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1 Riley

In season 4 Riley... Wasn't the best studio, but she definitely wasn't the worst. I'll leave that title to Miss Angela. Kissing Alfie was bad, but in all fairness it was not her fault. Riley doesn't handle well under stress of being the studio head, and James was always their to calm her down and when he left she needed someone to help with the pressure: Alfie. But unknowingly to her Alfie liked her, and then she discovered new feeling, and ended up liking him. But no matter what she loves James more and she only liked Alfie because James wasn't there. Her heart found a replacement for James, but really she eventually realised that if James wasn't going to be there for her then she'd be there for him.

Riley is awesome, she's in all the seasons and is an amazing dancer! The thing is, in the series they never classified her as one of A-Troupe's best dancers, but she clearly was because she got through the challenge and all the A-Troupe auditions. Riley has such a great personality, she's funny, serious, happy and kind. I love how her sister is Emily, they're both such different people but get along so well with each other! And Jiley, they're so perfect! I love how they're not all about being lovey dovey but they really just care for each other and for some reason every time they hug it just seems so real! We love you Riley!

Riley is such an amazing character and despite how young she is she always puts the studio and others before herself and she shows that amazing kindness constantly through her 4 seasons. She has flaws as well but if anything they make her look even better because it makes her look that much more inspiring, when you see someone you love being amazing but knowing they do have flaws like yourself makes you want to push yourself to work just as hard as them. Riley is utterly amazing and her relationship with James is just a whole other thing I could write pages just on how much I love their relationship... but I don't have that time so I'm going to stick to Riley! She is also so brave I don't know many people who can stand up to their family in such a way that Riley did, she did what was right and looked after her sister afterwards and not in a way that felt like pity because lets face it no one likes pity. Riley takes my breath away in everything she does she is such a hard worker and ...more

Riley is just so nice and the fact that in season 1 she and Emily both let Stephanie sleep over every night really touched me. I LOVE Jiley so much! They are the best couple in the next step and when they dance together it's just so magical and I love it.

So the bottom line is that I LOVE riley.

Special shout out to Stephanie because I love her so much and she is so loyal to Emily.

2 West

Yeah he is super funny and cool but I don't know about him or Michelle because she had a hard life and is the best female and west is the best male simple as that. West has a lot of funny parts which makes him enjoyable and hey me and my friend tried looking at people and pretending what they were saying! It was honestly fun

West is amazing and he is very enthusiastic about his dancing which makes his character even better . Overall he is incredible

West is a very likeable character I mean com on its West he's hailorous and I could not get enough of him. He has givin me a laugh along the way of the show. West is caring cind and relieavle and has the biggest heart out of all of them. West is very creative and is a Amazing dancer the way he moves with he's body is incredible I have never seen anything like it. I wish West was still part of THE NEXT STEP by the way congrats to riley by Melea

West has always been so laid back and chill but with such a strong and amazing charisma it makes everyone around him smile. He has a strong determination and dedication along with an attitude that makes everyone around him smile.

3 Michelle

Michelle is a beautiful young lady and looks like Richelle. This is my opinion. I didn't like her on season 3 or 4, but I loved her on the rest. She is also a 2-time Miss National Champion. First, I feel like they got their order muddled up. In my opinion, this is how I would have it:

1. Richelle
2. Michelle
3. West
4. Eldon
5. Noah
6. Giselle
7. Daniel
8. Summer
9. Jacque
10. Amanda and Amy
but Piper a close 11

I don't think Michelle is the best, though I do think she is a very close second. Personally, I think Richelle should have made it into A troupe in season 2. And then she may have got Miss National Soloist. I love Michelle though in season 1. I think she is slightly overrated. I love how Michelle goes through a divorce so people whose parents are divorced can see what it is like for her. Michelle is my second favorite, and hopefully, after reading this, she moves up on your list.

Michelle has been one of my favourites from the moment she walked into the studio on the first episode. She is pretty, nice and a phenomenal dancer and even though she's had her up and downs from divorce and a thirst to prove herself she is amazing. Her motivation and determination makes me want smile.

I love Michelle but I have to say I don't especially get why people think she is one of the best dancers because she's not. I think that Richelle, Eldon and Noah are the best dancers at the next step. Giselle is a better dancer than Michelle too.

Miss National Soloist! She is so loyal and kind and dedicated. She made a great dance captain and she went through so much hard things (Emily being mean to her, being an alternate for Internationals, and her parents divorce) and she was still a great character

4 James

Personally, James is the best character due to his loyalty to Riley when yes he kissed Beth, but it was accidental and he completed a whole list to ensure he would win Riley back. However, Riley started an affair with Alfie and James took her back easily without any challenges for her to complete. He is a fantastic dancer with his technical moves, and he's been accepted into all the auditions.

Well first of all James is a part of the original cast which is way better then the cast after season 3. He is really funny and kind at the same time. I just wish he never broke up with Riley. (Sorry for spoiling for anyone who hasn't seen it)

The best boyfriend for Riley and one of the best characters on TNS... James! He is loyal, funny and SO chill. I love his rivalry with Alfie it makes the show more interesting and it shows that he isn't chill around everyone

James is really funny he is weried but in a good way he's realation ship with riley is really cute. James is a incredible dancer and its cool watching him do all of his flips and tricks. I think him eldon and wests little group is adorable they are the perfect match for eachother there like the three ameegos. I wish james was still part of THE NEXT STEP by the way congrats to Riley by Melea

5 Giselle

Giselle is amazing. She is sweet, cool and utterly brilliant. She is definitely 5he best character in the next step and Jordan Clark is a stunning, amazing and a brilliant actor!

Giselle was a great character! She seemed so patient, hard-working and dedicated she's very selfless and extremely loyal to TNS

Giselle is incredible and an amazing dancer! She tried so hard and she got to be a dance captain for Internationals. She is a bubbly person and super outgoing! I loved her mostly in season 1 and 2. I love how in the end of season 1, she got to be back as an A-Troupe dancer! She is the best character ever!

Giselle is acromazing she is so flexible I am shocked when I see her dance . Also her character is amazing . I preferred her in season 3 and I loved her solo when tns were facing elite also I love how she's a presenter in regionals in season 6.

6 Amanda

Amanda doesn't have a brilliant start her actor plays her very well I hate her but I love her at the same time . She gets even better every season . I loved her solo against Tess and I don't think she should've been alternate for internationals . Her and noah were a really good couple I was heartbroken when they broke up . Riley made a bad decision when she didn't let amanda dance .

Honestly, Amanda is the greatest. Well in my opinion.

You can really see, that she have developed so much. Not only as a dancer but as a human being pretty much.

It's amazing to see where time have brought her and how she acts in Season 3-4 compared to Season 1-2.
- Especially her current love-interest in Noah.
You had never expected her to "fall in love" in the series.

But that's what makes her unique above the other A-Troupe members.

In the series she had always have to prove herself, and it's great to see that she is strong enough to stick up for her friends etc. after everything she's been through.

Honestly she is one of the greatest characters ever! Don't hate but her in Elite was probably her best season (liked her mean) but she was also AMAZING in all the other seasons.

I admit from season 1-right before Nationals I didn't like her one bit. But then she started to help TNS and I saw a better side of her. She is a bit misunderstood because of her history at elite. She was a great asset to the international team, even if she doesn't think so because she can't do Acro, so I don't think she should've been the alternate

7 Emily

at first I didn't like Emily but then I warmed up to her a bit more.

I have to say that Emily's loyalty to the studio is very impressive especially when Amanda is trying to take the next step down from the inside. I also find that her loyalty to Stephanie in season 1 is very impressive because she and riley let her sleep round every night. I love how caring she is for Riley too. Especially in seasons 2 and 4.In the end I love that she becomes best friends with Michelle because that relationship is very sweet.

I would like to give a shout out to Stephanie because I love her too.

I honestly love Emily she is my favourite she is funny and she does anything for her team, and her sister. I like how she is so straight up. I also love that she has such a strong relationship with her friends and her sister Riley. I also like her fashion stile it really shows her and the character she is acting out. But overall she is defiantly my favourite. No hate on the other actors

She is a wonderful sister and has stayed strong even though Michelle has taken many things including her boyfriends, friends and dance captain away from her. The only reason why she is mean to Michelle is that she knows that Michelle is jealous of her. I know Michelle is jealous of her because she created TNS west because she did not like the feeling of being told what to do by Emily since before she and Emily were on the same level. The only reason why when Emily was the head she took of the dancers that don't do contemporary is that she knows that contemporary is liked more than other dance styles and didi did not want Kate to be mad with her by losing nationals, international(etc.).I feel like people like Michelle more because she's going through the most but really if you think about it Michelle just entered the studio and said is this where the auditions are being held. I mean everybody else worked so hard to get the chance to be in A troupe and she did nothing but be miss ...more

Emily has made so much progress from the previous seasons and has grown to be inspiring and a true leader. She has learnt from her mistakes and proves to anyone in the world that they can do anything. Emily is amazing and has become a great studio head for the Next Step.

8 Eldon

Eldon is just brilliant . He is so goofy and hilarious and just likeable One of the best dancers definitely . The only thing I didn't like was when he cheated on emily . But overall he's amazing.

Eldon honestly is one of the most GENUINE characters on the next step. He's sweet, a bit kooky, the best dancer the next step has seen, and he's very funny and not to mention romantic. He is passionate and hardworking and DRIVEN to do what he wants, he never gives up, but he's still a total sucker for love.

He is so awkward and goofy but at the same time he's funny, dedicated and caring. I like how Daniel and him go from friends to enemies I less than a season. I think he should've definitely won Mr National Soloist and Mr International Soloist.

Eldon was in love with Emily from over five years. Her started to date her and now he is dating Michelle, that's really stupid. But Hunter comes in to sort things out and now Eldon has to keep away from Michelle.

9 Noah

He is so special and brings the team together. Him and Jacquie have something special and I cried when they did their last dance because Noah was leaving The Next Step.

Noah is one of the best dancers . His technique is incredible and he was an amazing dance captain I loved when he dated jacquie and Amanda. Also he sacraficed
his dance captain seat to get piper back and that shows that he cares about his team and friends. Also has creepy milk catching and blindfold walking skills .

Noah's freakishly good at catching and dodging things which I find unbelievable because, well you wouldn't expect that from Noah. I also have to say that he is such a good dancer that he makes all the moves he does look easy, not especially in season 3 but in 4,5 and 6 he does. I also love his relationship with Jacquie .

I would also like to give a shout out to Jacquie because I love her too.

Noah is such a great dancer and so caring, dedicated and loyal. Some people will disagree with me but I actually like Noah and Jacquie's relationship. He is in every season and he grows so much as a person.

10 Richelle

Richelle is an amazing dancer, her acro is incredible, her turns on pointe and her contemporary amazing. She should have left the Next Step a long time ago but I did annoy how good she was. Definitely 1st place.

She is a tough stubborn person that is very I would say like a panda. They're stubborn to new people but very kind and know what they want

Richelle is an amzaing person, she is so pretty and she really finds herself throughout the series and I love the special moment between her and Noah before their regionals dance in season 6.

Rochelle is such a power house she is a complete danczilla!
Way better than Summer!
She is the best dancer at the next step ever!
She should have made it into a troupe in season 2!

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11 Piper

Always did what was best for the team. I think she lacked a lot of confidence but I was so invested in watching her gain confidence and become a better dancer.

I do feel that Piper is completely underrated as a dancer just because she can't do a lot of acro. She always puts the team first and I would go as far to say that her turns are better than Richelle's.

Piper should be first! She is always on point with her dancing and she lacks confidence but you never catch her being rude.

Piper should be at the top! She is such an amazing character and my all-time favourite!

12 Sloane

The only part about Sloane I don't like is that she was so dramatic that LaTroy was dating Amy but I think she is super sweet and and the best female hip hop dancer in TNS!

Sloane is so kind!

13 Ella

Being British myself I really like Ella she is SO cool and funny but she is also very scheamful but I still LOVE her!

She's so good at pranking they're always funny.

Ella pranks are so funny

14 Hunter

He's amazingly devious, and I totally respect that. He's fighting for Michelle and a good quality is if you have your mind set on something, don't let anyone get in your way

Him and Emily were perfect for each other! He is so charming too!

So cute and sweet.

Hunter's a cutie

15 Chloe

Chloe is an amazing character, she has a beautiful dance style and has been through so much; Emily being nasty to her, her financial issues, everyone believing she stole the nationals money and the hard decision she had to make in season 3. And still after all the complications in her life she is just a wonderful and caring person. I love Chloe!

I always thought she was so lovely and an amazing friend. She was dedicated and passionate when it came to dance and even took on a job for Ms Kate to help fund her dancing. She is so hard working.

Chloe is a great dancer. In the second series she has a lot of make up on. And Margie is creeping her out a lot.

Chloe is an amazing ballet dancer and a lovely person. She deserves to be in the top ten.

16 Jacquie

She is so pretty, and a very talented dancer. She and Noah have an amazing bond and relationship. I love how she and Richelle pushed each other to be brilliant dancer. I love her personality too.

Jacquie is so pretty and she's an amazing dancer . Her and noah make a really cure couple and I wish they hadn't broke up. I also love how she's frenemies with richelle . A brilliant character .

Jacquie is so nice and she is great with Noah! She is also competitive like me and very pretty!

Jacquie has great with Noah and she is an amazing dancer and she is also really pretty.

17 Lola

Your right she is so bubbly and nice. I love her personality. I'm sad that she left in s6. I can't believe she was on Ella's team in s3, and I also couldn't believe she was trying to take down TNS. I'm glad she put her heart to TNS and not Ella's team.

Lola's dancing inspires me to dance Jazz.

She is so bubbly, sweet, and confident. I love her character so much, I wish so much that she was still at The Next Step. She should have been in a relationship though, it would have been so cute.

So pretty and compassionate. I know it wasn't right of her to break the shanks of Richelles ballet shoes, but I can see that she was doing it to save her from an injury and is really a kindhearted person.

She is always wanting a second chance but that is a good quality to have

18 Jiley

Riley and James are the cutest couple ever! Although I do have to say Emily and Hunter were so perfect together, I miss that couple so much! Anyway James and Riley just fit together like puzzle pieces, each piece one of them is missing, the other has the them. It's hard to explain, their just so perfect! Booo Alfie!

" Jiley is sooo cute and I love how they grow themselves yet they are still as awesome and they never loose the spark of their reletionship even if they aren't dancing they are just truly amazing, and without the other one of them wouldn't be whole we saw that in season 2 and 4 when they both lost each other and they were devastated. JILEY FOREVER!"

Jiley is one of the cutest coupes I have ever seen in my entire life. I hope they never ever break up and if they do they get back toghether again. Honestly I wish I had a as good as an realation ship as they do. By Melea

I love James and Riley together they are so nice and they are meant to be!

19 Summer

She is so pretty and a very technical and emotional dancer which is fantastic and she is really kind.

I love her type of style, it's like Michelle I could watch her dance for days. Her style is just amazing

She is really nice

20 Talia

Thalia is so sweet and caring not just to Eldon but the whole of A troupe she sees good in people when they don't even see it in there selves for example max & west . Thalia is a strong young women who is so friendly caring kind and lovely and on top of that she is friends with everyone on A troupe which shows how easy it is to make friends with her

I love talia . Just her personality can put her in the top ten. I was supporting acronation and the next step her romance with eldon was also good.

First of all It's not talia it's Thalia.
Second of all she is so nice and so kind and she makes Eldon happy which is another bonus because Eldon is one of my favourite characters.

She I feel has helped me out when I dance I'm always looking for a sweet spot crazy right?

21 Amy

I've loved Amy since her first line in the show I don't know why though but her smile is def the best thing about her and maybe I like her because I really like the acro style.

Mini giselle . Her acro is insane . I love her character my heart broke for her when piper told her about kissing finn. I loved her joining acronation and being the lead dancer she was supposed to be . I wish Amy was with Henry not ty , Henry is much better.

I personally think that Amy is completely overrated as a character. Sure, she's a decent dancer, but she was unbelievably annoying in seasons 5 and 6. I did used to love her, but ever since she started dating her personality has gone downhill and honestly she is now one of my least favourite characters

She is not overrated! I don't like her as much as I used to. She used to be so much better, her bubbly, sweet self. But something changed, it's hard to explain.

22 Stephanie

Stephanie is a loyal friend to Emily, but maybe a bit too loyal. And when it comes to the final cut she's not in the natinals team. She Houghton that if she stuck up for Emily then Emily will stick up for her. But Stephanie didn't know the choreography cause she was at acting class. Stephanie wants to be a triple threat so acting and dancing can't mix together.

She can be mean at times but she only does what she does because she doesn't want to upset Emily

23 Henry

Henry made a big mistake with summer not that she's a bad person but Amy's way better. That's about his only flaw . He's an amazing character and proves that hip hop dancers are just as good as contemporary/acro (Emily) not that I'm saying she's wrong . Overall a great dancer

Henry is really funny but confusing.

I love henry. Full stop.

24 Margie

Despite how young Margie is shes such a diva! I just imagine her wearing black shades! And I nearly cried when Margie disappeared but I absolutely love Chloe and Margie's friendship and how Margie always knows what to say and do I just love her so much. I was she would become a professional Next Step dancer!

I love how she was like a mini mom to everybody but I love how she always had good advice for Chloe.

The most mature little girl ever!

She is the best ever and so cute!

25 Cierra

Cierra cares about dance, family and having fun. I like how she always helps anyone

She has the right character and if any one else played Cierra I wouldn't watch the show

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