Top 10 Best Modern Family Characters

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1 Phil Dunphy

I love Phil. He's the perfect mix of funny and just an overall kind, caring guy who loves everyone.

Phil is the character that keeps the show running. He's super funny. Phil is and always Will be my favorite character

I just really love the way he answers the phone, to be honest.

2 Gloria Pritchett

She is Hilarious! Definitely brings life to what would be a miserable show with Claire's vindictive nature. Totally could have done without Julie Bowan. Should have casted someone else IMMEDIATELY.

I loved her whole deal. And her English mess-ups were the best!

She is so funny and the way she supports Manny is wonderful.

3 Cameron Tucker

Farm boy turned city man. Quietly strong but also extremely flamboyant!

Cam is so striking cos he's playing 2 characters at once, and doing both beautifully!

4 Jay Pritchett

He was such a funny clash between dad and grandpa. Definitely one of my favorites.

Rock steady head of house. Low his strength and humor.

He is just the best all around rough around the edges father figure

5 Claire Dunphy

She's a model businesswoman! Girl power.

6 Mitchell Pritchett

Even though everyone thinks that Mitch is to sarcastic, but that is what I love about him.

He's great, and his sarcasm is everything!

I love him and his sense of humour!

7 Luke Dunphy

Top 10 Modern Family Characters:

11. Hayley: To be honest, I just chose her because I hate Alex, Dylan, and Joe (especially Alex), and there's literally no one else on the show.

10. Jay: I really liked him at first... But later, he becomes a little - scratch that, VERY - annoying.

9. Claire: Didn't like her at first, and even now she's a little "meh" for me, but she's higher than Hayley and Jay because in the later seasons she becomes a better character, and THOSE Halloween EPISODES.

8. Gloria: She's alright. That's all I'm gonna say.

7. Phil: Okay, in the first season, he was my favorite; however, like Jay, he becomes VERY annoying. But I still like him.

6. Mitchell: 2ND FUNNIEST CHARACTER ON THE SHOW (but not the best)!

5. Cameron: Remember what I said about Mitchell? Well, I take it back! Cameron is the 2ND FUNNIEST CHARACTER ON THE SHOW (but still not the best)!

4. Lily: Remember what I said about Mitchell and Cameron? Well, Lily is the 1ST FUNNIEST CHARACTER ON THE SHOW (but still not the best)!

3. Manny: Why do people hate Manny? He was so funny and adorable as a little kid! Whatever happened to that Manny? The only time I hated him was his improv and that whole Sherry thing, but otherwise, Manny is a really funny character and the 4th funniest character on the show (I'd tell you who 1st, 2nd, and 3rd were, but you guys already know). In fact, if it weren't for Sherry or improv, he would be my number 1. But alas, there's one character that's better...

2. Alex: This character is just perfect. NOT! J.K. Remember my thing about Hayley? I said I hate Alex (and Dylan and Joe, but I said ESPECIALLY Alex)? WELL I DO HATE ALEX! She's a stuck-up know-it-all whose jokes are never funny and doesn't know what to do with her life! Ariel Winter had a good performance as this character, but it didn't save Alex. I HATE ALEX! Anyway, the real best Modern Family character is...

1. Luke:... more

8 Haley Dunphy

What a character arc! She got to be so awesome towards the end.

She was pretty eh in seasons 1-4 but season 5-now she is awesome and great

9 Alex Dunphy

Uh... Because she's awesome? 'enough said.

I would like to be here smart cute funny.

Her snakiness and jokes about the dumbness of her family makes the show.

10 Manny Delgado

He is the best! Just because you uncultured swines don't get his humor, you say he's the worst!

Manny is the coolest and has the best sense of humor!

I relate to Manny so much! He's the best!

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11 Dylan Marshall
12 Lily Tucker-Pritchett

"Are we talking about Larry?" Lily naming her brother who never excited. I laughed for days. That language episode was good too. When she swore to make cameron happy.

Let's just say there was one episode in Season 3 with... "Colorful language"... I believe we all know which episode this is. That was Lily at her finest, she is the best character on the show. People say that Lily and Haley are similar, but I think I found the difference: Lily used her time to be a hilarious character, while Haley is just annoying imao.

13 Andy Bailey

He was great with kids and super cute. Great addition to the show.

14 Joe Pritchett

Over the seasons, he gets more and more funny. I love it when he was biting Manny's study partner Olive's leg. I'm actually glad that happened because Manny was making him be cute for his own sake

He's soo cute! Even when he's being mischievous.

15 Stella

I mean there is no explanation needed she is the cutest dog ever.

A dog. Dogs are the best, also the bit in S3 (i think) where she kept jumping in the pool

16 Pepper Saltzman
17 Sonia Ramirez
18 Pam Tucker

We never get to see her but she's pretty underrated.

19 DeDe Pritchett
20 Vincent (Shorty)
21 Gil Thorpe
22 Desiree
23 Ronnie LaFontaine
24 Amber LaFontaine
25 Principal Brown
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