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1 Kinomoto Sakura

Sakura is a really sweet and cheerful girl, she is always so nice and friendly towards everyone, even to Syaoran who always sneers her.

Unlike some of the other shoujo main characters, Sakura isn't really crybaby, whinny, and weak instead she is actually quite determined, somewhat smart, and quite strong. She can capture the cards with her own wits and strength, even though she also needs some help from either Syaoran or Kero sometimes.

Yes, she has few weaknesses such as being scared of ghost, somewhat clumsy, and can be clueless on certain things but those are the things that make her somewhat more realistic.

2 Daidouji Tomoyo

Despite of her antics such as following Sakura wherever she goes while carrying her recorder to record Sakura's activities (especially when she is capturing the clow cards), actually Tomoyo is a really kind, caring, and supportive friend of Sakura. She is always there for Sakura no matter what, she and sakura has a really nice bond with each. Sakura also tries so hard to do everything for Tomoyo, in order to manifest her kindness towards everyone that she loves.

Plus, Tomoyo is also a really great clothing designer because she can made so many nice clothing for Sakura when she is on her card-capturing action. Most of her clothing designs ranging from cute to unique, especially the pink clothing that she made for her during the second movie to match with Syaoran's green clothing that Tomoyo also made.

3 Meiling Li

At first I didn't really like her, because she always clings to Syaoran and being so jealous towards Sakura or everyone who gets near to Syaoran. Actually, behind her clinginess and possessiveness towards Syaoran she is actually quite caring towards Syaoran due to the fact that she is Syaoran's cousin and she loves him.

Then throughout the series progressed, she slowly becomes more friendly and nicer towards Sakura and the others while she is slowly tried to not cling on Syaoran that much. At the end, she along with Sakura and Tomoyo can be really good friends with each other.

Even though she was heart broken when Syaoran said that he loves Sakura, but she slowly tried to accept his love for Sakura and being supportive towards Sakura's blossoming relationship with Syaoran. Syaoran too is also being so nice and caring to Meiling, despite the fact that he is annoyed with Meiling sometimes. Syaoran always views Meiling like she is his own sister, and he shows his brotherly side for Meiling especially in the later episodes.

4 Syaoran Li

He is my personal favorite character of the series, here are the reasons why I like him so much:

1. He was protective to Sakura all the time, even when they were still rivals.
2. He always helps Sakura to capture the cards.
3. He was the one who consoles Sakura when Yukito rejected her, he gave her the handkerchief.
4. He treats Meilin like she is his own sister even though he annoyed with her sometimes.
5. He helped Sakura to transform the last 2 cards (light and dark).
6. When Sakura doubts herself, he gave her some encouragement to get the job done.

5 Kero (Cerberus)

He is so funny, being glutton and obnoxious especially at the later episodes. His true form is also really awesome, he looks totally like a golden lion.

He's really cute and so funny! Always a charm to watch and read!

6 Naoko Yanagisawa
7 Kinomoto Touya

Touya can be a little jerky, especially towards Sakura because he likes to tease Sakura and calls her "monster." But actually, Touya really cares for Sakura and being protective to her ( even though his protectiveness towards her can be overboard at times).

I also like his close bond relationship with Yukito throughout the series, it was so heartwarming when Touya sacrifices his power in order to save Yukito.

8 Sasaki Rika
9 Chiharu Mihara
10 Kaho Mizuki
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11 Nakuru Akizuki (Ruby Moon)
12 Eriol Hiiragizawa

He is mysterious yet very gentlemanly, he is sneaky and crafty yet he is all around nice. Season 3 of Cardcaptor Sakura wouldn't be complete without him.

13 Yue

He is super cool, looks like an angel with his p long white hair. He is stoic and distant, but he is a really loyal person.

14 Tsukishiro Yukito

Yukito is a really nice guy, he smiles a lot and being friendly towards everyone. And his relationship with Touya is also quite interesting to watch.

15 Nadeshiko Kinomoto
16 Sonomi Daidouji
17 Takashi Yamazaki

He is the funniest supporting character ever, his lies are so hilarious in the later episodes. Without his lies, the show wouldn't be so funny and kind of boring.

Plus, he and Chiharu make a really hilarious couple.

18 Clow Reed
19 Suppi (Spinel Sun)
20 Fujitaka Kinomoto
21 Yoshiyuki Terada
22 Masaki Amamiya
23 Ms. Morita
24 Akiho Shinomoto
25 Yuna D. Kaito
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