Top 10 Most Evil Soap Opera Villains

Find out which characters are causing the most grief in Genoa City, Salem, and Port Charles.
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1 Sheila Carter
2 Sami Brady
3 Roger Thorpe

The most complex soap villain ever. No matter how bad he could be, you could not help but feel sorry for him thanks to Michael Zaslow's masterful portrayal. And then he would do something good so that you would root for him, too. Roger was the template for the soap opera anti-hero.

The best written SOB ever in soaps. He was never cartoonist or over the top. They don't make them like him any more.

4 Stefano Dimera

No one is a more evil or a better villain than the great Stefano Dimera. He is the villain that you love to hate.

5 Victor Newman

Are you kidding? This is the most vicious character in soap opera history. Victor has been around nearly 40 years and has had his finger in or around every evil plot on the show. He constantly has his family bending over backwards for his love and respect. He does whatever he wants to everybody else but never takes accountability for his actions, when caught. His constant excuse is, I did it to protect my family or company. He's a evil genius!

6 Kristen DiMera
7 Carly Corinthos

It depends on whom was portraying her. Sarah Brown introduced her as a young villain. Laura Wright has managed to evolve the character with growth, however she does have her villainess ways sporadically

8 Helena Cassadine

Had the Whole population of port Charles on pins and needles when she returned in 2009. She had her own daughter shot to death in front of Luke and Ethan just to make a point that there is nothing she wouldn't do. The woman has ice in her vains and hands down outweighs the other villains.

They doesn't get any more evil than her. How is it that she can never die? No matter what anyone does, she always manages to survive.

9 Annie Dutton
10 Will Cortlandt
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11 Vivian Alamain
12 Phyllis Summers
13 David Kimball
14 Ej Dimera
15 Andre DiMera
16 Britt Westbourne

I HATE Britt! She is one of the most selfish people in the show. She stole the last of Lulu's embroyos just so she could get herself pregnant; then she made Dante and Lulu actually believe that they would never have a child of their own, and they had one all along. Just like Lulu said-she doesn't care who she hurts as long as she gets whatever she wants. I can't believe that nikolas actually lets her back into his house and his bed after what she did to his sister. And the worst part is, Lulu has never done a stinkin' thing to Britt! No wonder she's often called Britch.

She is such a vindictive bitch! She tried to blackmail Maxie Jones into helping her ruin Sabrina Santiago's reputation, which Sabrina did not deserve. Then, just because she wanted Patrick, she used the last of Dante and lulu's embryos and tried to pass their baby off as hers and Patrick's. Then she made Dante and Lulu believe that they had no more chances at ever being parents. And when the truth did finally come out and Nikolas stopped trusting her, she blamed the whole thing on Elizabeth Webber. She's just as bad as her mother. All she knows how to do is lie and Scheme but she's not one to tell the truth.

17 Victor Kiriakis
18 Tabitha Lenox
19 Jerry Jax

He's like Helena Cassadine- pure evil and never seems to die.

20 Lisa Niles

Pure psycho! She was obsessed with Patrick Drake and wanted to do whatever she could to get Robin out of the way. I HATE her! So glad she's finally gone!

21 Dr. Leisl Obrecht

She's the one who told Britt to steal Lulu's embryos in the first place. And of course, Britt agreed.

22 Cesar Faison

Psycho and a murderer.

23 Ava Jerome

She will betray anyone to save her own life. That says enough.

24 Theo Hoffman
25 Nelle Hayes
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