Top 10 Things About Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob

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1 He's greedy

And that's why he deserves death. Hell, his greed is so bad that he makes King Midas, Ebenezer Scrooge of A Christmas Carol, the Grinch of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Scrooge McDuck of the Walt Disney Company look like really nice guys. Oh what am I typing? They are nice guys now that they changed from being villains whereas Mr. Krabs is no longer a good guy.

Why poor people will never be rich we spend it on things we don't need
Only those who are jealous fail at life or are commie socialists would have a problem with any who have millions of $.
Sandy n
Nancy suzy fish
are some of my favorite characters

He will sacrifice everything, even his own life to save his money. He treats it like his son and will go to a coma if he loses it. Life is more important than money.

He's greedy and all, and rude to spongebob and squidward, but he cares about his daughter a lot, also it's just a cartoon so it's no big deal CHILL.

2 He's cruel

Oh sorry. I typed "bis" instead of "his." Anyway, Mr. Krabs grinds me gears with his obsession for money and his fans. Therefore, I wish that he and all of them get roasted in a fire.

True. But there was somebody who said he is worse than Hitler. I'll have to disagree.

Worse than that. He's ruthless enough to murder even bis own daughter and mom.

One Coarse Meal. That's all I have to say here.

3 He's cheap

You bet that he is. He even admitted it himself but isn't ashamed of it, which he should be.

He gave pearl dead batteries, for Christmas.

4 He doesn't care about his employees when they're the ones that made him rich

The only reason he's so forgiving is that he knows he can't do anything without his employees. Yet he doesn't give them credit. I'd have to say that my favorite part of Spongebob was when he shook up Mr. Krabs and called him a "crustaceous cheapskate." Damn that felt good.

I couldn't agree more. In fact, he uses them like tools. If they die, who will make him money then?

Then again, no one deserves to work for him at all. In fact, the Krusty Krab should be shut down for good.

His employees are the ones who made him rich. If he continues treating them badly, they might turn against him, steal his money and he will not be rich anymore.

5 He sacrifice his life for money

In "clams" he let a giant clam eat half of his body, only for a dollar.

Now that's just dumb of him.

6 He hates Plankton and almost killed him

He's like the dog from Duck Hunt. If Plankton fails and can't take much more, he'd go to him and gloat. If Plankton dies, he'd dance on his grave and laugh.

Glad that I'm not the only one who sides with Plankton against Mr. Krabs. Since I root for Sheldon, I also want him beat Eugene H. Krabs to death and steal of his money.

Another long reply! Y'all love this. ❤

Ok. I was always, and I say ALWAYS on Krabs' side. Until One Coarse Meal.

I've said a lot about it. But here we go again. Plankton is my favorite character and Krabs is a bog.fat.Jerk

Lets go to 2004. The first movie was made. Spongebob says this and I quote..

"..but I now know he's a big fat JERK! I DESERVED THAT----"

He says something like that. And he is a jerk. But that was 2004. One Coarse Meal was season 7. We are in 12th season. Almost 2020. Sorry for my long comments. Like. I don't care if you do.

I felt sorry for Plankton. I want to beat Mr. Krabs up and rob his money.

7 He gains more money by taking things out of their employees paychecks for no reason

That's a bad thing for him to do.

8 He will kill you for 62 cents

That action makes him deserves to be arrested and executed.

9 He's dumb

In certain situations.

10 He's doesn't know math

If he doesn't, then how's he able to run his restaurant?

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11 He's a horrible crab

This suggestion probably should be Number One on this list because of how much he devolved. Boy, do I want him dead?

12 He's unintentionally hilarious

I don't want him hilarious. Instead, I want him dead.

13 He's the best SpongeBob character
14 He freaks out when Plankton gets even one customer
15 He's evil

The biggest example is that his obsession with money is so high that he's more than willing to kill lots of people just to obtain. No wonder he's worse than Plankton.

Do you know why Mr. Krabs is red? Because he's a nazi!

16 He fired SpongeBob over a nickel

It was actually Squid

17 He's willing to harm and kill his daughter and mom for money

How low can he get? Oh wait. I know. REALLY LOW!

If I'm any relative of Mr. Krabs, I'd disown him in the blink of an eye. One example is that I'd never bail him of jail if he ends up in there until he starves to death.

18 He has big hands
19 He is really stupid, has no common sense, etc.

How right you are, my fellow hater of Mr. Krabs.

20 He's afraid of mimes
21 He forced his employees to work 24/7 without breaks

It would've been less cruel if he stayed with Spongebob and Squidward. But instead he says this; "I can't stay here all night, I got a life."

22 He’s stingy
23 He loves money
24 The Krusty Krab Crew starring Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs
25 He's too fat
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