Cutest Paw Patrol Characters

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1 Skye

She is the cutest, not Rubble. I am shocked that someone thinks Rubble is better than her and thinks that she is stupid! She is the best, far too better than Rubble! I hate anyone that hates her and loves Rubble! Love Rubble isn't the point, but I think the ship Rubble x Skye will never be coming since anyone like Rubble dislike Skye and anyone like Skye dislike Rubble, like me. Or maybe favourite. But Rubble, he is a stamp pup! I hate him and is shocked that he joins behind Zuma but is six. I hate him! And I like the Skye the most! She is the best! The best ever in the world!

Skye is a smart Cockapoo who loves to fly in her helicopter or with the wings in her pup-pack. She tries everything with a back flip, grace, and a smile. She is very beautiful, cute, friendly, helpful , kind and more...
Her voice is so sweet...
And she had a great memori power...

The most amazing pup in the world!

I mean in Barkingburg episodes not even a single pup gets the whole episode based on him/her but Skye did

I just can't wait till September 25 for the movie to come out!

Skye is my favorite pup in the PAW Patrol. She is the cutest pup and she nice, friendly, beautiful. I kinda ship her with Chase. I think maybe Skye and Everest can be best friend or maybe sister

2 Marshall

Marshall is so cute because he is very clumsy. Just like me. And if I had a dog I would have a Dalmatian cause in the movie he was so cute!

Marshall, although he is clumsy but he stepped into the spotlight in his own racing-themed movie which like Skye did in Jet Rescue got the confidence he needed from his racing star The Whoosh. I also like the way he gets into the elevator, the paw patroller and the air patroller

Marshall is the cutest pup of all. He is so cute and clumsy and he is always so funny and Just adorable. But he is also brave and caring!

He's is so cute and even though he is clumsy he has achieved way more than the more pups. (He's a Racing Champion and a Movie Star)

3 Rocky

I would want to take Rocky home because he is so sweet and he could easily repair a broken thing so I could stay out of trouble.

Rocky is my favourite pup in paw patrol!

Rocky is suuupeeer cute please do not say bad things about him.

I like how he helps by going in his dumpster truck and making things outta trash

4 Everest

I kinda ship her with Marshall bc I love that couple. She friendly, nice, pretty and I think Everest and Skye can be BFF or maybe just best friend.

Oh come on, people! Everest is so cute! She should be at least #2 since Skye is my favorite.

Everest is my favourite!

5 Chase

Why isn't he closer to the top? Like he is literally the cutest character out of all of them. Haters gonna hate because they realize he's the smartest and doesn't have the "being dumb is cute" thing like Marshall. Not here to hate on the other characters but come on, he's a german shepherd puppy with an adorable personality. Should be #1 or #2 at the least.

What the hell is wrong with all the people that hate chase he isn't the cutest but c'mon have respect he is the smartest and must mature pup always knows what to do and is a great leader! All the pups are awesome but chase is just amazing.

He is surely quite cute and loving and just need no certification for that. Just love him

Chase is really cool. I ship him with Skye

6 Zuma

Zuma is so cute. I wish I could take him home.

His name spells Zuma, but still, very good.

He is very cute!

7 Sweetie

Sweetie is a West Highland White Terrier. I used to have one.

Why not, even a villain.

Sweetie is so cute

She is cute but mean if she was kind and cute she would me my favourite pup for all time

8 Katie
9 Rubble

No doubt my favorite character but like whi is the walrus, Wally not on this list?

The 2 cutest pup is zuma

Whoever watched the origin story of how Rubble joined the team will love him more than just cute

In my opinion

10 Tracker

First,why is everyone calling him ugly? He is a cute chihuahua and helpful. He looks better than you haters trying on 7 layers of lipstick with a pinl flower dress waiting for your ugly boyfriend who wears rags that a ugly like he is a homeless person when he isn't. I hope they make an igly paw patrol list. Yall haters will all be number one. Tracker is adorble and I know your jealous. He is way more helpful then you helpless haters. by the way I know its your opinion but still. I don't like when people call dogs ugly even cartoon characters. The ugly one is chase and that's it bye

Come on guys he is a Spanish-talking Chihuahua. Don't you just adore his big ears and voice.

My least favorite pup

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11 Cali

Underrated but adorable

She is such a cute kitty

She is funny and cute at the same time during season 1 and always will be

12 Arrby
13 Francois

Come on, he's actually really cute! Cuter than Ryder at least!

14 Ella
15 Rex
16 Ryder

Should be one in the best paw patrol crushes and in this too.

He is super cuter than the other boys.

Pretty cool person always wants to help and keep everyone safe

17 Tuck
18 Chickaletta
19 Robo-Dog

He is the cutest robo- dog in the world and he can drive any vehicle which comes in very handy

20 Liberty

Already on the list but is so cute you just have to list her twice!

I honestly think that Liberty x Zuma should be a thing.

She is so funny and cute

21 Wild Cat

Cats are cute, and he is one.

22 Mayor Goodway
23 Mayor Humdinger
24 Al
25 Claw
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