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1 Josh is Done

Before looking at this list, I didn't think of this particular episode as the absolute best Drake and Josh episode, but after reading the comments and reflecting on what made this episode so essential... I think I actually agree. This was the absolute pinnacle of the series, plot-wise, character-wise and message-wise. Drake and Josh is often incredibly silly, but every now and then delivered a powerful message about treating others with kindness and respect, whatever your social status may be.

Bell and Peck's acting chops are at their peak here. When Drake finally breaks down in the lab and confronts Josh on how much he needs him... I'd be lying if I said that scene didn't make me emotional. And that final sequence with the brothers playing ping pong... It was a wonderful reminder that forgiveness exists and it's possible to make up for your past wrongdoings.

What a show. What an episode. "Josh is Done" is Dan Schneider at his finest. Well done to everyone who had a part ...more

One thing I liked about this episode is even the previous times Drake caused Josh trouble wasn't enough, they still give Josh enough of a reason to do this to him even if Drake never caused him trouble in any other episode. Drake forces Josh to play ping pong with him instead of letting him study for his test ditches him leaving him with no ride making him late for his test. This causes Josh to have to miss his exam make it up on a Saturday at 6 am and gets reduced a letter grade. Josh is furious at Drake and Drake doesn't even know why. To make it up to him, Drake buys (stole) Josh a sit and bounce. A toy for 8 year olds. That's enough of a reason for Josh to be done alone let alone all the previous times.

A sad episode but has a good moral to it.

When the series began, Josh was presented as the nerd who was weird and unpopular, whereas Drake was the attractive womanizer who got everything handed to him. But then it turns out that Josh grew up a handsome cultured interesting and attractive man while Drake has stayed the same.

It reminds me a lot of myself and this jock who went to high school with me. He would always one-up me and outperform me in everything. Now, I'm happy with who I am and who I grew up to be. While he is still in his 20's acting like a 16 year old kid.

The nerds prevail... eventually.

Yes. This is one of my favorite episodes. It really broke my heart when Drake had meltdown in class. It really showed how sorry he was and how bad he really felt. And then in the end, Josh forgave him and they went back to being the loving brothers they were before. I honestly can't stop re-watching it.

2 Megan's New Teacher

So many funny moments like everyone thinking Josh is a hobo when he is dressed like Einstein, the Josh piƱata, Drake making shadow puppets with the light. It's also is nice to see Josh torment Megan for once by giving her ridiculous assignments and embarrassing her in front of her class. It's also amusing to see the way Megan gets Josh fired.

Hilarious! My favorite parts are: 1. Megan pulling Josh's pants down and Drake saying "you got pantsed! ", and 2. Where Megan tries to get Josh fired from his teacher job. I'm telling you, it's funny.

This episode is a good episode for 2 main reasons. 1. Megan and Drake team up on Josh and 2.the pranks they pull on Josh and another reason is watching the pranks.

I drake and Josh and I am eating Apple jacks.

3 Steered Straight

This should be 1. I loved when Josh sneezed on the phone. He came up with the lamest excuse by saying it was allergy season.

This episode is nowhere near superfluous. It's on my word a day calendar. THAT I STOLE!

Jefferson Steelflex and Alvin Yakitori has to be Drake's best idea ever.

It has so many funny quotes!

4 Megan's First Kiss

I love drake Josh Zack Cody and all of it I have no sister and brothers I have cousions. I wish your my brother. Drake and Josh you and Josh are brothers drake and you and drake are brothers josh I love going shopping you now which store I like is Wal-Mart they have many toys there and cupcake and cookies. And I like to go to the mall a lot and I like go to sunglass I ride all the rollercoaster superman and others a one but I don't. Now what it is call I like. The boat one it is very scary. In side

Has one of my favorite moments in Nickelodeon history, when Drake & Josh are dressing as foreign men. It's so damn funny!

Megan has been my favourite character in the whole series and I really like her episodes very much. it was really a nice episode for me.

I think this is the funniest of all Drake and Josh episodes. The outfits are amazing. andI couldn't stop laughing!

5 Foam Finger

So hilarious that this should be #1. My favorite part is when Drake moves all his stuff (including the foam finger that Josh RECENTLY ripped up) in the living room, to the bathroom, to Megan's room!

I like when Josh says form finger and it is so funny.

Megan is iconic

6 The Bet

I always come back to this episode. This episode was so memorable. There were such funny moments, which is the biggest reason why I come back to this episode. The funniest moment is probably when Josh grabbed his Game Sphere and rocked back and forth saying, "Game Sphere" whenever Josh says the Game Sphere is SPHERICAL! Also, when Drake hits Josh's hand with the textbook, if you look closely (not that closely) you can see that Drake didn't actually hit Josh's hand. One final thing is that Josh technically lost the bet because he caved in, he just didn't actually play. Something I'll always wonder is that when Megan made the contract, everyone was confused about the dying their hair pink. Did Megan write "dye", which would make sense since she spellchecked but everyone was confused, or did she write "die", which would also make sense because everyone was confused, but she said she spellchecked. The most ironic thing is that their mom looked the most ridiculous when everyone dyed their ...more

The first truly great Drake and Josh episode. While it may lack the moving, meaningful messages of later episodes, this is Drake and Josh comedy at its finest. The plot is perfection and the actors' execution of the script is phenomenal, resulting in some of the most hilarious moments in Nickelodeon history. I'll never forget the smile brought to my face when Drake walks into their room to find a candy wonderland, with a beaming Josh Wonka to boot. So many laughs. I watch it every time I see it on T.V..

I loved the part when Megan tricked them all "it doesn't matter who caved first" and when the parents said "you have to honor a commitment" then Megan said "yeah about that, dad you bet on josh mom you bet on drake, you both caved"

Probably one of the best episodes of the series, it's such a funny episode!

7 Drake and Josh Go Hollywood

This is the best drake&josh movie ever! I also found out that the movie is going to air again on Nickelodeon again this saturday night @8-7pmc how exciting! So don't forget to watch the movie if your one of the kids that haven't seen drake&josh before saturday night is your chance to see it! Rock on drake&josh! P.S. I love you drake bell!

This is exactly what the Drake and Josh Christmas special should've been like. It had that feeling of a T.V. special that better suited the direction we'd become familiar with and loved along the way; and the plot is silly but smart enough that it's an absolute treat to watch.

I haven't seen it and I'm almost 9 but my dad wont let me see the show. I'm looking everywhere on YouTube but all of them say "click the link." it it recorded on the T.V. except I told you my dad wont let me see it. I bet this is the best drake and josh movie

Where's my Applesauce?!
Could somebody please give him his applesauce.
You already ate your applesauce.
Then where are my pills.

8 Helicopter

Amazing episode, one of the funniest of the series. From Drake winning the contest to Josh going up in the Helicopter with him is hilarious. When they accidentally push the instructor out and the ensuing chaos is awesome. THen the end is hilarious with the 400,000$ bill for the helicopter.

This is by far the most hysterically funny episode of this show. I laugh my head off every time I watch Drake and Josh start panicking in the helicopter. For once on a sitcom I laughed along with the laugh-track every time! What a hilarious episode.

I was laughing my head off when I first saw this episode. An instant classic.

We're on E
Well maybe E means extra fuel!

9 Helen's Surgery

Oh, this the best by far! (in my opinion). Helen is brilliant, I love how she loves Drake and isn't so keen on Josh. Josh: "How did you afford this house? " Helen:"Is that your buissness? " Drake: "How do you afford it? " Helen: "Well I'll tell you, Drake. " Hilarious!

Helen's surgery is my favorite because drake is so funny in this one well josh is pretty funny to but I love the part where josh tells drake to stay with Helen but he goes home cause he forgot his swimsuit. That show was comedy GOLD. And I'm really sad that its not on anymore but that's OK!

I Love this episode one of my favorite episode. I love when Drake, Helen, and Josh start dancing. It's was funny when Drake put his mouth on the soda nozzle.

Helens surgery is my favourite episode of drake and josh. The best part is helen had no idea what was goig on the Best Show ever!

10 Blues Brothers

This has everything a good Drake and Josh episode should have, a great plot a lot of funny jokes(especially the twitch), a brotherly conflict between Drake and Josh and it never feels slow or tedious. It even has a great music number to boot. This is definitely better than Josh is done that episode is just sad and depressing in my opinion. Blues Brothers should be number one

I don't want to make things worse but I have a boyfriend but it doesn't matter anymore the guy in the middle
is so hot I think I'm in love.

This episode is even better than "Josh Is Done", beacause Drake and Josh work together as brothers; and it's a great ending!

I. Love drake Parker more better thin I love drake Parker more and I love Josh bell a little.

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11 Tree House

Where's the door hole?
Goes right there. See? I drew it with a magic marker.
You were supposed to cut it out with a power saw.
Dude, I'm gonna.
Oh really?
So go get the power saw.
Okay, I will...
...I see the problem.

Megan: You're in the eleventh grade and you're playing with a model rocket.
Drake: No no no, we're taking it to the children's hospital.
Megan: What hospital?
Drake: Saint...Illness
Josh: Saint Illness?!

This episode is one of my favorite of the whole series. It's up there with Josh is Done.

Ah yes, the episode with the original "you had one job".

12 Drew & Jerry

Drake and Josh do now adam bree chase Leo Mr davenport tasha marcus grandma. Donald Douglas. From lab rats

Honestly this should be number one. Nothing beats out when Jerry said "it's a Gamepod, it's podilar, PODILAR then josh says "hey I repeat things for emphasis, EMPHASIS'! "

Easily the best

13 The Gary Grill

Definitely a masterpiece, I love the last scene when Gary's claiming his part of the deal, and the references to Diff'rent Strokes were just the cherry on top of the grilled sundae

14 I Love Sushi

This should be number 1 this is the best!

15 Alien Invasion

It was funny when Drake saw supposed to speak like he was from outer space, but he spoke in french instead. Drake is totally sexy hot. This is my #1 favorite episode

Just watched it today! Laugh out loud

Drake: We should freeze her. She won't see it coming.
Josh: Ah let me write it down.. freeze.. Her.
Drake: And then we should-
Josh: *throws pen and paper* NO

It was super funny when Megan wanted to lay on the ground but little did the boys know, she was going to blame them by screaming. That part cracked me up

Josh: Now we just talk into this mic and sound like aliens.
Drake: Oh cool gimme it! A bonjour serveur pre hohoaoa we walve and wewe oso!
Josh: (takes mic) We're supposed to sound like we're from outer space, NOT Paris!

16 The Peruvian Puff Pepper

This is the only episode I hate in this great show because due to how Megan treats Drake and Josh throughout the episode and how she, once again, wins at the episode while Drake and Josh gets no happy ending whatsoever. And I blame Walter and Audrey believing Megan's stories and not the duo's, despite the fact that there's zero proof they were responsible for the mess.

This is one of the most hated episodes in the series. Once again, Megan ruins Drake and Josh's days and gets away with it. Cruel episode. Drake and Josh get punished in the end.

17 Really Big Shrimp

Best episode of Drake and Josh for sure. It's the real start of Drake's success in the music business.

What a fantastic series finale. Truly a perfect ending to a phenomenal show.

No comment. It's just the best.

18 The Storm

The best and funniest Drake and Josh episode. It brings the whole gang together, and makes me crack up whenever I watch it.

My kids and I quote this episode at least once a week. And we have been doing so for about ten years. Such a T.V. classic!

Has one of the best Crazy Steve moments ever! The rest of the episode is great too!

Best episode ever. My sons and I have basically memorized the script.

19 Driver's License
20 Two Idiots And A Baby

This was a great episode. No doubt about that, but when they were trying to put the baby to sleep by singing I've Been Working on The Railroad, Josh jumps up and starts yelling the song and that's what puts this episode in my top 10

I liked the part when drake says josh to come down and he just jump over the boss. oh my god these two guys are so funny I really like them.

Do you now that marcus davenport is evil Don't tell anyone because. Marcus will now and he my best friend.

Sorry I mess up now.

21 Girl Power
22 The Demonator

Quote: "Drake this is like the greatest gift anyone has ever got me how could you just- (Drake) Dude I'm watching a report about the demonator. (josh) THE DENONATOR! "

It makes me remember me going on a scary rollor coaster before at cedar point and six flags.

23 Megan's Revenge

Great I love it megan is hilarious she is relly funny and so mean to drake and josh that's what makes her funny though!

Hi my name is Isabel adler and I like to watch drake and Josh. Megan.

I love you. I can it example

24 Pilot

I like this episode. When drake don't. Listen and Josh did I have 4 dogs and 1 cat some times I like to watch T.V.. And work I have YouTube. And I like boys like drake and Josh and Kurt and Blaine from glee.

It's the first ever Drake and Josh Episode!

25 Who's Got Game

Oh come on people this is like the best episode ever! Because drake found a girlfriend carly who actually loves music, and works at a cd store. She can play the guitar and has her own band just like drake. Well it probably would be your favorite episode if you are a drake bell fan like me! I also liked it because it showed a lot of feelings and how drake cares about her! I mean come on I realized that I think that it's his favorite girlfriend he ever dated because I remember him saying in another episode that he didn't like half of the girls he dated so yeah! P. S in the season 4 I noticed that he's so cute then. In season1&2 he was ok looking but then in4 he got cuter and cuter but now today he looks terrible with his beard, glasses, and mustash! But oh well I'll always love him forever! Rip drake bell we love you!

Drake and Josh I love the boy whole cried werewolf. It's really scary drake and Josh. And I watch. Lab rats with. Adam bree chase Leo marcus Mr davenport. Tasha. I love Henry danger is so hot and cute and I love birds there's. Black birds and I love dogs like. Shih Tzu and pugs. The pug is a compact, yet very well _ proportioned little breed with an unmistakable, flat, wrinkled face. It has a very disinctive, endearing expression. and I like st Bernard and standard poodle. And you now what books I like. The best Halloween ever and I like to play on the swings at school Monday is playground and. Tuesday. On the hill on Wednesday playground on thuesday hill on Friday playground and I like to read. Cookbooks like. Fix it and forget it kids cookbook. Sweet baked oatmeal. Minty hot chocolate. Do you drake and Josh like red hot Apple cider ingredients. 1 gallon Apple cider or Apple juice 1/1/4 cups cinnamon candy hearts equipment. 5_ qt. Slow cooker large wooden spoon. Caramel apples on ...more

This one of my favorites of all time(in my opinion)because I think drake found the perfect girl friend because she can play guitar, can sing, has her own band and also likes rock music just like drake. If you watch this episode you can telldrake really loves her. I just wish they were really boyfriend and girlfriendin real life because they are also a great couple. Well what do you think should they date in real life? I do. But do think they should? Please comment me back your thoughts on this. Thanks

When the really goth girl headbutts josh after their date, I peed my pants.

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