Top Ten Worst Things About the Show "Bella and the Bulldogs"

This is a current show on Nick, and the channel is honestly getting worse and worse. This show is a perfect example of it.
The Top Ten
1 The plot

A girl cheerleader being a quarterback. This might not sound like the worst idea ever, but if you watch an episode, you will see how terrible the plot is.

This show sucks, and I mean it really sucks. the plot is terrible and nobody knows what they are doing!

Yes, the plot is absolutely horrific.

2 The writing

The storylines are all too often instigated by the character's own stupidities.

Take the "Tornado Afraido" episode for example, Pepper is worried that it will ruin her birthday party, so Bella tries to throw one for her in the gym which results in her getting stuck in the rafters and needing the wimpy Newt to come help her, and Sophie and Troy arguing over how to bake a cake (though I don't see why that would happen anyway since EVERYONE on the face of the planet knows the right way to do this).

Other episodes instigated by the stupidity of the main characters include Pretty In Stink, Incomplete Pass, Third Degree Ba-Burn, Accept No Substitutes, etc.

3 It's extremely unrealistic

I'm just seeing one of the episodes now, and it's something about not washing for five days? And after those five days, Bella looks like a cavewoman that swam in a bog pool. Which is bull. After five days, you'd just have slightly greasy hair, that's all.

Once again, I will bring up the fact that Bella threw one ball that practically convinced the coach. The plot itself would never actually happen in real life.

They were too lazy to get a real sized field.

4 The humor

Bella and the Bulldogs or 2 Broke Girls? Whoch way to torture myself? I'm gonna go with the waitresses...

Or should I even call it that. This show is NOT funny whatsoever.

5 Stereotypes

I'm sick of cheerleading being represented so... Juvenilely in every show ever. I'm not even a cheerleader, but anyone whose seen a real cheerleading routine knows its far more than yelling "Go team! ". In fact, it's probably harder than football.

I'm sick of Texas being stereotyped this way. Multiple times, this show HAS to bring up how they are from Texas, using stuff like "Go big because we are from Texas! " or something like that.

Texas, girls, football players, teenagers, cheerleaders, and fans of good shows can all be offended by this show.

6 Bella

I find the character of bella very offencive. at first the idea of her sounded cool to me because I am a big football fan and a girl. but when I was watching the show I was shocked to see that the writers barely know what a tomboy is! She dresses in pink dresses and bedazzled her football which a real tomboy would never do. I'm a girl who wants to play football and bella and the bulldogs is just making a fool of tomboys like me.

She makes the show worse than it already is. Who in the HECK would tell guys their biggest fear after talking to them ONCE? She claims to be a tomboy, but she doesn't act like it. Sure she plays football, but she isn't a true tomboy.

7 The acting

These actors have no talent (though the girl who plays Pepper was good in the reptile club election episode of Jessie) and Lilimar is the ugliest Nick actress the company has EVER hired! Seriously, she looks like a man in drag.

Apart from Lilimar and Buddy Handleson, this show has some terrible actors. The guy that plays Sawyer's Texas accent is just so fake, you'd swear he thinks Texas is a brand of yogurt.

Just like with every other show, the actors can't act. They aren't the worst actors I have ever seen, but they aren't great either.

8 The creepy reporter guy
9 It brings the quality of Nick down even farther

Seriously, ever since iCarly and Victorious were cancelled, Nickelodeon has gone completely downhill. Nicky Ricky Dicky & Dawn, The Thundermans, and Henry Danger are okay, but not this one. This is the worst show ever!

Seriously, the shows are bad on this channel nowadays. There is Henry Danger, The Thundermans, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn, Sanjay and Craig... And now this.

10 It's sexist

Shes such a girly girl. They could've made her like buttercup from ppg or terry the tomboy.

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11 The ages of the actors

What I mean by this is that this show has the characters in middle school, when the actress who plays Bella is 15. 15 is a high school age.

Bella's 15? In my opinion, she acts more like a 21 year old.

12 The theme song

The theme song for this show sounds like one of those songs that back in 1st, 2nd maybe 3rd Grade, the girls would love but that was never the same story for us boys back then, so why would it be the same story now. Seriously, the people that like this show are probably a bunch of seven-year-old girls.

13 The fact that people think it's legendary

This show is no different than the rest of the crap Nick plays. So why people won't let us hear the end of it's "positive messages" is beyond me, but I do know it's annoying.

14 Toilet humor
15 Unoriginal Ideas

I mean, how many shows are there about girls surpassing their "limits" and being tomboy-ish? Lots of them.

16 Bratty kids

Bella is just some lame-brain Barbie doll that acts like she can do whatever she wants.

17 It crams morals down your throat

I'm not saying that Nicky Ricky Dicky & Dawn is the best show to ever come into existence and it's definitely no Drake & Josh, iCarly or Victorious but at least it has morals at the same time as not cramming them down our throats the way this garbage does.

There seriously should be a Top Ten list of shows that cram morals down your throat, because I would put this show and Good Luck Charlie on it in a heartbeat.

Oh great. Another show that won't let us hear the end of its" perfectness" just like Good Luck Charlie.

18 The laugh track

I agree with the two people that said that this show isn't funny (and I honestly don't get why this show's fans think it's so hilarious) but I also wanted to expand on that, and mention that the laugh track for this show is just like almost every other modern Nick show - it plays at EVERYTHING!

19 It's mean-spirited

What I mean by this as that this is supposed to be another one of those stories about a girl who's always dreamed of doing something amazing in life and has these people that tell her she'll never make it. What is it about these stories that makes it sweet?

20 The main characters

I hate the main characters on this show. They are stupid and annoying as heck. Only one I can stand is Sawyer. enough said.

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