Best Boy Meets World Characters

A list of the people's favourite characters from 90s sitcom, Boy Meets World.
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1 Eric Matthews

I so love him ! I mean the fun is out without him I am actually pretty sad he didn't end up with anyone he really was such à good person with Kids like with tommy .While I admit eric was so funny in the last seasons I think his character was really underdeveloped with his own problems. He was shown as if he was only à clown and I loved that but there was so much more to him .

All time favourite character on this show, he's too funny, and Will Friedle is an amazing actor! My favourite mishap of his (currently) is when he finds a penny and becomes totally obsessed with it and has all the luck in the world, then he gives it to Corey to help with his fight with Topenga, it starts to storm and poor Eric gets struck by lightning twice (on the same spot!... Indoors while sitting on the rec centre couch! ) and when he said "Well, at least I didn't get wet" then the janitor comes and pours a bucket of water on his head! Eric Matthews is the best Boy Meets World character ever!

First seasons eric was so hot, but last seasons eric is a living cartoon character who makes me laugh every time he's on screen. I admit that when he got dumber he became my favourite character but I can't believe eric from season 1 and eric from season 7 are the same people. Anyway ERIC IS AWESOME! I'm not surprised to see him at the top ( although I love shawn ) because eric is the best character in boy meets world

Eric IS THE BEST! My favourite part was when he was angry at Topanga for beating him up, he was stalking her! I wish I could meet them...

2 Shawn Hunter

I think Shawn shows a lot of good examples of what other kids go through in life. I feel sorry for him whenever he gets down about his family. Other than being able to show everyone that life isn't all rainbows and romantic happiness to his friends, he has good morals and is very funny. He feels like people have given up on him but is able to continue and go on in life, because people who have been through a lot sometimes start to question about future pathways and sometimes give up on life. He is very talented at poetry and a good friend to Cory. Plus he has good hair

"Marry me! I live in a trailer park and have no education but my hair does this (swishes hair)" - One of the funniest lines from him.

I maayy have a tiny tiny little bit of a crush on him... He's the one who goes through the most. I think that there are a LOT of songs that fit him and what he's dealt with. For example: God's not done with you by Tauren Wells. All the fanfics I've read help with more: God only knows by For KING & COUNTRY, Burn The Ships by For KING & COUNTRY, and a zillion other songs. Can anyone else think of more? I know about 5 more, but if I list them, this would get loonng. He is the. Best. Character. Ever on Boy Meets World. Also, I have a bit of poetry too. Sorry if it's not so great... It doesn't rhyme, but it doesn't need to. Here it is:
Friends and money by Moira McMillen

A friend is like a flower, beautiful and precious. Money is like a weed, it can choke out the flowers and always comes back. Lose a friend, it may come back, but not as beautiful as before. Love the friends, not the money.
The end

So it's not so much of a poem as it is a different way of seeing ...more

Shawn is one of my favorites (other than Eric Matthews of course! ) because of what's on the inside of him, not the outside. So what if he peed on a police car? We have something called Car Washing. They shouldn't have to get arrested, but I see why he almost did, he and Cory were drunk, but anyways. I love Shawn because I know his life just as well as Topanga and the Matthews family.

He's a really strong character. (and the hair! ) I love how life kicks him in the face, and he struggles over the pain. While he's a bit dramatic, I feel that that adds to his charm (not to mention the hair! ). He and Cory are really close friends, and I admire that. (and did I mention the haaair?! ) He goes from sidekick to comic relief to inspirational character, and that's amazing to me. :) Rider Strong did amazing. Also, the HAAAIR!

3 George Feeny
4 Cory Matthews

Cory Matthews is the protagonist. We followed him through the worst of times and the best of times. Many people are probably judging on singular attributes of characters: Eric is the funniest; George Feeny is the wisest; Shawn Hunter is the most attractive. But Cory was often funny; he often had moments of wisdom; and I will simply say that attractiveness should not really dictate one's favorite character (this is just my opinion, I know). Along with these characteristics, Cory never stopped believing in love. Also, in his heart, he wanted to do what he thought was right. But along with these great qualities, he also had his struggles. Should he be good, or edgy and dangerous? Should he be a leader or a follower? Should he listen to his parents or ignore them? And let's not forget his patience with the sexual aspect of his relationship with Topanga; he wanted to give in multiple times, but he managed to wait until their marriage. I think we got so used to Cory as our protagonist, that ...more

I didn't think it would be so hard choosing between everybody. Cory was hilarious but had great storylines in boy meets world but he gave us pure comedy in Girl meets world

5 Topanga Lawrence Topanga Lawrence Matthews is a fictional character from the television series Boy Meets World and the spin-off series, Girl Meets World. She has been portrayed by Danielle Fishel throughout both series' run and has been a main character for most of the series.

I think topanga is smart and pretty. okay so during the first couple of seasons she was a little okay a lot weird but I still love her because her internal traits. she cares for people like cory and shawn. she is so much fun to be around. I love topanga lawrence matthews.

6 Jack Hunter
7 Johnathan Turner

An amazing human being. A wonderful teacher and was always hoping he would be Shawn's father. It always seemed like that is what he wanted. My all time favourite character on BMW.

8 Morgan Matthews

Lily Nicksay was crazy funny; great actress (even if she was VERY young).

9 Alan Matthews

Best dad. And now that I'm 30, I'll say it: handsome.

Best dad on a T.V. show ever

10 Stuart Minkus
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11 Angela Moore

Angela's and Cory's relationship was one of the more understated gems of the show. They had great chemistry and Angela was the perfection combination of fun and pragmatism and she would eventually contribute to one of Shawn's biggest emotional breakthroughs. Love her.

12 Amy Matthews
13 Eli Williams
14 Rachel McGuire
15 Harley Keiner
16 Chet Hunter
17 Frankie Stechino
18 Joey Epstein
19 Griff Hawkins
20 Jason Marsden
21 Janitor Bud
22 Lila Bolander
23 Joshua Matthews
24 Virna Hunter
25 Tommy Murphy
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