marsham. Del's attempts to fit in lead to a series of cringe-worthy and comical situations, culminating in an unforgettable scene at a clay pigeon shooting event.
19 Mother Nature's Son The Trotters venture into the organic beverage business, bottling tap water as "Peckham Spring." What begins as a clever scheme quickly spirals out of control, leading to public embarrassment and legal woes. The episode's satirical look at consumer culture is both humorous and thought-provoking.
20 Stage Fright Del manages Raquel's singing career, pairing her with a former star, Tony Angelino, for a big performance. Unfortunately, Tony's speech impediment leads to a night of unintentional comedy. The blend of ambition, performance anxiety, and unexpected laughter make for a classic episode.

This is easily a top 5 of the best-ever episodes because all of the best episodes are usually because of certain scenes, etc.

"The Green Green Grass of Home" almost had me "crying," let alone the performance itself.

21 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire An old friend offers Del the opportunity to become a millionaire by exporting diamonds from South Africa. Torn between loyalty to his family and the allure of wealth, Del faces a difficult decision. His ultimate choice reflects his true character, blending humor and sentimentality.

Originally penned as the last episode, but David Jason had a rethink. The character of Jumbo Mills is really funny, and the meeting he and Del had is hilarious.

Del - No Jumbo, I can't go, family ties.

Jumbo - Bring 'em with ya, put young Rodney on the payroll.

Del - Well, he does have 2 GCEs.

Jumbo - That doesn't matter. We'll find something for him to do.

22 As One Door Closes.... Del and Rodney find themselves in dire financial straits, attempting to sell some broken lawnmowers. An encounter with a butterfly collector leads to a risky venture involving rare butterflies, but the law of unintended consequences prevails in a typical Trotter twist.
23 Diamonds Are for Heather Del starts a relationship with a young woman named Heather, becoming close to her young son as well. But when Heather's ex-fiancé returns, Del must face the realities of love and commitment. This episode artfully blends romance, comedy, and a touch of heartache.
24 The Class of '62 An old school reunion brings together Del, Boycie, Trigger, and Denzil, but the arrival of a former classmate with a grudge leads to mystery and suspicion. Unresolved issues from the past resurface, leading to a dramatic reveal and a poignant reflection on friendship.
25 Strained Relations Following the death of Grandad, the Trotters are introduced to Uncle Albert, who quickly becomes a fixture in their lives. The episode explores themes of grief and acceptance, providing both touching moments and comedic relief as the family navigates a significant loss.

Pathos and humor are combined perfectly with the script and acting. Think of another comedy series or film where this combination is executed as well as in this episode?

Both poignant and funny. Real insight into Del's character. A very powerful performance by David Jason.

I'm Del Boy, ain't I? I've got more bounce than Zebedee. Awesome writing.

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