Top 10 Best Dragon Ball Z Songs

This list is on the best songs/themes from the Dragon Ball Z series.
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1 Vegeta Super Saiyan Theme (First Time)

This happens when the coolest character in all of Dragon Ball Z turns into a Super Saiyan for the first time. The piano and everything make this song perfect for the moment it plays.

Vegeta is the best character in DBZ, and the best character deserves the best theme.

2 Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku (The Dragon Ball G.T Opening)

The very representation of Goku's life and accomplishments, a song that symbolizes his dedication to always go beyond his limits and seek the next challenge to overcome. This is also the theme song for his SSJ4 transformation, with a more calming and instrumental melody.

The calmer version is a fantastic way to showcase the ultimate, truly primal form of Super Saiyan. It's so powerful compared to all other forms that its own song is played in such awe and with a soothing demeanor. This is number one.

3 Cha-La-Head-Cha-La (Dragon Ball Z Opening)

Pumps you up with energy that embodies the themes of the show: hilarious antics, epic action, and unforgettable adventure. Truly a defining song for all of Dragon Ball.

4 Dragon Soul (Dragon Ball Z Kai)

I LOVE this song. It's the first Dragon Ball song I've ever heard, and it's so cheerful, energetic, and fun! It makes me happier every time I hear it, and it's SO electrifying!

5 Kyoufu No Ginyu Tokusentai
6 Gohan's Anger

Such an inspiring theme. It is played during two of the greatest moments in DBZ history:

1. Gohan on his way to becoming a SSJ2.
2. Gohan approaches Majin Buu.

Amazing beat and amazing motivation.

7 Perfect Cell Theme by Bruce Falcouner

It is an amazing theme by Bruce Faulconer and always gives me goosebumps. It is just awesome, heart-touching, and deep. I love to hear it. It should be in a higher spot in this countdown.

8 Dai Nijuuikkai Tenka - Ichi Budokai
9 Tenka Wakeme No Chou - Kessen
10 Super Saiyan Three Power Up

The best of all. It gives me goosebumps.

When this happens, Goku makes the earth tremble because of his enormous power.

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11 Mashinki No Nemuri Hime
12 Kono Yo de Ichiban Tsuyoi Yatsu
13 Kyoukugen Battaru! San Bai Suupa Saiya - Jin
14 Ginga Giri Giri!! Butchi Giri No Sugoi Yatsu
15 Ultimate Battle (Dragon Ball Super - Ultra Instinct Theme)

This is definitely my favorite and an instant classic.

This just lights a fire in my heart every time I hear this. It's like I'm the one fighting Jiren.

16 Goku's Super Saiyan Theme (First Time)

This happens in one of the most important events of all Dragon Ball Z!

17 Heroic Trunks Theme by Bruce Faulconer
18 Limit - Break x Survivor (Dragon Ball Super Opening)
19 Haran No Tenka - Ichi Budokai
20 Kamesennin Saigo No Mafuba
21 Cho - Zets☆dynamic! (Dragon Ball Super Opening)
22 Vegeta Hell's Bells Theme

This plays when Vegeta is displaying his prince of all Saiyans attitude.

23 Gohan Fights Frieza

This song is amazing because it plays when a little kid fights with an alien. This gives you goosebumps if you watch the show.

24 Light Pink (Dragon Ball Super Ending)
25 Ginyu's Theme

Starts off slow, then at the 20-second mark, BOOM, Ginyu starts swapping and the song starts echoing and goes intense.

The climax of this song amplifies the climax of the fights. Especially at Cell's end. A top 3 DBZ song.

When this happens, you're gripping your seat because you don't know what he is doing.

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