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1 Miego (Mia and Diego)

Maddie and Diego should NOT be together! They're 2 (completely) different people, and witches and kanays are supposed to stay away from each other. Something bad will happen to them if they keep up this relationship...

I love them as a couple and Diego is good for mad die and he makes her a nicer person and they love each other and there couple name should be maddiego.

Miego is a serious couple. Diego and Maddie look great together and it was cute when the had their first kiss in Emma vs Emma

2 Demma (Daniel and Emma)

This is Nick's best couple of all time. Awesome couple. Emma and Daniel belong together, not Jax and Emma. Daniel actually has TIME for emma, unlike Jax. Daniel and Emma almost share the same personality as well (sweet, kind, caring). Jax doesn't give a crap for basically anyone or anything, and he can be quite rude. Plus, Emma and Danny knew each other for longer, and it seems like they actually had some type of strong love going on, whether they fought or we're togther or not.

Demma is EWW's best couple.

Demma is over forever, Emma had to give up her chance to end up with Daniel, because she found out that Daniel belongs in the Everglades, and Emma once again ended up with Jax, so now once again, Jemma is the best couple, not Demma.

3 Jemma (Jax and Emma)

Jax and Emma don't belong togther. They're 2 different people, and Jax is the kind of person who might turn on Emma. Daniel is more likely to stick with Emma and always be by her side. Plus, Emma and Daniel share almost the same kind and caring personality, and theyve known each other longer than they've know Jax. So this couple SHOULD NOT EXSIST!

Jemma rules Denma stinks. Jax has a leather jacket and cool boots while Daniel every small time is touching Emma. That is why anyone who likes Daniel should be banned from the society

4 Dia (Daniel and Mia)

Dia is Daniel and Mia, since Emma is with Jax and Daniel's alone, but since Daniel believed in Mia's plot but Mia changed, it's possible that he still likes Mia and will end up with her.

I love dia, I really think Mia should be with Daniel. Plus if it weren't for dia Jemma wouldn't be together.

Best couple mia and Daniel date and sex and kiss love you mia her birthday songs and dad back

5 Miago (Mia and Diego)

Miago is the pairing of Mia and diego, not to be confused with Miego, which is Maddie and Diego, Miago shows you that Kanay's have halves and Diego is Mia's half.

6 Emmiego (Emma and Diego)

Emmiego is Emma and Diego, They are nice together, but Emma and Daniel are the best couple since Jax could still be using Emma to defeat her as his dad told him to, along with taking over the Magic Realm.

This would've been fun, but it probably wouldn't have lasted for long.

That would be cool because there powerful but he goes out with Maddie and Emma grows out with jax

7 Mianiel (Mia and Daniel)

Mianiel is Mia and Daniel, Since Season 3, Mia has a crush on Daniel and hangs out with him, this causes drama between Emma and Daniel.

8 Jia (Jax and Mia)

Mia and Jax are perfect for each other, they are both rebels and make a perfect match.

9 Andiego (Andi and Diego)

I don't think this would be a good couple. Andi and Diego are close freinds, but they'd never date. If they did, it definitely would've turned out bad.

They known each other since childhood. And Diego (plus Daniel) use to call her Sandy Andi.

Andi and Diego are fine for each other, they have a good attitude toward each other.

10 Jandi (Jax and Andi)

They both have a little dark side to them but also have a heart, they need to happen!

Jax and Andi are so clever together.

Jandi is a nice couple because jax and Andi fight a lot and it's cute but jemma is number one

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11 Jaddie (Jax and Maddie)

They should totally be together because they are both so alike! They both like their looks Ajax likes his hair and maddie just likes everything about her they are both also sooo enthusiastic and don't have enough time together they would be perfect together!

Jax and maddie. They would look cute. Even though I ship jax and mia. They would look cute as a couple

They are both evil and would make a good couple so vote for them.

12 Pandi (Philip and Andi)

Pandi is a very romantic relationship between Philip and Andi, they are perfect for each other.

13 Emily (Emma and Lily)

Emily is a clever name for a couple, Lily and Emma, they're nice and helpful to each other but then in Season 2, she joined the council to take ramona's place after she got kidnapped by Desdemona (evil version).

14 Tomma (Tommy and Emma)

Tomma was a famous couple of Tony and Emma, but Tony moved to a magic academy in Season 2.

15 Janiel (Jax and Daniel)
16 Tandi (Tommy and Andi)

Tandi was a great couple, Tony & Andi were great together in Season 1.

17 Pemma (Philip and Emma)

They are very good and should totally happen.

18 Madiel (Maddie and Daniel)

Maddie and Daniel, They were a couple until they broke up.

19 Mimma (Mia and Emma)
20 Sax (Sophie and Max)
21 Emax (Emma and Max)

Emma and Jax because they both have magic and it doesn't get in their way. they actually love each other and Daniel is not but isn't right for Emma

22 Kaphie (Katie and Sophie)
23 Mademma (Maddie and Emma)
24 Maphie (Maddie and Sophie)
25 Kadie (Katie and Maddie)
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