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1 Stiles and Lydia

I honestly don't understand why some people hate Stydia. They have had the most development out of any relationship in teen wolf. Yes it took Lydia forever to realize that she loved Stiles cause she didn't fall for him overnight. It wasn't love at first sight. It was slow progress, it was a string of moments pulled together, it took time but she fell for him. And that is very realistic. People don't fall in love overnight. Sometimes you don't know you love someone until you lose them. Everyone wants to say Lydia doesn't deserve him, or that she took too long and all that. But I think that's what makes Stiles and Lydia so beautiful. Throughout the series she sees him as a friend, someone she can trust. She doesn't know the depth of their friendship. And throughout the series he always loved her, he tried to move on what Malia but it didn't work. Because his always loved Lydia. They have a strong connection. And its different from when he just had a crush on her. He got to truly know her and actually really fell in love with her. They work well together, they look good together and they've been there for each other, saving each others lives. There is no couple like them. They're so undeniably beautiful. And the definition of actual love. They've never had sex or any romantic moments. But they love each other. Malia and Stiles were more sexual to me. Lydia and Stiles have friendship love, passionate love, pure love and unconditional love. I love how their relationship has developed and how much Lydia herself has developed. And even Stiles. They have chemistry, people for some unknown reason just don't want to see it. And I think Lydia is a wonderful character. Her personality and everything is amazing. And the same goes for Stiles. Put these two together and what do you get extra amazing. They've been through so much together and whenever I think of their relationship, I envy it, because I want something like that because that relationships last. Friendship last. If... more

2 Scott and Allison

Even when they weren't together Scott still cared for Allison. Scott respected Allison when she broke up with him, he always loved her and so did Allison. Allison admitted that she still loved him when she was dying. Scott still loves Allison, even though she is dead. I believe there is still hope for their relationship, I know Allison will come back one day, and I have a feeling they are the endgame!

Ah, young love. They were beautiful together. There's a lot that could be said about these two, but I'm sure it's all been said a thousand times. I just really love how realistic their relationship was. They made promises they intended to keep, but in the end it didn't work out the way they had planned. They loved each other deeply and truly worked well together. They were beautiful and tragic, like many things in life.

3 Stiles and Malia

I LOVE Stiles and Malia, but as a couple...I don't know, their just so rushed and kinda forced. I mean the nerdy and blunt Stiles who has a crush on a girl for the last 10 years would just randomly have sex with a girl he met in a mental institute without a condom and that too on a dirty couch that hasn't been clean for god knows how long. Lets not forget that he was practically half possessed by a nogitsune and where Malia just returned to being a human after years, I mean she shouldn't even know what sex is! and how the hell did Stiles love and devotion for Lydia just disappear after just one night. No offense but their relationship was just horribly written and so unrealistic.

4 Stiles and Scott

Best bromance ever I think they are such amazing best friends. Every pair of friends should be like them They are childhood friends. They know each other and care for one another. They are cute together and they know how to handle each other.

Honestly, 2 main characters? Loved up bros? make them a couple already! One of the ultimate best bromances, with Thiam coming in a close second. Although, I completely ship Stydia, I just think that since they have been friends from start to finish they both deserve a happy ending.

5 Scott and Malia

Scott and Malia are officially my OTP on Teen Wolf. I think they're adorable together. They play off together, making up for what the other lacks.
For instance, Malia wouldn't pause to hurt someone she thinks a threat but Scott wouldn't possibly let her like when he holds her wrist and calms her.
I also love the way they fell in love. They weren't attracted to eachother romantically or lustfully at first. Even though Scott sees her naked first when he turns her back.
She searched him out after her time adjusting in the institute. And then they slowly began to become friends or at least acquaintances. And then they became extremely close friends and then it just changed. You know, like a switch got flipped and one second the person who was just a friend... isn't... just that anymore.
I also think they're funny and cute. And I love their dynamic.
For me, they'll always be number 1 even if it took the finale for the producers to finally confirm it.
Yay Scolia. Love you.

6 Aidan and Lydia

It's so nice how Lydia has managed to change Aiden from being an aggressive alpha to someone who cares. Even if they started as a hookup, they are connected because she still sees him in her dreams in season 5 episode 1 after his death in season 3.

Aidan actually cares for Lydia. He takes care of her. Lydia enjoys Aidan. He treats her with respect and Lydia cars for Aidan. They are cute together.

7 Allison and Isaac

They're good together I mea they're didn't rush. Scott and Allison took it too fast that might be the reason they're not together ( beside her death ). Even if Allison was alive she would be with Isaac. Isaac cared about her gave her a chance didn't judge and let Allison take her time in there relationship. Allison and Isaac were in love but just to be fair Scott and Allison fell in love first I wouldn't blame her if she still had some feelings, lucky Isaac helped her get over him. They trust each other not mention but Allison died protecting Isaac from the Oni. That was Isaac's first love. Allison seemed more happy and alive in the show with Isaac.

8 Derek and Stiles

It would take some time, but they would look good as an endgame couple. Stiles proves that he is all in when he finds a potential romantic partner and that is something that Derek needs after everything Kate and then Jennifer put him through. And, Stiles needs a steady hand that he can trust not to push after everything with the Nogitsune. They both need a level of trust and emotional intimacy I think they could find with each other. Even if they never developed into a romantic relationship, these two could be good for each other in simply relearning how to trust and how to be themselves.

9 Scott and Kira

Such a beautiful relationship and WAY better than scallison. Allison might have been scotts first love but they weren't as epic as Scira. Scott and Kira are so badass together and its nice to see kira defend for herself instead of scott saving her all the time (which was the case with Allison) definitely my favourite couple along with Stalia

10 Danny and Ethan

Ethan cares for Danny. He did not want to break Danny's heart. Danny wants to help Ethan out and cares for Ethan. Once the twins came out of the Alpha pack, they are more loved.

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11 Lydia and Parrish

It's obvious that they like each. You can tell by the way they look at each other and care about each other.

12 Scott and Isaac

Scott should have fallen for Isaac. They already had that level of trust that didn't need to be proven and the shared pain of losing Allison. They could have fallen into each other for support for more than just Allison as well. Isaac is still healing from the scars that his father left, and Isaac is the one that has seen Scott develop into an Alpha, who felt the effects of it. He would be able to help Scott cope with the stresses that come along with it. I think that Isaac needed a pack that he trusted after everything, not just to go off to France and not come back.

13 Chris and Melissa

They deserved their happy ending. They work well together, and they both needed something good after everything. They have a cute dynamic. Melissa is about as adorable and playful as her son, and after his losses and life style, Chris needs someone gentle like her. And after losing Allison, I think that Chris would of become fiercely protective and loyal to the people he considered family, and Melissa definitely deserves someone who would treat her with the utmost respect they way Chris surely would.

14 Theo and Liam

To me, this was one of the best couples/shipps in the serie, because Theo is always looking so damn pretty to Liam and Liam hates, but in someway loves Theo too. They are always trying to protect each other and in real life, the relationships that I see around me, are equal to the relationship that Theo and Liam have. There are so many chemistry and feelings. Theo and Liam belong together.

(Sorry if the sentences don't make any sence, but I am not english and I am not using Google Translate to help me)

They belong together. End of discussion.

15 Liam and Hayden

They have this love-hate relationship and I think it is great. I love how Liam is so protective over Hayden and would do anything for her.

They are the best couple and they should at least be number 3.

They are the cutest couple on the show I love how protective they are of each other

16 Derek and Scott

Derek watches out for Scott. He takes care of him and Scott takes care of Derek. They help each other out. Derek wants whats best for Scott. Scott just wants to help people. Derek could be Scott's older brother by adoption.

17 Malia and Kira

I don't ship them the way I do Stiles and Malia. But, I mean did you see them dancing. They had chemistry.

They know how to be together. They help each other and fight together.

They are like the most fun BFFs ever. They have a really nice friendship that I think could become up to Sciles level friendship

18 Derek and Braeden

Is there any hope that these two will come back on the show?

These two and Malia and stiles are the best couple on the entire series

19 Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa

Made for each other. I also think it would be amazing to see since they both lost their loved one, I also think it would make stiles and scott happy to see their parents move on with such wonderful people

They are cute. They have to be together. They love their sons and the other son. Mr. Stilinski helps Scott out and Melissa helps Stiles out. They are close to each other.

If they get together that would make Stiles and Scott kind of like brothers (stepbrothers)

20 Mason and Corey

They are the cutest couple ever, they care about each other and are really happy together

21 Liam and Theo
22 Peter and Malia

It is most interesting parent-child relationship. Peter cares about Malia and she cares about him. And it is cute when she calls him dad

23 Boyd and Erica

They were together since day one. They were never truly together, but they went through the same pain together. They care for each other.

They're bad ass together.They may have not of kissed but the way they held there hands was beautiful.

24 Lydia and Jordan

Why is this last?! These two are so cute together

I mean their chemistry is no joke!

25 Brett and Liam

I mean it is okay but I didn't see that many scenes of them together but at first is hipped

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