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1 Season 3

Episodes like Nationals, Goodbye, Mash Off, and The First Time really stand out in that season. I loved everything about Season 3 because the characters have a new maturity and new parts of themselves are being explored. Many characters develop such as Santana and Quinn.

We get introduced to Unique, Rory, and Sugar, and we have some of the best storylines such as Karofsky's suicide attempt, Santana's coming out, and Quinn's accident.

A fab season! The club is starting to grow up and think about the future! I wish that they had more of the Brittana ship (my favorite ship)!

2 Season 2

I can't believe nothing was said about this season. It's a perfect progression from Season 1 because we really get to see characters struggle with situations that were already being developed before, things like Rachel wanting to look like Quinn, Emma's OCD, the whole Karofsky x Kurt situation, and Will trying to move on from his awful marriage. Plus, it has some of the most iconic performances of the whole show.

Episodes like "Duets," "Furt," "A Night of Neglect," and "Born This Way" really helped turn the show into the global phenomenon it was back then. "Blame It On The Alcohol" is my personal favorite. Also, we get Rachel, Kurt, and Santana in NYC for the first time.

3 Season 6

I think this is the most special season of the entire show. I'd say the best season is one of the first two, but shoutout to season six for reminding us of what Glee is really about: inclusion. After all those ups and downs, mistakes, bad ideas, we had a very special ending season that focuses on the legacy of the show.

I wish that season were longer because it really brought me back. It reminded me a lot of early season 2.

It's probably the best season since season 3! I like all the characters and their storylines. I like the fact that in this season the writers paid attention to what the fandom wants.

4 Season 1

I feel like all of the characters are so relatable and realistic in Season 1. Quinn is dating a guy, but she can't help falling for the bad guy that she knows is toxic. Rachel has a big dream of being a star but she has a huge crush on the star football player who she knows she will never get because he's dating someone and she's considered the biggest loser with the biggest nose (I'm not saying what I think. Lea is very attractive. I'm saying what they probably think). Puck is in love with his best friend's girlfriend and he can't help but notice she's so beautiful and can't resist her.

Finn has a girlfriend but when he meets Rachel, he feels like popularity doesn't matter and all that he needs is her.

5 Season 5
6 Season 4

- Kurt and Blaine have individual storylines that really focus on their own characters rather than their relationship.
- New exciting Glee Club members are introduced.
- Some of the best songs in Glee history are performed.
- Many smart and original Glee Club assignments.
- The NYC part and the Lima part are equally interesting and they both have storylines people want to see.

I'm so glad Season 4 is so high because everyone is hating on that season and I don't understand why. It's by far my favorite. I loved seeing the growth of people like Rachel and Santana, and I also loved meeting brand new characters. It has episodes for every mood you're in.

Happy: Guilty Pleasure, Diva

Sad: The Breakup, Shooting Star

It has some hilarious but also heartbroken moments.

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