Top 10 Best Courage the Cowardly Dog Episodes

Courage the Cowardly Dog is a unique 1999 animated television series about an anthropomorphic dog named Courage who, despite his fearful nature, bravely defends his owners - an elderly farming couple - from various paranormal villains and oddball menaces that seem to gravitate toward their quaint home in the middle of Nowhere.

You might remember episodes that were hilariously funny, others that had a wickedly dark tone, or those with that creative spark and interesting plots that kept us glued to our screens. We all have those episodes that resonate with us, making us feel like Courage, reflecting on beauty and indulging in a bit of tutti frutti! And let's not forget those episodes that were perfectly made, featuring wonderful action and excellent music, setting the mood for our fearless - or rather, very fearful - hero's adventures.
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1 King Ramses' Curse

Nice one. It gave me nightmares for a very long time when I was 6 - 7 years old. This was plain terrifying until I was like 12. When I was 12, I realized it wasn't as scary because it had terrible computer-generated images.

This was a perfect combination of horror and comedy. King Ramses was scary, the story was good, and it wasn't as mean-spirited as other episodes with Eustace. Freaky Fred was like that, too.

It wasn't that scary. Though, I'll give credit. The music and visuals make for a dramatic and intense atmosphere.

2 Remembrance of Courage Past

A great origin story with intricate artwork.

A great backstory episode for Courage. Well done, Courage, well done.

3 The Mask

To be honest, the only episode that sticks out in my memory is the one with Katz' theme. The surreal nature of the plot, along with the vibe and imagery Bunny's apartment flat gives off, was bitter-sweet. I find myself going back and re-watching this episode time and again.

This episode was the best because it was the darkest, most realistic episode in the entire series. I felt sorry for Kitty. I think we all would feel the same way if we ever lost our best friend like that.

This show was never afraid to tackle topics like the ones shown in this episode, and it always handled them very respectfully. This is hands-down my personal favourite of the series.

4 Courage in the Big Stinkin' City
5 The Last of the Starmakers

One of my favourite Courage episodes. The music and the plot of the mother squid going through so much to make sure her babies hatch and continue to make stars after she's gone is way too emotional. There was not a bad moment in this episode, and that intro made me tear up.

Good episode. Quite touching. I like how the monster of the week wasn't bad, just in need for her kids.

Cried like a newborn baby from the feels this episode gave me, that's all.

6 The Demon in the Mattress

This is without a doubt the best parody of The Exorcist I've ever seen. By far, the best episode.

7 Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog
8 Perfect

The blue guy was weird, but it helped the episode. So the sad CGI trumpet creature shows you ain't perfect. By the end of the episode, Courage learns from a fish that it's okay not to be perfect. The teacher was good too. She helped Courage realize what the fish said. She's indeed a good villain, presenting us with freaky and saddening stuff.

Over the series' course, Courage gets over Eustace putting him down, and at the very end, we hear Courage laughing at the audience, and the fish giving a thumbs up. The series ends (unless the Fog of Courage counts) on a happy note with Courage mastering probably one of his biggest insecurities.

9 The Tower of Dr. Zalost

Awesome dark tone, excellent music, interesting plot, creative villain, wonderful action, a good resolution, and absolutely hilarious the whole way. This episode is just perfectly made.

10 Queen of the Black Puddle

This is easily my favourite, along with Courage in the Big Stinkin' City and Demon in the Mattress. It's creepy, engaging, and great for starters.

This episode is so freaky.
Think about it: a sea demon that eats men.
Scary, huh?

The Contenders
11 A Night at the Katz Motel
12 House of Discontent

The scariest episode ever. Eustace, Muriel, and Courage are haunted by the spirit of the harvest moon, a nightmarish, live-action, black-and-white, disembodied head that commands the family to leave the farm. It gave us all nightmares as kids.

13 Freaky Fred

The singing children part was creepy.

14 Ball of Revenge
15 The Hunchback of Nowhere

The scene with the Hunchback telling Eustace he is bald was the best roast I've seen in a long time!

Teaches that beauty is on the inside more than the outside.

16 Invisible Muriel
17 Human Habitrail

Although not among the most scary episodes, this is definitely a classic.

18 Little Muriel
19 Windmill Vandals

Probably the most terrifying episode. Another masterpiece by Bill Marsilii.

20 The Clutching Foot
21 The Sand Whale Strikes
22 Dome of Doom
23 The Quilt Club
24 Heads of Beef
25 Snowman's Revenge
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