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1 Fear Factor Fear Factor is an American stunt/dare game show that originally aired on NBC between 2001 and 2006. It was later revived by NBC in 2011, only to be cancelled again on May 13, 2012. After its second cancellation, a two-part special aired in July 2012. The show was revived a second time in 2017 to air... read more

My favorite stunt show as a kid!

2 Panic Button

What are you afraid of? Could you conquer your ultimate fear?

3 Total Blackout

It's like a combination of Panic Button and Exit, except it's in the dark!

Love this show, but it's difficult to find out when it airs.

4 Exit

All the rooms are so frightening. This could give you terrible nightmares!

5 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show

This is supposed to be one of the scariest game shows out there!

6 Kitchen Nightmares

This game show was banned off of TV because it scared little children.

7 The Amazing Race The Amazing Race is a reality television game show in which teams of two people race around the world in competition with other teams.

You never know what will happen inside the race. Will you come first or last?

8 13: Fear Is Real

Waiting for someone to do something like this again. I never missed a second. Pioneer in a genre that I'm hoping will keep popping off some new series.

Sad though, I've waited close to a decade and the closest I've seen was BBC's "I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse". I'm an American but had no problem watching it and even would love a sequel to this show. Nowhere to gobut up.

I really liked this show. Wish they would bring it back.

9 Hellevator

This is the only one I have seen that is actually horror-based, and the themes are amazing. The two hosts are amazing. I would have loved to be on it, but sadly, as far as I know, it went off the air.

This is basically Exit but cheesy at some parts. I love it. Only eight episodes out that I know of, but they're all terrifying and good. Takes place in a maze of a warehouse with different scary real-life themes (H. H. Holmes, etc.).

Not at all scary to watch, but the contestants are definitely terrified. It can be pretty hilarious.

10 The Exit List

This game is mostly on memorizing things. It takes place in an underground creepy maze below.

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11 Hell's Kitchen

I love this show! Gordon Ramsay, the chef in the show, just opened up a restaurant with the same name at Caesars Palace in Vegas. I'm going to check it out on my next Vegas trip!

12 Trapped!
13 Wipeout Wipeout was a game show in which contestants competed in what was billed as the "World's Largest" obstacle course. The series was cancelled in 2014.

This is on the list because it causes injuries during the obstacles.

14 Estate of Panic

This game show is in a creepy mansion and makes each contestant ask themselves, what would you do for money?

15 Survivor Survivor is a reality TV show in which a group of castaways inhabit an island where they are forced to compete against each other in a series of challenges. They must survive in order to win the million dollar prize.
16 Fight of the Living Dead

A competition series with horror overtones, Fight of the Living Dead (FOTLD) is an unprecedented mash-up of the reality and scripted genres. The show will follow eight top YouTube stars as they attempt to survive the first 24 hours of a highly simulated Zombie Apocalypse. The only prize is survival.

17 Unleash the Hounds
18 I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse
19 The Murder Game
20 Murder in Small Town X
21 Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, sometimes shortened as Fetch!, is an American animated television series that was on PBS Kids.
22 Whodunnit?
23 Release the Hounds
24 Relic: Guardians of the Museum
25 The Challenge
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