Top 10 Fairy Tail Openings

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1 Snow Fairy

Snow Fairy is the most popular Fairy Tail opening. It's not bad either.

Nice opening. Definitely shouldn't be number one

This song is really great...I love it so much!

2 Masayume Chasing

Masayume Chasing is my favorite opening ever since I heard it I listened to this every single day and I can sing Masayume chasing as well. - involves loads of Japanese words.

Sometimes it seems that my heart beats in the rhythm of this song. One of my favorite opening songs at all.

BEST! I love opening so MUCH! It gives me a feeling I can't put into words!

3 Strike Back

For me, Strike Back and Masayume Chasing are battling for #1 song in this series, tied right now as they are both amazing for different reasons.

This opening has a really epic video and I love the song! It's so catchy!

First time I heard it I couldn't stop replaying it I love this so much!

4 Towa No Kizuna

I love this opening! I have to limit the amount of times I listen to it a day, otherwise I would over play it!

Listening to the English version is very motivating.

I absolutely love to listen to this! Listen this 3+ times today. Never got bored

5 Believe in Myself

I love this opening! Especially the last when it says "you light my fire@ and Natsu and Lucy appear. *squeals*

Love the piano in the background. Makes the song not just epic, but also calm and soothing. Such a good song

It's the latest opening and it's totally awesome!

6 Never-Ending Tale

For me, it's the best opening! It's so bad ass! And it features the tartaros arc, which it added a lot of hype to the arc. The best!

Emotional, motivational overall, its just good, especially mard geer in the end.

7 F.T

Makes me drown in tears every time I hear it for some reason, I love it

8 Fiesta

When I watched the series the first time, it was my best. One of the best songs I've ever heard!

The up-beat tempo is just incredible! Definitely my favorite!

9 The Rock City Boy

Bleh people like this song! But it sucks! In my opinion it's the worst opening of all the Fairy Tail openings! So how is it number 4!

For me, it's #26. Yes, the song is stuck in my head but it's so cringe that I can't believe someone actually like it

Actually the best one, never gets out of my head.

10 Rockin Playing Game
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11 Evidence

I love the intro! The animation is amazing and the instruments blow me away! Love it!

12 I Wish

The song was crazy, seeing Mavis and Zeref walking on water was so cool. Especially the part when the people are holding hands.

13 Sense of Wonder

Inspiring! It's the Phantom Arc when Gajeel makes first appearance along with the Element Four!

I love how this opening show each character being happy, but reveals their underlying dark pasts

14 Break Out

I love this opening. It really is catchy. I may not be able to understand it but I like to listen to it a lot.

This song is and will forever be my favorite opening of fairy tail

15 Ashita Wo Narase

It's so awesome dude, v2 is amazing and shows so many cool scenes, and v1 is just perfectly executed, beggining drop was crazy.

As soon as I heard this opening... I was amazed and it became one of my favorites!

This is by far best op fairy tail have and it's one of my favourite op

16 Tenohira

I really love the visual! It's so cool to watch and somewhat emotional... ? Plus the song is really catchy. I can't stop watching this opening over and over again.

17 Yumeiro Graffiti
18 No Limit

One of the best openings. Really has a good sound for the climax of alvarez

19 Breakthrough

The greatest theme song with probably one of the best arcs during the time. The Grand Magic Games arc taught me a lot about how important friendship is and what it means to be a part of something that you call family, even if they aren't biologically. Because at the end of the day, love is what makes a family.

I love this song! How is it so low?

20 The Starting Sky
21 Egao No Mahou

It was so good and through out all the good new intros it still beats them all

I love this arc it this op along with the ending hade me thinking bout wendy

22 Power of the Dream
23 Mysterious Magic

It has this sense of suspense and beauty to it, I just love it!

Wendy waving is one of the best things in any fairy tail opening

24 We are Down by Law

Catchy song, clean animation, and it showcases the story for the arc well!

25 More Than Like

Honestly, I almost cried when I first heard this opening. one of the best

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