Top Ten Questions You Should Think About In Dragon Ball Z

DBZ maybe a good anime but there are big questions that are never explained.
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1 How did Garlic Jr. escape the Dead Zone in season 4?

If you watch the DBZ dead zone movie, Garlic Jr was pushed into to the dead zone he created by Gohan and it was stated in the movie that no one cannot escape from the dead zone if they are sucked in. So how the heck did he escape? That was something that bugged me.

2 Why does everyone call #17 and #18 androids when they are clearly Cyborgs?

Even Dr. Gero call them androids. Smartest scientist in the world my a$$.

3 How did Goten and Kid Trunks became Super Saiyans easily in their early age?

It took Frieza to make Goku one and Gohan had to struggle to become a super saiyan and so did Vegeta. So how did Goten become a super saiyan just by training with Chi-Chi? Chi-Chi is the most worthless character in dragon ball z and it took HER? Really? And Kid Trunks just... Became one and it was never explained. Major plot hole.

Hybrids have a higher potential than full blooded saiyans.

Huge potential, and for the sake of the plot.

4 If the black star dragon balls were so dangerous in Dragon Ball GT, why didn't nobody destroy them?

I mean all the madness in Dragon Ball GT would have been avoided if soneone destroyed the black star dragon balls and then everyone can get on with their lives. Can anyone explain that?

Again, for plot's sake. If they had done so, there would be no Dragon Ball GT. by the way isn't this list about DBZ? Why's GT here?

5 How come Gohan became freaking awsome in the bad future but became worthless in the good future?

Simple reason. He slacked off in the time of peace, since the Earth wasn't threatened. In the future timeline, he was forced to train in order to protect people from the androids. It's the circumstance that influenced his character.

In the History of Trunks movie, everyone died except for Trunks, Bulma, Chi-Chi, Ox King, and Gohan. Look at him in that movie, he was so badass but sadly he died too. Now look at him in season 7, he's a joke compared to bad future Gohan. So... What?

6 What's up with Goku's backstory?

You can't expect every single superhero to be completely different from each other, geez. Just a small similarity wouldn't make the whole series a rip-off.

Think about it, his backstory is a exact rip off of Superman's backstory.

7 Who is Videl's mom?

The people of earth shoudl know that hercuel didn't save them in my opinion! Even oif he did, beat cell, which he didn't, if all of cell's moves and abilities were tricks then their wouldn't have ebeen a point because cell wouldn't have been able to destroy the planet! Cell could have destroyed the planet because his moves and abilities are not tricks but Hercule convinced everyone else that they are tricks!

All we know is that Hercule is Videl's dad. So who is the mom? Did Hercule just found one of his biggest fans and just banged em? They never explain it.

8 Why does Frieza keeps coming back to life and then dying over and over again?

Let me show you how many times Frieza cameback to life and died:

DBZ season 4
DBZ: Fusion Reborn
Dragon Ball GT
Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 OVA movie
Dragon Ball Z: The revival of F

Okay look I get that Frieza is a iconic villain but twice is enough. Why bring him back do many times?

They've run out of ideas, apparently. And you're counting everything related to Dragon Ball Z, even the movies and fillers, so of course Frieza will come back a lot. In the original manga he never came back to life, not even once.

9 Why didn't Goku become a Super Saiyan God against Omega Shenron?

I know how Goku need to become one but Battle of Gods is cannon to Dragon Ball GT. So why didn't Goku just ask everyone to help him become a Super Saiyan God so he can beat Omega Shenron without the fusion? Did anyone ever thought about that after watching the movie?

GT is non-canon, and it's made way before anybody even thought of making Super, so of course Goku never became a SSG in his fight against Omega Shenron! GT and Super are separated series.

GT was made in 1996, Super Saiyan God was made in 2013. Not about canon or non canon

10 What is a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan?

In the new DBZ movie coming soon, they confirmed Goku a new transformation called Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. That is so lazy... He is just a super Saiyan god but only with blue hair. And on top of that, he's a huge rip off of Hyper Sonic from Sonic 3 & Knuckles. So DBZ rip off something from sonic and it's Hyper Sonic... What?!

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11 If Bardock is the first Super Saiyan, why does his first form look like Super Saiyan 2?

It doesn't. Super Saiyan 2's hair is more spiky, and they have lightnings surrounding them.

12 If Gogeta can kill Omega Shenron with a finger, why did he need a Big Bang Kamehameha to kill him?
13 Why was the x10 Kamehameha blue instead of red in GT?
14 Why was the Galick Gun blue in GT?
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