Top Ten Best Dance Moms Group Dances

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1 Suicide Hotline

In my honest opinion, I think that the girls danced beautifully. Even though there were only four of them, it was so beautiful and meaningful.

Suicide Hotline is such an emotional and beautiful dance. The music was great and fit the theme of the dance. All of them did great. The acting was incredible, and the intention of the dance was full of purpose. I really believe that this dance may have saved lives.

I loved this dance. I was going through an existential crisis and a pretty bad time when I first saw it, so it really made an impact on me.

2 Boss Ladies

I loved this dance because it was just so good. It was Maddie and Mackenzie's last dance, and they blew it out of the park with a hip hop routine.

Boss Ladies was amazing. Maddie and Mackenzie, it was their last dance. They went out there with a hip hop routine and beat everyone else! It was awesome.

This is one of the only dances that I tried to do. I judge myself a 0. This dance is amazing, full of energy.

3 Where Have All the Children Gone?

This dance gives me the chills because it was so good, and the acting was amazing.

This dance gave me chills and is one of my all-time favorites!

A longtime favorite of mine. Just so chilling.

4 Amber Alert

I'm recently obsessed with this dance. The song is amazing, the costumes are beautiful, and the story is extremely important. The dance did all of these points justice.

Definitely a favorite! The story was so emotional, and the dance was so captivating that I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Loved the ending as well!

The acting! It was amazing. I mean, it won nationals! I love that group dance. Everyone was wonderful. I think this was definitely a great one!

5 The Last Text

Breathtaking performance. All the girls had incredible facial expressions and really told the story. Great dance, my favorite.

I think the girls really put a lot of work into the facials to make it dramatic, and it paid off. Chills. Paige was great!

The Last Text was an amazing dance, but I think that Paige Hyland could have had a better part.

6 Always a Bridesmaid

I can't believe this isn't first. Even though Jojo forgot a little part in the dance, the facials were absolutely outstanding, the girls looked gorgeous, the song was perfect for the dance, and the choreography was so well thought out. This was definitely my most favorite dance in Dance Moms history!

It was awesome! I loved all the facial expressions and the acting! This one would have won first no matter where the competition was!

Loved it! Such an awesome performance.

7 Blush and Bashful

The song and the dancing combined is so beautiful. It's my personal favorite!

8 Rosa Parks

So meaningful, and it was great that Abby choreographed a dance like this so the girls could understand what it means to be an artist. Beautiful work on Nia's part for really selling the role. My favorite part of this dance was when Maddie walked on Nia's back because it was just so powerful!

This dance evoked so many emotions, one of which must have left the judges thinking about that one performance. I think this is one of those performances. It reminds us of history and how things have changed. It brings happiness and sadness. Nia did excellently as the lead as well. Usually, I don't agree with her wild ethnic dances, but this one was beautiful. When Maddie walks on Nia's back, oh my gosh. Speechless. Amazing dance.

9 Pretty Reckless

I love the dance. Everyone had beautiful emotion, and it shows how dangerous driving can be. Abby did a great job choreographing this dance.

It's an amazing dance and really teaches people lessons. The choreography is great, one of the best dances I've seen ALDC perform.

10 Beautiful Bizarre

Very different from what they usually do, so it was very refreshing! The girls adapted well to the changes and performed it with sophistication and sass.

I loved it to death! It may not have won first, but it was my favorite! All the tricks and sass!

Please do another like this!

Just like the name of the dance, it is beautiful but bizarre. This dance is super eye-catching. Great job, girls!

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11 Family Court

I think it is so cool how they pulled this number off!

This was a beautiful dance. It was emotional.

12 Stomp the Yard

The girls had so much fun with this dance, and my top five is as follows:

1. Stomp the Yard
2. The Last Text
3. Where Have All the Children Gone
4. Suicide Hotline
5. Boss Ladies

I can't believe this dance wasn't first, and the costuming was amazing! It definitely has my vote.

It's beautiful! Maddie's turns near the beginning are nearly flawless, and all of the girls rocked that solo! In my opinion, Maddie did really well in that group dance, and it was one of her best.

Look it up, ladies! This dance is amazing and entertaining, while maintaining technique. It tells a story and is one of my favorites by far!

13 The Waiting Room

THIS IS AN AMAZING DANCE! I don't know how they placed second. It was an emotional dance that touched my heart. The facial expressions made me cry. It was so relatable. I think this is my favorite dance.

I love The Waiting Room. The costumes and expressions and all. If this was a movie, I'd be thrilled to watch!

The acting was incredible and gave me chills. I loved every aspect of this performance!

14 The Bite
15 The Witches of East Canton
16 Home Again

Just such a beautiful piece of art! The meaning behind this dance is so powerful, and Abby choreographed it amazingly!

17 Trapped

Loved the facial expressions here. Maddie and Chloe both did great jobs of telling the story! Beautiful!

Chloe was amazing as the lead. Thought she was great in the dance and deserved the lead role.

Trapped was good. I thought Maddie and Chloe were beautiful.

18 Private Eyes

It's so fun to watch. Everyone is amazing in it.

19 Don't Fence Me In

I love the way the girls acted out the story! It could be interpreted literally or with a deeper meaning. Great job, girls!

It was a great dance. They were great.

20 Is There Still Hope?

How is this #35? This dance was amazing. It deserves to be higher.

This was such a meaningful dance, and it left me in tears.

It was the best dance on the entire show.

21 The Domino Effect

One of my all-time favorite dances they've done! The costumes were gorgeous, and so was the choreography!

I loved the idea of the dance. Kendall really did amazing. I think the girls enjoyed this one!

22 Free at Last
23 Electricity

Great dance. It was upbeat and got lots of attention. Paige and Chloe loved the costumes.

This was awesome. Where Have All the Children Gone and The Last Text are better, though.

They danced well, plus most of them loved their costumes.

24 The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden was beautiful! From the costumes to the makeup to the dance itself - stunning. Kalani and Maddie really shined here.

The Rose Garden is amazing! I absolutely loved it.

25 Twilight

I think Twilight is one of the best dances. It definitely deserves top five. Cassandra Kubinski's music is amazing. The choreography was flawless and elegant. The girls and Nick were amazing, their technique was perfect and they told the story. Very well done! My personal favorite.

One of my favorites! The music was beautiful along with the choreography. Love when the other girls dance as well but I think this was the perfect trio of girls, along with Nick, to really perform this piece the way it needed to.

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