Top 10 Slugterra Slugs

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1 Infurnus

Infurnus is by far the best slug in the show because it is super rare with powerful moves that can take down many opponents. It looks awesome when transformed. When in a combo shot with another slug, Infurnus gives extra power. It was the first slug to Mega Morph, making it invincible. Plus, it is super cute and funny.

When Infurnus Mega Morphs, he is the best. He is better than all of the elementals. I am glad that he is in first place. I know why he is the best: because Will Shane taught him all of his tricks.

2 Tazerling

Tazerling is a powerful electric slug that is super speedy. It looks incredible when it transforms, and when it Mega Morphs, it is unstoppable!

Shocking news! Tazerling is very cute and has massive shocking attacks.

This slug is incredible! I hope he doesn't electrocute me.

3 Boon Doc

Boon Doc should be first as its powers are extremely extraordinary. It can cure people and heal ghouls. Burpy can't stop the Boon Doc, but only the Boon Doc can stop Burpy.

Why is it not number one? He is strong and is a good friend to people and slugs. He can give energy and therapy to slugs.

If it wasn't for this slug, Eli wouldn't have been able to save Slugterra. But Slug!

4 Crystalyd

Wow, I'm speechless. A drill can break Armashelt. Imagine Crystalyd with Forgesmelter. Crystalyd is basically a better Thresher with armor stronger than Armashelt.

You can never defeat this slug. My favorite one. It should be in first place. Even more precious if I became a slug slinger, I would start with Crystalyd. It is rare. That's why it is also given as a prize. This wins always.

Crystalyd is super cool. I love their colors, and they are great for surprise attacks.

5 Earth Elemental

The legendary Earth Elemental deals devastating damage, contorting the power of earth. It can knock almost all the slugs out by sending an earthquake or a sudden earth blast. It even knocked out Mega Morph Infurnus in Slug Fu Showdown, one of the strongest slugs ever.

The Earth Elemental can easily overwhelm any opponent.

A strong slug that can do massive damage - just what an elemental should be able to do.

6 Fire Elemental

The Fire Elemental is the best because in Slugterra: Slug it Out 2, it's a really, really good mix with Ghoul Fire Elemental, Infurnus, and all of the Elemental Fires. Fire is awesome in the game as it shoots big, big fireballs. It's just sick and can roast water.

The Water Elemental got its powers because it was once a normal slug that went into the shower or bath. When the owners got home, it transformed into a Water Elemental. Water, lol, what a dolphin!

The mythical Fire Elemental is a devastating slug which deals a lot of damage with its infinite fire blasts. Many slugs don't stand a chance (except water slugs like Mega Aquabeek), but it's very powerful.

7 Rammstone

It is very powerful. It has whipping rock balls and a deadly knockout punch.

8 Frostcrawler

Frostcrawler is an essential part of your team.

9 Enigmo

The Enigmo can show you the right slugs to fuse for the fusion blaster.

Very unique and useful as it can give double vision and can see the fusion slugs together.

Recommended in teams for fusion shots.

10 Arachnet

With its sticky web attack, it is very useful to climb up on the web and stuff, and it ties people together.

The Contenders
11 Armashelt

I took a test (what slug would be your best friend like Eli and Burpy), and I was Armashelt. They're tough, powerful, and the cutest slug - nice but strong.

Tough little slugs that are covered in metal armor.

12 Aquabeek

Packs a very strong and wet punch on land, but underwater is where this guy really shines.

When he transforms and another slug transforms, it turns that slug into a normal slug.

13 Geoshard

He can crystallize things. How awesome is that!

14 Bubbaleone

Bubbaleone is the best slug. He can win against his opponent. He is cute and strong.

He is the most bubbly slug. I love bubbles. His abilities are good.

The Bubbaleone is way better than everyone else.

15 Hoverbug

You can fly in space. Really!

16 Speedstinger

Speedstinger is very fast and can bounce. It can hit multiple opponents!

17 Frightgeist

There isn't really a defense for it if you get hit. Even Nacho was afraid when he got hit.

18 Thresher

Thresher is an OP slug. It can cut through solid metal in a split second.

19 Slyren

The best slug can turn the ice ogres asleep and can literally defeat the elementals just by putting them to sleep. Bam, done! Slyren wins - definitely the most powerful and my favorite slug.

20 Tormato

He can make twisters. His color is red, and my favorite color is red.

This slug looks dangerous, but it is amazing. I love him.

21 Flopper
22 Grenuke
23 Pieper
24 Fandango

Fandango is obviously the best. It can recharge slugs and pack a powerful punch when necessary. It garners attention, but Fandango is truly number one. Only the Stone Elemental beats it.

It has such great energy, and even though it is not the best, it should be in the top five.

He can grow energy to help slugs beat their opponents.

25 Flaringo

Infurnus gets all the attention. (SPOILER!) It has been revealed that Burpy is the only Infurnus in Slugterra. This means that for a basic fire slug, most slingers would rely on Flaringo.

Infurnus shouldn't be the only one getting attention. We should give some credit to the Flaringos too!

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