Top Ten Funniest Characters from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine needs to be seen if you feel that your life lacks humour. It is one of the funniest things that I have seen, and I keep watching it in the hope that these highly amusing characters keep me laughing.
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1 Captain Ray Holt Captain Raymond Holt, portrayed by Andre Braugher, is a character in the TV show "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." He is the stern and methodical leader of the 99th precinct of the NYPD. Captain Holt is celebrated for breaking barriers as an openly gay African-American police captain. His no-nonsense demeanor and deadpan humor contribute to the show's comedic dynamics.

Yes, he is such a good sport and an amazing detective/ genius. I love the fact he was great when Jake won the first Halloween bet and then totally got him back. He is proud and kind and never gives up on those he loves. He brings out the best in Kevin and all of the detectives. He may be a little strange when it comes to having fun, having been left out and subjected to racism and homophobia, but this really has strengthened his character in many other ways, despite his lack of social skills sometimes. I am really fond of this character and got really worried when he got taken away as captain but he is back and stronger than ever. I definitely agree with this order of best characters. He is my number one!

I love everything about him. He has all the fundamental constituents of humour rolled into one; sarcasm, quirks, deadpan, and so on. Without him, the sitcom would fall apart. So if it's your first time watching the show, look out for the crazy Captain.

The Juxtaposition of him and jake is perfect. The character is easily the most silly. His views and personality are so dry and robotic and lacking in human empathy to the point where its just hilarious nonsense. AWESOME

Funniest character in the show, hands down. My favorite lines come in any time he clashes with Wuntch. Like when he tells her: "Perhaps you can sneak in disguised as an old leather chair."

2 Detective Jake Peralta

He's just the best. Especially when he interrogates perps by getting on the guitar and screaming. He also is really dumb and weak and whenever he shows it's actually kind of funny. I think he is even better than gina. by the way my other favorites are Gina, Holt, Charles, Skully, Hitchcock, Doug Judy, Pimento, C.J, Kate peralta.

I usually don't really like main characters on shows (supporting roles are usually funnier) but Jake is an exception! He is obviously a goofball, he is not afraid to make fun of himself but at the same time he is caring and compassionate towards the people he loves. There are many sides to him.
I basically love every single character on this show, so it's super hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to, it would probably be Jake Peralta.

I love all the Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters, but Jake is the funniest for me. His main source of humor is his childlike behavior and immaturity, which provides plenty of hilarious moments (Capt. Holt: "This file says, 'Undies, Dirty'." Jake: "So I won't confuse them with 'Undies, Clean'.") The sharp writing and Andy Samberg's hilarious delivery make Jake one of the funniest sitcom characters I've ever seen.

The main character always has to be funny in a sitcom. And, well, he is. A child-like but funny character who's just there to kill off any boredom you may have. Just let him make you laugh and grin.

3 Administrator Gina Linetti

Gina's desperate to make herself the centre of attention, and I think the irony in that is that the writers give her a small role when compared with the other main characters. Because she is really funny in a confused and bizarre way.

She is without a doubt the funniest character. I hated her at first but it didn't take long for that hatred to turn into love.

Gina is hilarious! Need I say more?

Gina keeping it real

4 Detective Rosa Diaz

I love the spooky vampire in black leather that is Rosa. There's humour in her scary look, her mystery and her deadpan approach to everything.

The best character. So different to the rest of the main 7 providing variety in the show. Such a badass.

I want to be her, and still be functional in regular society.

She's just such a badass in this show!

5 Detective Charles Boyle Detective Charles Boyle, portrayed by Joe Lo Truglio, is a character in the TV show "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." He is a kind-hearted but awkward member of the 99th precinct. Charles' genuine and sometimes eccentric personality makes him a lovable figure among his colleagues. His passion for food and his unique sense of style add layers to his character's comedic traits.

He's so funny! his humor is BEST. he's not trying to be funny unlike some characters who are obviously trying to make you laugh, his personality is just really hilarious. how he says the weirdest things but it just comes out naturally, his facial expressions, his being inferior to everyone, his family and the cousin convention, and even when he's being a great cop it's just adorable to see little charles boyle take down bad guys

The clumsy yet determined, shaky yet focused, idiosyncratic yet distinctive detective who just gives you a sense of pleasure in this show. Everyone likes him, and for good reason. Well, except Rosa.

All his inappropriate comments. The leather jacket episode was one of his best.

I think charles is the funniest.

6 Detective Sergeant Terry Jeffords

He is absolutely gorgeous in every way! He was great in Everybody Hates Chris, and he's great in this! He never ages! He brings the show the humor it needs, and he is a really good father to his children!

Terry carrying the Vulture over one shoulder and literally dumping him in the trash - funniest, most badass Terry moment OF ALL TIME!

Hilarious guy. I want to see more action scenes with him, because that is where the slapstick humour of the show needs to develop.

Love his character

7 Detective Amy Santiago

Needs more recognition. She is organised, but fun at times, especially with Jake, throughout the show, whether he is her colleague, friend, boyfriend, fiancé, and husband. She can suck up to Holt at times, but she is amazing and she has proven that she can stand up for herself and the ones she loves, most notably at her honeymoon when Holt calls Jake selfish and she gives her famous 'I Don't Give A Hoot' speech. I love her attitude about work, and her transition from work to rest / play. Overall an amazing character with amazing evolution.

What the hell is this sorcery? She has all of the funniest lines, and one of my personal favourites: "you're mad that I broke your face and I burned your whole body. Well, grow. Up." And I can't. Not much makes me laugh out loud but her lines and deliverance and the context they're in coming from her character especially, is just gold. Hilarious.

She's really good. I love how she jumps to every chance of shining; the competitive and often sarcastic nature that keeps you in.

Amy Santiago is soo underrated. Her best moments are probably when she goes undercover in that women's prison.

8 Detective Norm Scully

Disgusting, in the fact that the entire underside of his foot is a huge orange wart, and lazy, given that he spends half the time asleep while his body odour accumulates, and being unable to move four feet without stopping to catch his breath, but without that, the show would be missing something very funny.

Hitchcock but better

Him and Hitchcock are so hilarious, if they would leave the show,t the show would be over for me

9 Doug Judy

"I would never drown your adorable little frog ass" - Doug Judy, Scorpion and Criminal.

Doug Judy is a god.

The best. The end.

10 Adrian Pimento Adrian Pimento is a psychologically volatile police officer who spent twelve years undercover infiltrating the mafia. His first appearance is in the third season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, in which he returns to the NYPD's 99th Precinct after his undercover work ends. His series of psychological traumas more.

Pimento should Rank Higher. The episode where he bets money on the dog show really puts him in the the top 5 in my opinion.

His rambling in the backseat, as the insurance investigator, in the 5th season. Made it for me.

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11 Detective Michael Hitchcock

Come on, this guy is funny. Bizarre humour that would normally be unexpected, but funny.

He's a budget creed from the office.

12 C.J.

To be honest he is my least favorite character ever in this show

13 Madeline Wuntch

The best villain in the show. They should make an exclusive episode about her and Captain Holt.

"Boston? But it's so close to Salem. You do know what they do to witches up there, don't you? "

14 Caleb the Cannibal

Make sure you use incognito mode or your targeted ads will get pretty cannibal-specific.

15 Kevin Cozner
16 Detective Warren Pembroke

God owed me a favour

17 Mlepnos

He has literally no importance to the plot (at least I don't think he does I'm only on season 4) but his appearance never fails to make me laugh. I think he deserves a number 10 on your list.

18 Fire Marshal Boone

More competitive sarcasm. Would love to see more of him.

19 Bill

"How would you like to be your own boss? "

20 Seth Dozerman
21 Agent Jack Danger

He thinks that the USPIS are the ultimate heroes of America - that aside, he is actually kind of an idiot himself. He's hilarious.

22 Victor Santiago
23 Lynn Boyle
24 Marcus
25 Sheriff Reynolds
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