Top 10 Animes with the Best Theme Songs

Whether you're a die-hard otaku or a casual watcher, you know that one of the defining features of any great anime is its theme song. There's nothing quite like that rush of emotion when the opening notes of a beloved theme song hit your ears. From the adrenaline-pumping rock anthems to the tear-jerking ballads, these theme songs are often as memorable as the anime series themselves.

Remember how it feels when the opening bars of "Tank!" kick in, catapulting you straight into the frenetic world of 'Cowboy Bebop'? Or perhaps you've found yourself humming along to the infectiously catchy tune of 'Neon Genesis Evangelion's' "A Cruel Angel's Thesis". And let's not forget the hauntingly beautiful melodies of 'Attack on Titan' that have stirred the hearts of many. These theme songs aren't just mere accompaniments to the anime; they are the beating heart of the series, setting the tone, building anticipation, and sometimes even telling a story of their own.
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1 Naruto Shippuden "Naruto Shippuden" has a theme song that's just as vibrant and energetic as its titular character. With a blend of upbeat rhythms and poignant lyrics, it perfectly captures Naruto's relentless spirit and unyielding determination to protect his friends.

Naruto have one of the best theme songs ever. Distance and Blue Bird are the best.

2 Attack On Titan When it comes to "Attack on Titan," the opening track isn't just a song, it's a battle cry. With its grand orchestral sounds and powerful vocals, the theme mirrors the show's intensity and the characters' desperate struggle against the Titans.

It literally goes with everything, go ahead and prove me wrong! How can you not vote for this? It's epic! I listen to it everyday!

Even though I don't watch it, I LOVE the theme!
But it's kinda weird for me to hear it now because of a video from YouTube.

3 Neon Genesis Evangelion The theme song for "Neon Genesis Evangelion" is as hauntingly beautiful as it is memorable. "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" serves as a sublime contrast to the darker themes of the anime, its vibrant melody and profound lyrics hinting at the complex narrative that unfolds.

The only correct answer to this question is Evangelion or Cowboy Bebop. That's it. Any other opinion is wrong.

When a series as polarising as Evangelion can have virtually everyone agree that the opening is amazing, you know it's good.

If I had two votes Cowboy Bebop would get the second one - it was very, very close.

Is this even a question?

4 Dragon Ball Z "Dragon Ball Z's" theme song is nothing short of iconic. Its catchy rhythm and spirited lyrics match the high-octane energy and fierce battles that the series is known for, setting the perfect stage for Goku's epic adventures.

The American theme is okay.

5 One Piece "One Piece's" theme song, "We Are!," is an adventurous tune that embodies the heart of this pirate saga. Its exuberant melody and inspiring lyrics encapsulate the Straw Hat Crew's relentless pursuit of dreams and the undying spirit of friendship.

Iconic them songs. Awesome and some are even dubbed, that's just how important they are.

Sounds a little cool at first.

6 Dragon Ball "Dragon Ball's" theme song captures the spirit of adventure and relentless pursuit of strength that define Goku's journey. The song's playful tones and uplifting rhythm are as timeless as the anime itself, making it a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

I love the American theme way more then the Japanese theme. And not to be confused, this is the first dragon ball not Dragon ball Z.

7 Pokémon Few can forget the infectious enthusiasm of the "Pokémon" theme song. Its catchy melody and motivating lyrics perfectly mirror the show's theme of adventure and aspiration, compelling everyone to be the very best, like no one ever was.

All seasons have amazing theme tunes, except for sun and moon. It's way to jolly for the series because even though the show is never very violent, it makes the show look like peppa pig or something

Dude everyone has to admit Pokemon has the best theme song. The original is the best. Season 8's is the second best. All of them are good.

I should have put this number one! Dang I'm so stupid. This show have the best theme song in anime history!

I was expecting this song to be at least top 3. It's one of the most iconic anime songs of all time

8 Naruto "Naruto's" theme song, "Rocks," is a perfect representation of Naruto's journey. The song, with its dynamic beats and heartfelt lyrics, encapsulates the young ninja's courage, determination, and his never-give-up attitude.
9 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Brotherhood," "Again," resonates deeply with the series' themes of sacrifice and pursuit of knowledge. Its stirring melody and profound lyrics encapsulate the Elric brothers' epic and emotional journey.

Such powerful voice

10 Tokyo Ghoul "Tokyo Ghoul's" opening track, "Unravel," perfectly captures the series' dark atmosphere and the inner turmoil of its protagonist, Kaneki. Its melancholic melody and deep lyrics reflect the intense and tragic narrative of this gripping horror anime.

Extremely beautiful songs. Every single one of them.

Why is this at the bottom?

Like everyone knows this song even when they haven't see the anime

The Contenders
11 Sonic X "Sonic X" theme song "Gotta Go Fast" is as exhilarating as the speedy hedgehog himself. With its lively rhythm and energetic lyrics, it captures the high-octane adventures and rapid-paced action of the series perfectly.

Yeah you didn't expect this here did ya? Okay maybe you kinda did. Which do you think is better? The 4kids "Gotta Go Fast" or the Japanese theme "Sonic Drive"? In my opinion, I like the Japanese theme more.

12 Death Note "Death Note" has an opening theme, "The World," that perfectly aligns with its dark and gripping narrative. With its hard-hitting riffs and intense vocals, it encapsulates the high-stakes mind games and moral dilemmas that the series delves into.

Hell, no. Get this higher. The main theme and the opening theme are the absolute best.

The first theme song is so good. We need to get this higher!

13 Boku No Hero Academia "Boku No Hero Academia" boasts an energetic theme song, "The Day," that pumps up the viewers as much as the aspiring heroes it follows. Its soaring melody and inspiring lyrics resonate with the show's theme of chasing dreams and rising to challenges.

My hero academia is my favorite anime right now. The 1st Season intro with the day in it was one of my favorites and the 3rd Season intro with odd furture

14 Great Teacher Onizuka "Great Teacher Onizuka," with its rock-infused opening theme "Driver's High," perfectly complements the unconventional teaching style of its protagonist, Onizuka. It's an energetic, rebellious track that encapsulates the spirit of this offbeat comedy.
15 Mobile Suit Gundam Wing "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing's" theme song, "Just Communication," is a powerhouse tune. Its intense melody and meaningful lyrics resonate with the anime's themes of war, friendship, and the longing for peace.
16 Steins;Gate The opening track of "Steins;Gate," "Hacking to the Gate," is as intriguing as the time-traveling plot itself. Its haunting melody and cryptic lyrics perfectly echo the series' complex narrative and the suspense that underlies it.
17 Trinity Blood The theme song of "Trinity Blood," "Dress (Bloody Trinity Mix)," offers a beautiful contrast to the series' post-apocalyptic setting. Its gothic undertones and melancholic melody complement the show's blend of action, drama, and supernatural intrigue.
18 Paradise Kiss "Paradise Kiss" features "Lonely in Gorgeous" as its theme song, a catchy and upbeat track. The song's pop vibes and fashion-centric lyrics perfectly reflect the series' focus on fashion, self-discovery, and the pursuit of dreams.
19 Fairy Tail "Fairy Tail's" theme song, "Snow Fairy," is a magical tune that mirrors the spirit of camaraderie and adventure at the heart of the series. Its uplifting rhythm and heartfelt lyrics celebrate the power of friendship and the enduring belief in dreams.

I can't believe this wasn't on the list. Fairy Tail is the only anime till now that managed to make me love all its openings. They are all so good and catchy

How is fairy tail not in the top 10?! Seriously, the theme songs are brilliant.

Love literally every single opening. Best openings ever.

I always dance for this anime theme. It must me in the top 10.

20 Black Jack "Black Jack's" theme song, "Gekkouka," reflects the anime's medical drama and moral dilemmas with its intense and passionate vocals. The tune's emotional depth echoes the complex narrative and the enigmatic character of Black Jack.
21 Bleach "Bleach's" rocking theme song, "Asterisk," sets the tone for the exciting and supernatural-filled adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki. Its catchy beats and energetic vocals are a perfect prelude to the intense action that unfolds.
22 Samurai Jack While "Samurai Jack" is not a traditional anime, its gripping theme song is worthy of mention. The hip-hop infused track perfectly summarizes the series' premise and sets the stage for Jack's epic journey through time.

Would this be considered a Western anime, like Avatar and the Boondocks?

Yes it's a anime.

23 Yu-Gi-Oh! "Yu-Gi-Oh's" theme, with its catchy lyrics and heart-pumping beats, mirrors the high stakes of the Duel Monsters card game and the determined spirit of the show's protagonist, Yugi Muto.

Even though I love this show, the theme song is bad.

24 Sailor Moon "Sailor Moon's" theme song, "Moonlight Densetsu," is as iconic as the series itself. Its dreamy melody and romantic lyrics perfectly capture the magical transformations, romantic entanglements, and lunar battles that the series is known for.
25 Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Right Back at Ya!" has an opening song that is as cute and lively as Kirby himself. The cheerful melody and playful lyrics perfectly capture the light-hearted fun of Kirby's adventures in Dream Land.

Is it odd that Nintendo gave Kirby a anime and not Link or Mario?

Kirby Kirby Kirby's the one! He's coming right back at ya!

Nintendo in Japan didn't but in America there was the super Mario super show. And movie and A legend of Zelda show. The Mario show is ok but the legend of Zelda and the Mario movie aren't that great. So those of u who say link never had a voice... U are wrong, he had one but it sucked so forget it ever happened...

Good. Also it has that one memematic quote which I will not say. You know the one.

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